The Shakespeare Raceway Half Marathon & 10km



  • excellant race yesterday. Great organisation very friendly race. This was an excellant race to get a PB,which I did. I agree with Tempo Tom regarding the medal and I think the idea of different coloured numbers is worth a go. Maybe putting first names on might also be worthwhile as  long as it does not put prices up.

    I will be back in march. Hope my aches and pains are gone for Clowne next week

  • My original email for the race said that it started at 12pm. Only because a friend told me that she thought it was 11 did I decide to get here for 10.30 and not 11.30 - I wonder if anybody missed the race?
  • Did anyone think the course was too long? I spoke to a couple of runners at the end who felt it was longer than 13.1 miles. My Garmin registered 13:4 miles covered.
  • Yes my garmin clocked 13.4 too
  • 13.14 with my Garmin, so happy with that.  I think it can be surprising how much the distance can add up when you weave about, overtaking etc.

    Good event, will be back for more, thanks Catherine and Martine.

  • I ran the 10K, got a pants time but still not bad for a fatty and still 25 minutes faster than my sister in law did the flora 10k in haha...

    It was my first 10K race and I'm hooked, looking at doing another one on the 27th Dec image
  • My Garmin said 13.25 miles...felt like it was a bit too long! Added about 40 seconds to my time...but beat the 1:30 so really happy anyway!
  • I did this today and measured it as 13.33, but of course with all the twists and turns I wouldn't read too much into that.  Unfortunately the weather was pants and to tell the truth the wind made it feel quite soul destroying, especially 5 times down that finishing straight for the half marathon and I can't say I enjoyed the course with so many u-turns.  However, it was well organised, especially with so many runners doing different distance races!  I would make a few suggestions for improvement though - 1. That runners have a number to wear on their backs as well as the front that states which distance they're doing.  I was 4th but had no idea who I was racing against. 2. Try and remove some the u-turns by making bigger loops, which might mean moving the start. 3.  Advertise the prize list beforehand. I got to choose a gift from donated items (so I was toldimage).

    Finally well done to all the marshals who stood out in that nasty wind and for the organisation.  A nice nice selection of fruit at the finish and a memento. 

  • The winning men's team took away some eclectic prizes:-

    A teapot in the shape of a duck

    Some aloe vera cream

    Some SIS fuelling products

  • This race is a strange mixture of very easy to get a pb and utterly pointless goody bag.

  • I'd say not easy to get a pb with all those turns, unless you have 'soft' pb.
  • no such thing as a "soft pb" it's all a matter of degrees of ability.
  • Just finished the Nov 2012 race, fairly impressed!

    However disapointed with the fact that my garmin measured the course at 13.28 miles which cost me a sub 1.22. I can see that other people have identified that problem in previous years.

    Can anyone offer insight into this? Could it be the overtaking, twisting and turning or it is genuinely slightly too long?

    However, a good race which i recommend!

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