Ipod speaker for running?

Hi everyone!

I'm a bit of an amateur runner so I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me!

I like listening to music from my ipod touch while running... but I also like to be aware of what's going on around me as I run alone (well with my dog!) in woodland. I don't like wearing headphones so I'm looking out for some sort of portable speaker that won't mind being shaken about in my pocket!

Something like this would be ideal  http://www.safesoundsports.com/product.html  - anyone any idea where I could get hold of anything like that in the UK?

Or any suggestions of anything that works for you?

Thanks image


  • If it is an Ipod Nano you can play directly from your ipod...  OK a little tinny and not massively loud but works find...  I know from personal experience when my cable came unconnected and ran 4 miles without it in thinking I had hearing issues!  As it was some what quieter!

  • I'm just off to get a tea and biccies before settling down as I feel this could be a good un image

    In a couple of mtb races I stuck a set of PC speakers, subwoofer, 12 volt battery and an mp3 player in a huge saddle bag.
    This was so that I could have Chemical Brothers belting out at a decent volume on night laps.
    It was quite handy because people got out the way really quickly presumably assuming some scrote in a chaved up corsa was probably about to run them over image
  • why don't you steal a mobile from a teenager, they seem to like blaring out music to annoy all whilst out and about.

    Seriously - you want to run and then have your choice of music playing out to eveyone. Show some consideration. get good earphones, put one in if you are wary, or two in and volume down. Better still if you are running in remote places wear none and enjoy the peace.


  • Thanks for the replies.

    GTC, actually I don't want my music playing out to everyone, just loud enough to be able to hear it myself. I wouldn't dream of having it 'blaring out to annoy all' image - as I said, I run in woodland where I actually meet very few other people

    I'm using an ipod touch which I can't hear when it's in my pocket. I'm returning to running after a break and I've been following a run/walk programme - the reason I need to be able to hear my ipod is that I have an app on it that tells me when to run and when to start my cool down. It also tells me when I'm halfway through. As an amateur, I find that encouraging... maybe those of you who are seasoned runners have forgotten how important that can be?

    I was hoping for some constructive advice to a newbie... but I get the feeling I'm being scorned and I don't know why? image

  • The iPod Nano (the new version and the previous one) do not play any audio unless it's docked or connected to headphones. There's no sound output at all.

    Running with a speaker, though? Mental. Insane. And dumb. Use headphones, turn them down a bit and prevent the imposition of your musical taste on others.
  • Why am I coming up against such rudeness? I asked a genuine question. Actually I am not mental, insane or dumb. I simply like to be able to hear the instructions of my 'trainer' on my iPod touch app, and sometimes to have some quiet musical accompaniment when I'm running, because the play length of the tracks helps me to know how long I've been running for. If you read my original post you'll read that I run in woodland areas, places that are deserted except for me and my dog. My reason for not wanting headphones in is so that I can be aware of my surroundings - it's a safety thing.

    I have no intention of 'imposing my musical taste on others' - there are no others around! Unless the trees might object? As far as i know, my dog also enjoys the same music as me image

  • if you run in deserted areas then headphones will be perfect - there's nothing going on around you.
  • What instructions does your trainer give you ? And a watch is a much better judge of time pasing than music. Thats why at the Olympics they have clocks, and not a DJ announcing to the crown that the 1500 meters has just been won in a record time of the length of just under 'Brown Girl in the Ring'.

    (ha - record time ? See what I did there ?)

    I think headphones are the best bet TBH. You could carry a ghetto blaster around on your shoulder old school stylee - but that would probably affect your balance.

     Oh no hang on  - let the dog carry the speakers - you can get a little utility jacket for him - that would be fab. And you wont lose him down any rabbit holes either.

    (but really the headphones are the best bet. Speakers would be a bit silly)

  • Oh forget it! image

    I'd mistakenly thought that this might be a friendly forum. My mistake!

    Just for the record I have quite a few reasons why headphones don't work for me, but never mind. Obviously no-one wants to help, it's just slam the newbie time!

    See ya!

  • Calm down Susan - I dont think anyones suggested running with speakers before cos its :

    1. Bit messy with the wires

    2. Bit sound pollutiony (no matter how much you tell us it isnt)

    3. More expensive and crapper than headphones.

    So obviously we cant really help you out. We've not done it.

     I have these for my ipod : http://www.google.co.uk/products/catalog?hl=en&biw=609&bih=514&q=portable+Speakers&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=4810977740546901107&sa=X&ei=S4lmTe6IGcy0hAenz4WbDg&ved=0CIABEPMCMAE#

    Nice enough speakers for using round the house etc - whether or not they'd last with being bounced around in a pocket is beyond me.

  • What types of earphones have you tried? Why can't you use them. There are earbuds, in ear types, sit on ear and the over the ear types too. You can get sports versions of all but he complete ear covering types. The ones which sit on your ear can be ok. I get pain from the ear bud and in ear types but still stick with them. You can get sports (i.e. weather resistant) versions of the sit on the ear with a headband that goes around the back of the neck not over the head. I think these are more comfortable and depending on your reasons for not liking headphones might be acceptable.

