Hi - just been given a pair of Newton's as a pressie. Finding them very strange and after my run today my calf muscles really ache - is this normal ???

 (no i didn't say am I normal image)


  • I am guessing you are as fore foot runner as opposed to a heel striker....I think they are designed to make this happen so will make new bits hurt as your running style is being careful it can cause injury.
  • Yes it is normal.

    You need to build up your distance in Newtons slowly.

    If you are trying to trtansition from heel to forefoot then you'll only be wanting to run a mile or 2 for your first few runs. If you are already a forefoot striker then you'll get used to it more quickly. Still build up the milage slowly.

    I have worn Newtons for the last 18 month - 2 years and find other trainers hard to get on with now. I don't know if that is a good thing or not. You'll get used to them very quickly.

  • from what i have heard. .........a mile or two to start with can be way too much for some people.......start slowly and not far and listen to your own body and build up very slowly to avoid injuries...........
  • I have recently visited a biometric clinic for a full checkup and they informed me to bring what I currently run in. They cringed when I showed them my Newtons apparently 70% of the people they see wearing Newtons are not suited to them. Luckily I am suited to them.

    I have never ever suffered from aches in my calf muscles while wearing Newtons from the moment I started wearing them and would not consider this to be normal.

    I currently own three pairs of Netwons at this time.

    What Newtons have you got?. If you have never run in Newtons before they reccomend that you use the Sir Issac guidence trainers before using any other Newtons.
  • I am using Lady Newtons at the minute - the guidance ones. When road running at first my calves did feel it a little.
  • Have been trying to be "sensible" and build up my mileage in Newtons slowly...though did 7 miles in them last night....calves are very tight this morning, and can't see me running for a couple of days. Been using the guidance ones.

    I may have to concede that forefront running isnt for me, and get my Brookes out of the cupboard the next time I run.
  • As everyone else has said, it's just a matter of gradually building up time and distance. Any change in running style is likely to cause a muscle reaction initially, and forefoot running certainly stresses the calf muscles until they become used to the running action.

    It's not really about the Newtons - running forefoot in any shoe would probably have the same result, but the Newtons just encourage this running style more than other shoes.

    I use Newtons all the time now, and really enjoy the lightness of the shoe and the forefoot bias. My old trainers feel all wrong now.

    All that said, if the experts say that they aren't for everyone, I would defer to their greater knowledge of the subject.
  • I love newtons I changed to them around may last year, I went straight into the motions but was a midfoot runner anyway, it still took a few months to adapt though! I've done 23 miles in them now and intend to use them for a marathon next month!

    I remember them feeling very strange when I first started wearing them, very hard underfoot and after 3 miles my feet were sore! I've tried to use other shoes recently but I end up with aches so now I will stick to my newtons! They are the comfiest shoes I have worn, I never get blisters in them or loose toenails!

    I'm using the distancias now for shorter runs under 12 miles and motions for long distance! The only difference I really notice between them is the insole is thinner in the racers and they're a bit lighter!

    My podiatrist doesn't think much of them but for me they work really well! You have to remember the land - LEVER - lift bit though if I don't touch my heel down after landing I can get calf and shin pain image
  • I used Newtons to 'transition' from heel to midfoot striking and really enjoyed them. I have found lots of people to be withering about the Newtons but I believe they helped me transition quicker and made the adaption much easier. I have moved on to more minimal shoes since but credit the Newtons with making the first part of the journey easier. I am quite tempted by their MV2 but can't justify yet another trainer purchase at the moment!
  • One annoying thing about Newton at the moment. The 2012 versions of their shoes were released in the US in March but won't be released in the UK until May, too late for the Spring marathons. Further even if one wanted to it is practically impossible to get the old versions. Thus they seem to have pulled out of the market at the busiest time of the year. Barking!
  • Hardly fair they are probably low on stock due to the £100 ambassador program they ran until end of march! I have 2 nice new pairs!!!
  • I think Newton are simply not a big enough company to be able to do multiple launches across the world. Although they are not the only shoe company who often launch in their home market first and a few month later launch abroad.

    Shops might be running low on stock, as no Store wants to have the old model when the new models get released at the end of this month. But you can still get most models and sizes from Newton UK's website  directly.

    Just in case runners are thinking of replacing their Newtons any time soon; The Gravity & Distancia are getting an update in May, well more than an update. The new models are much more streamlined,a little lighter, and look a lot better as well. The current Sir Issacs are continuing until end of the summer.

  • I own a pair of Motuses and love them. Will invest in Terra Momentus next month as most of my runs are off road. I also run in minimalistic New Balance Minimus Trail. I love my Newtons, since swapping to natural running technique I have not run in anything other than these 2 ones I mentioned. Please though be careful, if you are new to this, try very slowly, if you are heel striker start at 1 minute intervals, much better timing by time than distance at this stage.
  • Perfectly normal for anyone who wasn't a forefoot runner before and is using the Newtons as an aid to transition. Your experience was just different because you were already a mid / forefoot runner and so had strong calf muscles already.
  • Even if you are a midfoot runner who loads the heel whilst running, there may be a little soreness if you were previously running in shoes with a big heel because Newtons have a low toe-heel drop to help people to run more efficiently. There should be some info in the box on stretching and building up gently, and you can also have a look at "Running Form Friday" on youtube or on their Facebook - they have some good advice and stretches for calves on there. 

    Tracey - How are you getting on with them now that you've worn them in a bit?

  • I am looking to change my trainers, I am a forefront runner.  Should I look at Newtons?  Any advice please?

  • In theory yes. In practice not possible, due to Newton completely messing up their distribution no Newtons trainers will be available until July. Instead of supplying the UK direct, supplies now go to Europe. Thus deliveries to the UK are few and far between.
  • Can probably find older models in stock at various places though!
  • Why not go for really minimalistic shoes instead of pricey newtons if you are a forefoot runner?

  • touie2, 


    Very few older models around either.  None of the regular suppliers have any, except for the occasional seldom used size left over.

    I found a pair of 9.5 s at Sweatshops Trum street store but no over Sweatshops, none at Lansons, B2ps TFNs, TCL etc.

  • millet sports have some still but again a bit limited on sizes!

    I do like the newtons but not the price, I've been running in the brooks pure range recently! Still dig my newtons out for races though image

  • thanks i will take a look at the brooks pure range then...

    i currently have asics which are great, i dread changing my trainers...

  • if you get yourself to excel marathon expo they are doing newton isaac and mv2 for £50 and others for £80

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