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I understand that all Run in England employees were made redundant yesterday. In order to assist in this difficult situation the Association of Running Clubs (ARC) would like it to be known that they will welcome all Run in England groups to membership of ARC. Thus providing these groups with a full public liability insurance for their group leaders and members.

For further details visit the Association of Running Clubs website.


  • Michael, where did you hear/see that?  I can't find anything on the 'net.
  • Is this true? Anyone know any more?

  • Well, England Athletics are saying "I can't comment on that" and suggsting I call the Women's Running Network, so I guess it's probably true.

    Tried speaking to the woman they referred me to, but she was on the phone. 

  • Women's Running Network is still going.

    Run in England has been re-absorbed into England Athletics.

    Michael, having read some of your previous posts, I'm now not so sure that you have the best interests of Run in England at heart.

    Michael White 12 wrote (see)

    Run in England are setting up beginners running groups throughout England. Members are charged £20 each for membership plus probably £2 for each training run.

    These groups could save a lot of money by affiliating to the Association of Running Clubs (ARC). Affiliation to ARC would cost approximately £2 per member. Affiliation to ARC provides liability insurance under the ARC Group insurance policy.

  • I have reservations about Run in England and their programme, too, so I don't feel it will be a huge loss.

    Just a shame for the clubs who have spent money on sending their people on the 'courses' provided by Run in England, and getting the CRB checks done.

    The lady at WRN who I left a message for hasn't bothered to call me back so far.

  • You can blame me for that Wilkie...image
  • Of course! 

    Why didn't I think of that?! image

    Actually, I think it's probably England Athletics (or UK Athletics) fault, LB, so I'll let you off this one image

    I've just had another conversation with a lady from EA, who said that "some" redundancies have been made, but that the qualification is still valid, although she couldn't tell me what would happen "going forward" (a phrase she used often), and that it was all a bit vague at the moment.

  • I have just lef tthe WRN as I had concerns over Run in England and WRN memberships etc, like where was the membership money going!

    Somethings going on but not sure what!

  • Wilkie the leader in running fitness certificate was to become re known as a UKCC level 1 assistant coach. A new course was been piloted which would progress  run leaders  onto  becoming UKCC level 2 coaches. Not cheap at nearly £600 though.
  • Michael
    Great opportunism!

    LIRF is a uka coaching qualification, not a course from run in England.  Having done it I must say that I reckon it was a lot better than the L1 and L2 coaching courses (which I've also done).  A lot more relevant to Road Running as well.

    A rather 1-sided briefing from EA.  The other side of the coin is that EA declined to fully fund the work that WRN were doing for them, so WRN declined to continue...

  • Would be nice if the WRN responded as I know that a lot of members are concerned as to what is going on but having difficulty getting any information.
  • As if by magic, here is the WRN statement: Run in England

  • Seldom has so little been said in 7 paragraphs. Maybe they should post on the "Things you want to say but can't" thread image
  • Hi I've been a RiE Run Leader for over a year now and have organised 2 sucessful groups.  I feel that the way leaders have been treated by RiE/WRN is pretty crap to say the least.  The first we heard of it was one line on Facebook.  Then it is us on the ground who have to explain things to our members.  I have had no luck speaking to anyone at RiE or WRN either.  Pauline Beare said she would call me after a Facebook message but that unfortunately didn't happen.

    But just to reiterate what has been said before the LIRF qualification provides the public liability insurance that covers the runners in your group.  So the loss of RiE will be no great loss on that front.  Reading the latest EA statement

    It seems that the initiative will go forward in someway but it may be re branded.  I for one am committed to the idea of continuing my group and encouraging new runners but for now I am dropping the Run in England name from my group. 

    For those interested there is a Facebook Group for RiE Group Leaders to share info, just search for:  Run in England Group Leaders

  • Garry
    I'm also a RiE Group Leader.
    Problem with support from RiE is that WRN were never funded for this, so it was always under-resourced, and was probably why WRN eventually handed the project back to EA.
    EA still haven't updated the RiE web site with their own phone number, so I'm not sure that the future will be much better...

  • Hi 40

    Thanks for the info.  I heard today that £20 million had been put into the RiE project at its inception, do you know if this is true and if so where did it go? 

    Whatever the reason I think it would have just been a courtesy to the leaders for RiE/WRN inform them by post, email or phone about what was going on so it could be cascaded to members. 

    When I tried to contact RiE this number was emailed to me as a point of contact for EA:  Tel: 0121 7817271.  The EA representative told me they were as surprised at the WRN decision as anyone else.

    Hope you'll join us on the Facebook group. Regards, Garry

  • Hi Garry

    No, I don't have details into what may have been spent on RiE or what it was spent on.  Training, salaries, web site, leaflets, transport, phones, etc - all the usual costs of running any national enterprise I suppose.

    Yes, I'd have thought EA would have made immediate contact with all leaders once they'd dismissed those who normally contacted them to advise what the new arrangements were.  I still don't know!  I'll try that phone number some time.

    Interesting quote from the EA representative.  Nobody should be too surprised that an organisation wouldn't do what they weren't paid for, so on that basis I suppose EA weren't surprised at all!  Perhaps it was what they were trying to make happen...

  • Hopefully we'll be informed of the full story by EA or WRN at some stage.  Good luck with your group 40!
  • WRN has gone into Voluntary liquidation
  • runnersbeen
    I did email you yesterday; WRN has not gone into voluntary liquidation.

  • Hi Garry
    Still not correct (yet) - "ceased trading" is not the same thing...

  • Yeah but I suppose that either way they have gone down the pan - then?
  • As I understand it, "ceasing trading" can be followed by starting trading again (typically by an injection of funds from someone taking a stake in the business), voluntary liquidation or compulsory liquidation.  There may be other options as well, not sure on that front.

    So to answer your question - possibly, but not definitely.  Which isn't really much of an answer!

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