Help with PF

Anyone fully recovered from Plantar Fasciitis? If so how long did it take and what treatment/rehab did you go through? I've rested for 5 weeks icing/stretching and rolling area, but went out for my first run tonight after all pain had gone but within half a mile pain returned and had to stop.


  • Have you had it fully diagnosed as plantar fasciitis?  I developed this in 2006 and it took about 4 months for me.  I did all of the things you describe but also visited a podiatrist who made some orthotics for better arch support.  I have two sets of these, one for my trainers and another for my work shoes (my job involves standing all day)  The causes of PF vary but generally the physio treatment involves flexibility of the calf muscle and gentle stretching of the plantar fascia itself.  The podiatrist recommended the 'stair stretch' which seemed to go well for me and recovery seemed to quicken once I'd introduced this to the other treatments (ice, massage, anti-inflammatory tabs)  I would make a podiatry appointment and enquire about the stair stretch, its better to have someone demonstrate than to describe it in words.  You also should ask about 'taping' the foot which helps to support the plantar fascia when running.  Again, this is something that is difficult to describe in words and you have to get it right to be effective, so a podiatrist should be able to demonstrate this.

    I did have a mild re-occurence of PF in 2009 after a hard half-marathon, but quickly went back to the ice, massage, anti's regime and stair stretches.  It went after about 3 weeks and haven't had it since.  I still do the stair stretches daily.

  • Andy -  thanks for the reply, no I have n't been to see a physio yet, but I had all the symptoms.  I thought taking the 5 weeks off and the pain going I might  have cured it but after yesterdays reoccurrence I have booked to see a physio tomorrow.

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