Audio training?

Hi there, just wondered if anyone has used audio to do their training. I've looked for some thing that will help me do intervals and so far have only found an American one:

I'd like something that I can use on a treadmill or outside that will literally tell me when to start, stop, push hard, slow, etc as I have a habit of just going out and running and not doing any speed or interval stuff and as a result I've remained the same speed for the last two years!! I can print out and read every schedule you can name but then I never follow it.

Just thinking someone in my ear saying run now at 'X' speed or for 'X' amount of time might be the way forward for me.

I don't own an ipod just a basic MP3 so apps are no use to me.

I'm training for the London Marathon but not specifically looking because of that, just think it will help me as I carry this running malarky on for as long as possible.

Any advise? Thanks image


  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    Miss Knees wrote (see)
    Just thinking someone in my ear saying run now at 'X' speed or for 'X' amount of time might be the way forward for me.

    I've never used audio except to zone out on long runs and I stopped doing even that years ago.  But there is something to be said for having a drill sergeant.  Would it be possible for you to go along to a local club's intervals night?  There are lots of people there who will happily tell you when to start and stop.

    On the treadmill, which I admit to having used a lot recently for recovery, I tend to program in the intervals so I can't avoid doing them.

    Personally I think having people tell you is more fun and more motivating.  They can also understand when you're not on your best form, and make allowances.  When you've heard your MP3 a few times, it might get boring!  And then it's easy to 'forget' your ipod.

  • Thanks Ratzer image

    You are right it probably would get boring, didn't think of that image I've tried the club thing but until I've finished my training I'm finding it hard to fit it in as I'm a morning runner and it knocks me out of sync. Maybe I'll just try the yank until the marathon stuff is done then I can relax and use the club again.

    If anyone else knows of any other version in the mean time they could recommend to save me from the yank that would be great image
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