I have been a naughty girl

Oh deary me, what have I done!
I did my R4L a few weeks ago and loved it, thought I'd have a week off running, well that turned into two and then three weeks.
I havn't run till tonight and boy do I know it!

I just managed two lots of ten minutes with a slow two minute walk in between,
Asthma kicked in at the end of second run, luckily had new inhaler with me.

I felt poo, in mind and body, totally demoralised, all that hard work before the race and I just went and did it in.
Was exhausted and beetroot red, poo poo poo.

AND.... got to my target weight last week and havn't stopped eating since!!!

What is wrong with me?

I am on self destruct!!

Help me give me some words of advise I don't want to be like this any more

Stupid, getting fat again, unfit Country Girl. sob.


  • get something new to aim for, as a motivator

    FLM 2004 will be good!
  • Just start off slowly again, go out and enjoy it, and as Andy says, have something else to aim for.
  • it doesnt matter
    we all have bad bits

    you have 20 plus years of running ahead
    go with the flow
  • I will get back into it I know I will, won't I?

    Makes me realise how good the good days were.

    Oh b*m I feel like kicking myself but I'm down and my mum always said not to kick anyone when they're down.
  • cg,

    don't worry about it, the good thing is that after 3weeks you've started back again, and u will be fit again. take it easy and don't be so harsh on urself. I've just started back running after 3months of no running due to injury and although there is a noticable drop in fitness and leg strength, I know that I'll get better again.

    And so will u, give it time, and <<<HUGS!>>>
  • Two main rules with all of this, it seems to me. Take fewer calories in than you expend on running/exercise. Want to be thinner more than you want to eat.

    (I DO know how hard it is, btw!)

    Good luck!
  • The only piece of advice i can give is ...do this for YOU!!...have small goals...with the eating just concentrate on one day at a time and if you have a bad day well..that's fine don't beat yourself up about it..(blame it on hormones)

    And with the running do the same thing..little by little..and remember when you're out running and people see you all beetroot and puffing they have no idea whether this is your first or fifth mile...and who gives a stuff anyway..your doing it for YOU!!

    It sounds a bit cheesy but it works for me..just ask yourself who you're doing it for and who's going to benefit when you succeed....

    You can do it!!!!!!!!
  • Hey ... hope you don't mind me cutting in.
    Everytime I don't feel like getting out there I just have a look at the beginners threads and feel totally motivated.

    So even though I don't actively participate often, just thought I'd let you guys know you're helping even though you may not know it.

    You'll get out there again country girl. And if you struggle just log on and get some third party motivation a few minutes before your run.

    I'm getting my lazy butt out for a run today.
  • You could sign up for one of the R4L 10km runs which are on 4th/5th October.
    Maybe something new to aim for.
    It's working for me at the moment as definitelydon't want to be last over that finish line ( or even worse don't even reach it!)
  • CG - you'll be OK. You just need to understand what's happened here. You had a big target to aim for, the R4L, and after (probably) a lot of effort and anxiety and anticipation, you achieved your goal (and well done for that).

    What happens next is... nothing. And that's the problem. Most of us have had this problem. All our training is geared towards reaching some pinnacle, and when we get there, once the elation has died down we feel a sense of anti-climax and demotivation. This is often made worse because like you, we feel we need a reward and a bit of a rest. And we do need some rest and the chance to recover after a race, but this often means a few extra pounds, a loss of the running habit, slight drop in self esteem... it all feeds on itself and becomes a bit of a downward spiral.

    That's the gloomy analysis. The good news is that it's not difficult to get out of the spiral. When you run first after a bit of a break it IS difficult. It takes, they say, only 4 days or so of non-running to start losing fitness. So the first run will always be tough. The second one will be better, and the third better still. By the time of the 4th you should be pretty much back where you were, and feeling great again.

    Don't hate yourself for wanting to take a break for a few days or a couple of weeks. This isn't your 'nasty self' conquering your 'good self' It's just your body and your mind telling you that you've achieved someothing great, and both body and mind need a little time to recharge themselves, and get back the physical and emotional energy you've lost. It's all quite normal, and nearly all of us do it.

    Just get out there and have a couple of gentle runs and in no time you'll be feeling gerat again, and looking forward to your next challenge. And that's the key - make sure you have something new to aim for. If your R4L was a 5K, perhaps you could aim for an autumn 10K? Or even a half marathon? Now that you've scaled one peak, you'll find it easier to get to the next one.

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

  • CG, I can fully sympathise. After RFL I entered straight away for a4km fun run. It was meant to be last Sunday, but I didn't do it. I got a leg infection from getting dirt in a scratch when gardening, and couldn't train for a week, then the following week my mum moved out, and into her new flat, so was down there every day helping her unpack and get straight. So I didn't train.

    The first opportunity I had was on the Saturday, the day before, but by then I knew I couldn't do it. I probably could have run/walked it, but after running the whole RFL I didn't want to go half measures.

    I've been running once since, and found it very hard, and haven't been again because of the rain.

    Want to get back motivated, and also with the weight loss, too. Got about 1 stone to lose.

