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Since running again after an injury I have started having problems with my periods. Now i've not had one for 2 months and its really starting to stress me out. I'm definitely not pregnant and just wondered if anyone else has experienced this type of problem because i'm really not sure what to do and i wondered if its something that will just correct itself as my body adjusts to running again

Thanks ladies xxx


  • Hi Anna,

    That's interesting, as I've had the same problem and the docs can't find out why. My hormone levels are all normal (been checked twice) and I've had an internal scan which was fine.

    I had the problem for just over a year. I would have 3 normal cycles then have one where I was always 2 months late and would have a horrendous, nagging toothache like pain in my ovaries until I finally got my period. The problem started when I started to take my running a bit more seriously about 18 months ago and started running more regulalry and built up to a half marathon.

    Sod's soon as the doctor booked me in for a scan at the hospital things went back to normal of their own acccord. They never did get to the bottom of it......but, touch wood, I haven't missed any since last October, although I do occasionally get the toothachey pain.

    Sorry that doesn't tell you what it is, but at least you know it's not just you image.

    Might be worth you going to the docs to get checked out though, if only for piece of mind.

    Saffy xx

  • i have had exactly the same too, since i started running they have stopped and were perfectly regular beforehand. off to see doctor tomorrow as i too am definitely not pregnant. although im wondering if has anything to do with weightloss aswell as running as lost a stone and half in just over three months with me doing slimming world too.
  • Running can really mess up your cycle. I went back on the Pill as I was fed up with the stress of not knowing when I would come on.
  • well been to see doc this morning and he did say that starting up exercise etc can cause delays etc, but he has decided to send me to the hospital for tests to make sure as he thinks has gone on too long with not having one at all.

    hope yours all sort themselves out soon

  • Hope everything's ok JT, I'm sure it will be image
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    Women have a threshold weight (7 - 8 stone) below which their periods become irregular and then stop. You need a certain proportion of fat for normal oestrogen metabolism. Could you have dropped below that?
  • oh aye it will be fine, thanks chick. just routine, and if not then will give me chlomid to make them come back image my doctor is quite supportive and willing to do everything possible to help which is good, so will see what happens later down the line. he did mention possibility of pcos due to symptoms but there is lots of help available so hopefully me and hubster will be able to start trying for a baby again later this year image
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