Increasing a day!!

Hi Everyone,

I've been gradually building up for the past 2 months and am now doing 3.5 miles at about 9:30 min pace - 3 times a week.  I usually jog each Tues/Thurs & Sun  I go to a spinning class on Sat mornings.

 My query is - how do i introduce an extra day into my routine e.g. If i felt like doing a jog today (Friday) - shall i just introduce it slowly by doing a 2 mile jog instead of my usual 3.5 or is this asking for injuries?

Any advice welcome.

Thank you


  • Are you following a proper training programme or are you making it up as you go along? It it's the latter, find a programme and go with that.
  • Hi,

     I'm working to a training programme - but it says to start introducing a day into your normal routine slowly....but not sure what that i'm wondering if i add a fourth day into what i normally do but at a lesser distance e.g. 2miles instead of my usual 3.5.

    Ps..i used to make up as i went along and that just set me up with injury after injury....scheduled programme is working great so far (touch wood).

  • Jeez, that's a big vague isn't it?

    How about finding a different, progressive, programme. For example, the Runners' World programmes start of easy (relative, I know) and then get harder, introducing interval sessions, long slow runs, slow faster runs, and so on.

    Have a look at the stuff here and here.
  • Great. Than you
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