Help needed- adidas TR

Hi all,

Sorry for asking what is to the seasoned runners is probably very simple questions.

I have run a few road 10k's and the Mighty deer stalker twice and thought it was time to up the antiimage

I am entering a team of 5 into the adidas TR24. My problem is how to train for the event given that I will probably end up running on 4 or 5 occasions over 24hours ???

At the moment it looks as if we are going to take it in turns to do single laps, this means training to do 4 or 5 10k in 24hrs.

Should I use a similar schedule as a 50k ultra? I cannot see me running any more than 20k at one time.

Thanks for your help.



  • Hi,

    I did the TR24 last year (doing it this year also) in a team of 5 and loved it.
    I done 4 laps and will be looking to do 4-5 this year.  I didn't change my training at all to be honest. (LSR on Sunday, Harriers speed work on Tuesday and tempo on Thursday) and found it absolutly fine.

    I found the toughest thing was the tiredness.  I done a lap somewhere round 1am and was knackered but the rest were fine.

    I can't comment on comparing it to 50k ultra training, but I don't think you need that kind of training if your only planning on running 4 or 5 laps.  Remember they are only 10k laps and you should get a few hours rest inbetween; depending on how fast your mates are.

    if you only run on roads though, I would suggest getting some trail shoes and going off road to get used to it.

    But then again, i'm doing the Lightning 12 hour as a solo (fool) and still haven't changed my training; so what do I know. image

    Whatever happens, I can pretty much guarantee you'll have a cracking time.

  • Hi Mick,

    Thanks for the reply, I was starting to think my question was that stupid I had been sent to the stupid corner.

    I'm really excited about this race and if the reviews are anything to go by should be a brilliant experience.

    Going to try and up my miles up a bit and maybe do a sat/Sun back to back. I can't rely on my natural running ability because I have noneimage so need to get out to the woods and work on my 10K's.


  • I did this in a pair last year and have entered again for TR and Lightning as a pair, the TR was my favourite race ever for atmosphere.

    I had a couple of days per week where I started off doing 2 x 10k runs per day, then upped that to 3 x 5-10k's - morning, lunchtime and evening, in the month or so before the race.

    I did 10 laps on the day, we totalled 21 and came 3rd in our cat., that did include a 2hr break at 8am with both of us off the course for bacon butties, in hindsight we probably didn't to stop for that long but were sick of all the sweet stuff and wanted something decent to eat!

  • Hi Sal, Thanks for your message, its really exciting to hear so many positive comments in regards to the TR. I am thinking that I may do a shortish run Tue, Wed and Thur medium to long and Sat and Sun long runs so I can get use to running on tired legs. Each week looking to build up the miles with one or two cycle down weeks in between.I like your idea of doing multiple runs on the same day and will try and incorporate that into my training, probably at the weekend closer to the race. Once again thanks. Alex
  • hi i done this last year as a 5 sum the only extra training that i done was to go out twice at night into the local woods with headtorch 1 early in the evening and the other at stupid oclock at night to get used to running when i was tired

    i would practice running off road and at night
  • I have entered this for the first time this year. I will be plodding around as have opted for solo entry. Training wise I would echo the above and recommend adding trail running to your plan, practice running at night with a head torch and perhaps try some days where you run a couple of times a day, a really easy way to do this and add some miles to your weekly tally will be to run to work and back (if your job / commute allows).
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