    People are wary of music on speakers in the outdoors I think. It might not be discernable as music but it has that grating tiny noise from speakers even turned low. I think that is why you have people not helping you. Perhaps if you could make sure no other solution works first like the ear pad types of phones, they really are a lot better these days, before going for speakers. If the player has a jack point for headphones then there are plenty of aftermarket speakers for mp3 players and I am sure would work on Apple shit too (sorry hate the ubiquitous nature of Apple gear these days, get your own mind there are better phones, music players, computers out there you don't have to follow Jobs to evil appleimage). BTW what do you use when using it and not running? Phones or the usualy larger docking speakers? Don't you use it on the move?

    BTW Tesco does a little ball speaker that plugs into normal mp3 players through the headphone jack socket. About £9 IIRC. Worth a punt perhaps.

    PS you can see why I got my popcorn ready. It was a question that had all the signs to rile people. Shame its all one way. I hope my bit helped you OP. I just h ope I won't hear you blaring out near me. probably wouldn't anyway as I run in my own little world and don't hear anything but my cogs and joints working.image

  • Hi Susan,

    As others have pointed out in a round about way, to the running purists, running with ipods is a big no-no, for someone like myself who does wear an ipod whilst running, I personally couldn't understand the logic behind clip on speakers but guess you must have your reasons. I listen to music because I love tuneage and running is the only time I get to listen to it anymore!

    Either way, I don't think anyone was "slamming the newbie" as you put it but I must admit  I do like that expression image not that I would wish to do it myself! Anyway, maybe the "i-dog clip" would be suitable for you? It's a clip on speaker with the word dog in it so you and your pup could both be happy image Google it and you'll see what I mean and they're not very expensive so if you're not bothered about sound quality, it might work for you.

    Don't take things personally and good luck with whatever you find image

  • Susan, it's nothing personal it's just that even the topic of wearing an ipod or not on a run is a contentious one where people will take great exception to either viewpoint. Your question just went a bit too far....

    Depending upon your viewpoint wearing an ipod is either

    a) a great way to provide motivation and make the time pass a bit quicker or

    b) a sure sign that you're not a real runner as you need artificial aids and they're just so dangerous .....

    Personally I'll wear one if I'm training on my own, but not in races. I do find people in races annoying as they're often oblivious to everyone around them.

    You'll find this forum is quite friendly, just stay away from talking about ipods !

  • SW4

    Running is tough on the body

    Runners World can be tough on the runner

    We do both because we love it and a little constructive pain never hurt anyone

  • Hi Susan

    The safesound speakers would be ideal for what you are looking for - I might look at them myself.

    As an ex-ultradistance trail runner I understand the downside of using headphones. They can become insular over a long period of time and, yes, they lead to safety concerns for women espescially. As a sound engineer with mild tinitus I also know the hazards to hearing of extended headphone use.

    It sounds like you are doing a bit of trail running. If its through bush tracks or other broken terrain where its important to keep your wits and hear your footfall then speakers are your best bet.

    Recently I have used a quiet speaker fastened to my backpack strap to listen to running and ultra podcasts during some long runs. I run them at about the same volume as someone talking. I have had a hip replacement and am using as many mind tricks as I can to pull through and continue running.

    All the best and "woof" to your dog

  • Hi,

    I've been wondering about speakers too as I run longer distances out in the country, as a violinist I am conscious of possible damage to my ears of using my ipod. I've thought it might be better to have a kind of background radio noise accompanying me a bit like a car mechanic does when he spends hours alone tinkering on a car, more of a comfort than a distraction (because longer distances mean you need to keep conscious of your form and footstrike at all times).

    Basically echoing what alistair says!
  • Hi htc

    Yes, look after your hearing if you want to continue to appreciate the higher frequencies of your instrument into middle age.

    Low volume in an earbud is better than higher if you must wear one.  Personally I find a relaxed responsive running style is more likely without headphones and yes, sometimes 'background noise' helps me relax as well.  I run alone and rarely encounter anyone on the trails - New Zealand is like that.

    Although most of my running has been without audio (my job being audio-based) I am enjoying podcasts through my speaker when it suits. Audio is so accessible now.


  • Going back to the OP, though 7 months late, can't you just use the speaker on the iTouch?  Get an arm band case and put it in upside down so the speaker is at the top so you should be able to hear the instructions.
  • I think you all fed the troll beautifully - how you could fall for a question like that is beyond me!!! image
  • If you want to listen and also be aware of your surroundings, and you have no issues with tinnitus etc, then just have one ear plugged in ?
  • Seriously, what is wrong with you people. Susan asked a perfectly valid question and the best that most of you could do was mock her. I can't wear earphones of any variety and enjoy a run. I have music playing quietly from my iphone, just loud enough for me to hear and no-one else. I am however considering getting some little clip on speakers to make the experience even better for me and even more undetectable for everyone else too. It's also for me a matter of conserving battery power on my devices as running the speaker on the phone blitz's the power and renders the thing useless after about 2 hours. There's no shame in listening to stuff as you run - sure you can listen to the breeze, the trees, your creaky knees and be a total God-damned awesomized purist nature symbiotic running beast, it doesn't make you a better human. Get a grip and give the girl a chance. You're just a contender like everyone else. Be excellent to each other!

  • And after a gap of 5 years and 5 days the best response award goes to...

  • I did carry Mifa i8 speaker when running and still. Because I dont like wearing earphones, and I don't think its really annoy others since I only pass other people for a short time.
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