Coniston 14+

The Coniston 14 is probably the most beautiful road race in Britain, however once again this scenic and well organised event has been extended to 16.7 miles due to floods which engulfed the area in November 2009 causing havoc with local bridges.This year the race will take place on April 9th and as last year will be called the Coniston 14+. The good news is that there is still time to enter on


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    I love this run but because it falls just one week before London I will have to give it a miss this year.
  • Yeah - sorry about that Minni - we will get it right next year  image hope the marathon goes well
  • I cant wait, did it last year and loved it. Training has been going ok... Completed 16miles this morning with nothing more than a bit of a niggle in my knee, sure it will be fine.
  • Trust all goes well Darren and hope to see you on April 9th. image
  • Still time to enter the race - especially if you are doing a marathon a month or so after

    enter at

  • What is the nearst train station?   There doesn't seem to be one in Coniston.  I would like to run but would be finishing work too late on Friday to drive from London.
  • I am doing London this year and this race it will be my 10th consecutive time so I didnt want to miss it. It's my favourite race.
  • Nearest rail station is Windermere - about 30-40 minutes by road from Coniston.

    Windermere, however, is at the end of a small local branch line and I'm not sure how late you could get there from London on a Friday night.  You'd have to change at Oxenholme (just south of Kendal) on the West Coast Main Line.

  • I have just entered but I am a bit confused by the distance. Is it still 16.7 for this year?

    I appreciate that the race can't be renamed but it could not find the distance on the website.

  • 16.8 miles mate
  • It has gone up!

    It was 16.7 and now it is 16.8. Could we round it to 17?

  • I have found this link:

    I guess that it must the course.

  • If anyone is also doing the Brathay Marathon I found this to be great practice last year.  Not just the distance, but the general concept of running around a lake, the hills and the similar distance from home etc.  Doing both again this year, so will be one of the very few that appreciate the extra distance.

  • Has anyone received race numbers for coniston 14+ yet?
  • No. I have received an email to confirm my registration (I entered online) but I haven't received my number yet. Ideally, I would like the number 45 since I will be 45 on the day!
  • Does anyone want a place on the Coniston 14?

    I entered the Coniston 14 not realising it was 16 plus!

    I am doing London the week after, and everything that I have heard and read tells me that it's probably on a parr with Langdale and possibly not a great idea the week before a Marathon!

    I would really love to just go ahead and do it, but I'm not running all that well at the moment, so I'll probably need to save everything I have for London!

    I feel desperately sad about it, but I'm going to have to let the place go! Does anyone want my place on the Coniston? The organisers have been really sweet and apparently, I can change the runner details to those of whoever is running it.

  • I am doing Coniston next week and London the week after. Just plodding round come and join me. I have done Langdale half and even though Coniston is longer I dont think its as tough.
  • Does anyone want an entry for the coniston race?

    My wife entered but has a stress fracture. The race organisers have advised that we find someone else to take the entry.

     I am running myself so I could either post the race number onwards or meet prior to the start of the race.

  • we,ve done this race 4 years in the trot but also have to miss due to London. Looking forward to doing it next year though as its a favourite.Unfortunately cant stretch to the cost of a cottage in the lakes and hotel in London or would consider both.its always been a beautiful day to run. will miss coffee down by lake coniston on the Sunday morning before heading home
  • Nurse Gladys,

    Thank you for the offer.

    I'm seriously tempted because I really want to do it! 'Just worried that it may be too much so close to London!

    Do you have a time in mind or an idea of how many minute miles you want to do or are you just going to chill and take it as it comes?

  • This will be my first Coniston and I can't wait.

    The route is fab and has some stunning views of the lake and surrounding countryside. I live in Windermere so I am slightly biased towards the Lake District....

    Drove round the course route a few days ago and the second half is the killer half for sure, but the stunning views should compensate, I hope so anyway, LOL.

    I entered late as I work out of the UK so am picking up my number on the day from the school.

    Good luck to all who decide to enter the Coniston 14, and good luck to you if you choose to miss it in preparation for VLM.

    Keep going don't stop.
  • Just how tough is the second half? Is it lots of small climbs or lots of big ones?
  • There is one big one near the end that seems o go on and on.....well, when you run it anyway.

    There is also a steep downhill near the top of the lake.

    Mainly some long drawn out climbs on the second half that are well worth giving it your all and short sharp ups and downs which make it hard for pacing which is another reason for it being such a popular race.

    The start is a good hill for a couple of miles to get the blood pumping. At least that is what I can remember from the car ride round it, LOL.

    Really looking forward to the challenge.

    All the best to everyone.
  • Nurse Gladys wrote (see)
    I am doing Coniston next week and London the week after. Just plodding round come and join me. I have done Langdale half and even though Coniston is longer I dont think its as tough.

    same here. There's nothing in the rule book that says you have to run Coniston like it's your last race on earth. My rough plan is to jog at the back for the first 7 miles and enjoy the scenery, then, depending on how I feel I may run at Marathon effort for the remainder of the race. Many training schedules recommend about 10 miles at marathon pace the week before anyway, and Coniston, being on a saturday, is a full 7 days before VLM.


    PS: We get our numbers posted out do we? I haven't heard anything since my first confirmation email.

  • I got my number this week, I will be at the back all the way round!
  • Had my number last week. This is the first Coniston race for me - looking forward to it although sounds more 'undulating' than I was perhaps expecting.

    How is parking in Coniston before the race - does it take an age to get parked and to the start or is it fairly quick?
  • I have found a taker for my Coniston 14+ place.

    Good luck to everyone on the day.

  • Weather forecast is for temperatures of around 17c.....its going to be a hot one!
  • Glad to see there will be some other plodders with me. I will take it easy all the way round and enjoy the views. If its going to be a nice day even better. I might not have done it because of London but it's my 10th consecutive time and I didnt want to miss it. Good luck to everyone whos doing this I'm sure it'll be a great day out it usually is.

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