Energy Gels v Bars

I've always used SiS or Lucozade gels in the past for my long runs but I picked up some PowerBar Energize Bars recently to try as an alternative. I tried them on a 12 miler the other day and found it made a nice change, not so sticky and something to nibble on as I ranimage

 What are peoples views on using them for for fuel on marathons?


  • I use gels because I find them easy to squeeze down. I'm not a great fan of the sticky mess they can leave if you're not careful, though.
  • bars are fine on the bike as the gut isn't bouncing around so much, but not for me on the run. not only are they more difficult to get down compared to a gel, they take a lot longer to digest and absorb into the system.

    if you want something more solid to eat but easy to digest try something like jelly babes, percy pigs, Clif block shots (like soft jelly cubes) etc
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