Ankle supports

Would wearing ankle supports whilst running (I tend to run about 5-6 miles, 3-4 days per week) help my ankles or would it weaken them? This is the second time now I have damaged my ankle (without actually going over on it or anything, just experiencing pain whilst running) and I haven't been able to run for over a week now.


  • Julie,

    I'm no physio but I do believe that wearing ankle supports (or any other support) stops you rebuilding the strength in any injured part. Perhaps the problem is that you went back to running too quickly after the last injury.

    Have you had your gait / shoe type checked? Perhaps you need more support than your current shoes are giving you.

    Also, are you doing any flexibility work? If your calfs are particularly tight you probably aren't absorbing the shocks from running as well as you could be.

    I believe that when people get injuries in their main joints (ankles, knees etc) it has a lot to do with the stabiliser muscles not being developed. To strengthen the muscles around your ankle try some one legged squats (no weights needed) and some standing on one leg with your eyes closed. Anything that involves one legged balance really helps with the ankle muscles.

    Before you heed any of what I've written, it's worth remembering that I ain't a professional and this all comes from what I've read. Physio should be your next port of call.
  • Thanks for that info. The first time my ankle went was about 3 years ago when I was running on the treadmill but it has gone now in the same place. I am currently using Asics 2070 which I think are ok but I will try the squats and see how it goes!
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