Chi Running

Has anybody tried Chi-running?  And what did you think of it?


  • It's bollocks. Never tried it.
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    image maybe not  for everyone but I have / am and I trying to follow the principles when I run.

    I found watching the DVD & then refering to the book easier.

    Recently re-vamped website - link - just follow `to learn it`, `find an instructor`, `international` etc

  • yes - cured me of IT band problems and shin splints 5 years ago. I went to a weekend clinic with Danny - it helps to actually get an instructor I think.

    There are a million posts on this stuff on here and on fetch.
  • I went on a course and thought it was a waste of time - for me anyway.  Though I'm glad I went becuase now I know (if that makes sense!).  I sorted my injury problems by actually listening to the "don't do too much too soon" advice after quite a bit of time doing just the opposite.
  • I tried Chi and Pose came out the other side took the best of both for me and have been injury free since
  • I used the Chi-Running book to change my running gait.  I went from running in shoes with a lot of support and getting recurring injuries to running in lightweight shoes and very few injuries.  It isn't an instant cure, more of a work in progress and I still find myself focussing on the techniques and exercises as I run.
  • Also its not the "Magic Bullet" its not a green light to go a train like an idiot. You still can be injured

    Normally people go to change running styles because they are plagued by injury

    You also need to look how you train. You need to include Core strength work some Gym and X training and realise that us mere mortals cant just run and run you need to mix it up

  • Aahhh.. now we're talking, this is what Chi running is all about....

  • Lardarse i think you are being a bit harsh.

    Chi running has helped a lot of people get over their injuries and run again

    Like I said its not a Magic bullet but if it works for them, then it works. Its no different to seeing a personal trainer or bio mechanics expert or God forbid a podiatrist.

    I have been on a Pose course and a Chi course and tbh money well spent. After seeing the Pose and chi people I was assessed by a conventional(old school if you will) coach who said I now run very well

    Maybe it was just me, but I needed someone to say do this do that and you will run better, for whatever reason I couldn't correct the issues I had with form myself.

    But this doesnt me Im going to be injury free but I now know the areas I need to work on and will try not to slip into poor habits

  • I spent a few quid on the Chi Running book and by using the advice in it went from being unable to run more than a few miles without getting ITB problems, unless I was wearing shoes with a lot of support, to being able to run 50 miles in lightweight shoes with no ITB problems.


    You don't bother changing your running style without a reason, normally injury.  I was getting injured so I read the book and changed my running style.  It's not rocket science and it cost me less than one trip to the physio.

  • Maybe I should put more smileys in my posts, don't take anything I write to heart, ever.

    Anyway, seriously, this picture is grossly over exaggerated...

    Watching those Chi trailers on their site it's interesting to see most of the runners are "older" runners, being sold how to run "like they did when they were young", i'm sorry but the whole thing just seems a bit cynical, like those people who persuade OAP's to have work done on their house that they didn't need doing, then vastly overchargeing them for it.

    Podiatrrists, personal trainer, physios, some people have just got too much money.

  • I have been on one of the training courses and its not like the videos its basically

    do this do that run better and it worked, simple as that

    be as cynical as you like but the principles are sound and sensible.

  • Hmmm, so its basically what you make of it!  Some people get on with it, some clearly don't.

    Well I've ordered the book and will see what applies and what I can incorporate.  I'm certainly not one to pay someone to teach me how to run!  But I've had a few issues - tight PF tendon, shin splints, gammy knees (technically speaking of course!) but from what I've seen, this Chi running lark should help me to run smoother, as its the jolts up through my legs on landing that seem to cause me problems.  That, and doing my laces up too tightly, apparently!!

    Thanks for the opinions and vids image

  • Maybe it's because I pretty much basically run the way that's suggested in that still from the video, the chi way, it wasn't pre meditated, it's just the normal natural way to run.

    Just seems like money for old rope.

  • Well yes, apparently its the natural way children run.

    Of course, they add stuff to try and make it look special, like pholosophies and stuff, but I wouldn't let a running coach persuade me on my spiritual beliefs!

    I have seen somebody running like the pic on the left, and she's seein her doc this week cos she's messed up her knees and ankles...

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