    If you will, I will!!!
  • CG

    How about we meet up again Sunday afternoon and run Ferry Meadows. I need to get out and do more, I have not run since last Friday, however did do a body pump class Monday for muscle strenght. I am hoping to get out tonight but looks like the gym treadmill instead due to the heavy rain falling. I do not mind running in some rain but not when the rain is coming down in sheets!
    Drop us an email if you want to meet.

  • oh you lot, your all so nice.
    Got home from work tonight and switched on computer, and all your messages brought tears to my eyes. THANK YOU!

    running commentary, you hit the nail on the head, I felt I'd acheived a great thing and nedded a rest, and one thing lead to another and before i new it I wasn't doing any training and slobbing out!
    I will get back out there and start over.

    Kit, it's a b*mmer isn't it?
    I can't go out tomorrow because it's school sports day in the evening and number two child wants to go shopping on saturday ( I wonder why she wants me to go with her?)
    So it will have to be Sunday.
    How about it? I shall let you know how I do, I have a route of 3 miles and I'll see how I can get round it.
    You let me know and we will encourage each other.
    BTW I just had a bowl of ice cream :-(

    Fit chick, Thank you for the offer and would love to come, But it's hard for me to get to P'boro on Sundays due to house renovation commitments, all our weekends are taken up with it. I would come one evening but it takes about 45-50 mins to get there, so the only good time for me is school hols. Will definately meet up with you in holidays yeah?
  • Hi CG,

    I too am going to run on Sunday. I could go tomorrow, but we deperately need some shopping, and on Saturday I'm in Grantham all day with the county Youth Orchestra. I'll be leaving home at 9 and won't get back much before 11.30. So Sunday it is.

    I've been meaning to ask you something. A colleague of mine sponsored me for RFL, and when she paid up, she asked me how long it took me to get round. Nobody else asked me that, so I asked her why. She said she sponsored somebody who got round in 38mins, and I know she lives in your area and teaches woodwind in schools in South Lincs. Called Victoria. Could it be? I'm curious.

    Onwards to Sunday!
  • ooh ooh thats my clarinet teacher.
    Well well fancy that.
    Oh no, now I'll have to practice.
  • Really? Victoria Worthington?

    Wow! Small world!
  • I have a lesson tommorrow.
    Victoria is a lovely teacher even on a Friday afternoon she never loses her cool.
  • CG

    School holidays will be fine. I'll arrange a half day flex or something so we can run/walk, will talk nearer the time and arrange something. Are you going to do the fun run when the police 10k takes place in 9 days time? I will do it just to get a bit of running in. I did think of doing the 10k but calf muscle still twinges and so not going to push it. Also want to do the distance in training more than once so I know I can really do it and in a decent time.
  • Kit, yes Victoria Worthington, wow really small world eh?

    FC yes we'll talk about meeting up.
    don't think I will be doing the police 3k, if this rain keeps up and can't get any training in them I wont be up to it really.

    I have been looking at other races on the RW site and Spilsy 6 and Ryston 5 came up and looked o.k. but they looked too soon. 13th July and 6th July. So then saw Skillington Skirmish 6.5 on the 20th July still pretty soon for the distance for me, but looked like a good race to do, take a look it's on events.

    But I think I may go for the Thorney 5 on 17th August. Trouble is this is not a fun run and was wondering what sot of level would I have to be at to be in with a chance of not being last in this race?

    Any clues?

  • Country Girl - most has been said, but I shall put in my two penn'orth anyway. Don't worry about what you 'should' be doing. Do what you *want* to do. That sounds like running, to me.

    And please - beg, steal, borrow or buy John Bingham's No Need for Speed. He wrote it for you, from what I gather from your thread.

  • CG

    Away on my summer hols when the Thorney run takes place otherwise would have run it with you.

    I am hoping to take my running shoes with me to Corfu and get out early morning for a run before sun gets too hot with my other half. It's all good intentions on my part not sure how it will go. I have to say other half did go out twice last year in Zante on his own, but then last year I was not a runner so spent the time by the pool getting a tan. This year it will be different I hope.

    If you see any races advertised locally after 1st Sept let me know, I should be back by then.
  • hey CG!

    I'm here for the Thorney run if you want a partner- it would give me a new reason to get out running again??!?

    Hope you're feeling better! :-)

    Loadsa love, Chick
  • Thanks Juliejoo
    I love a good read so will definately try to get that book, Is he that penguin bloke?

    O.K.Chick, think I might go for that, will try to train hard 'cos I ont want to hold you up. My spirits are lifting a bit, all the ppl on these threads are so kind you can't help but start to feel positive can you?

    Thanks to All of you
  • He is indeed that Penguin bloke, CG - and worth every bit of his fame. :o)
  • No need for speed?

    maybe i need that
  • Well let me know more CG! I'm off with FC later for a run around ferry meadows. A friend of mums from church is going to start running with us and her kids are coming along (on bikes too!) so it should be fun and relaxing!!

    I need to get more running in as i've been mainly doing bodypump and kick fit to keep me active.

    have you found a good schedule we could follow for the race?
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