Running With a Baby...HELP!!!

Hi All,

I think this is something mumsnet doesn't cover! Anyway, I'm soon to be having my first baby and am keen to take up the running again as soon as I can afterwards. The easiest way to do this is to take the baby with me but for this I'll need a pushchair that's up to the job. So my question is...

do any of you go running with kids in pushchairs? If so, what make/model would you recommend? I don't know where to start and I can't find anything that I'm sure would fit the bill. It's a lot of money to make a mistake! It'll need to be quite sturdy as I run on woodland paths and grass rather than tarmac.

Any suggestions warmly welcomed! Thank you.



  • Have a look at the babyjogger range, they are purpose made running buggies with hand brakes/wrist lease...they can't be used before six months though...they don't recommend using a normal buggy as there not designed for it. The baby jogger ones look rather OTT,well the top range one does but i've tested a few out (OH due yesterday so just waiting to make the purchase) and they do feel quite light and easy to steer/stop/start etc.

     Not many places sell them in the UK but quite a lot on Flebay

    Congratulations BTW.....The next nine month will fly by. image

    PS pop over to the Mother to be thread..their a friendly bunch even to dad's to be image

  • I used the Babyjogger Performance several times a week from when my first child was 4 months old until 22 weeks pregnant with my second fast and love it. It's light and easy to steer with good suspension. I would highly recommend it.
    Now searching for a double one - either baby jogger or BOB Ironman. Annoyingly no-one imports them into the UK so if anyone has one and iss selling theirs on, Please let me know
  • Babyjoggers aren't suitable for newborns.  Your best best until 4-6 months is a buggy that will take a car seat so the baby is securely strapped in.  We've got a Quinny Speedi, which I haven't yet run with but my SiL used and said was pretty good.


    As soon as your baby is old enough you need one of these image

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