Dehydration - A scary experience

This Sunday i'll be running a local 10k (Crown Schools) where two year's ago on a very hot day i collapsed with dehydration a couple of hundred yards from the finishing line. All i can remember is trying to scramble up over a garden fence and then being surrounded by paramedics & St John's ambulance bods. I was convinced i was running on a towpath miles way.I spent a couple of hours in observation at the local hospital and can only describe the experience as weird - feelings of disembodyment and very temporary amnesia.
Since then (including last year's race) i've always been well hydrated before races and never miss a water station.
Anybody else suffered ?


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    bl**dy hell!
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  • Yeah not pleasant but a salutary lesson. Like the saying goes...'you always think it's going to happen to someone else'.
  • Ironically, it did!

  • WOw ! That's awful ! I wouldn't have thought you could lose so much on just a 10k.

    I did Wilmslow Half this year, and it was warm. Caught lots of people out and the paramedics were swamped with people.
  • That was my big mistake - thinking it's only a 10k. Not much water beforehand and missed the water station; that and racing it hard chasing the elusive PB on a scorching day.
  • Mango dehydration is really bad!
    But not as bad as having a really bad picture of you put in the local paper!
    If you must start at the front remember to look cool and composed, Not like the hunchback of Notredame.
  • I must confess that I never take drink for a 10k. Always feel that I can get away with running for 35 mins without it. May change my mind now!
  • Before a race I always drink loads in the days leading upto it. Even for a 10k I'll be drinking 1-2 litres of water a day. I've never had to take a drink with me for a 10k, but do make use of the water stations on hot days.

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