• Every day in every way, you are getting stranger and stranger.....
  • Karen Samuel wrote (see)

    The other day I  discovered a saloon by mistake as I was stuck in a  traffic jam where  I saw  poster advertsing the fish foot spa similar to this.

    A "saloon"?  Sounds like a cowboy operation to me LOL! 

    I think its cruel...... I can't imagine any fish wanting to go anywhere near my feet after a LSR... minging!

  • I tried a similar thing once on Amity Island, which hindsight wasn't such a good choice as it involved biting off more one I could chew really.
  • i'v had one- good giggle with girls but not really sure of the benefits!  It was bit surreal but my feet did feel lovely afterwards!

    I did go 2 days after a HM so i'm not sure what the fish made of it image

  • If they have no teeth, how do they get rid of the dead skin? 

    Do they carry little pumice stones in their gummy mouths?

    I believe the ancient Egyptians used to put their feet into bowls full of cockroaches for pretty much the same effect.  I think I'd prefer the fish.

  • I think I'd prefer a pumice stone image
  • I think the fish could be quite nice - I'd give it a try if I happened to be at a spa where they did it. 

    I don't think I'd go out of my way to find somewhere to have it done, and I wouldn't pay out a lot of money for it.

    So basically, it's not likely to happen! image

     I once had a pedicure at a spa (I only go to spas about once every five years), and the girl used a kind of electric sander, and wore a thing like a welder's mask - and my feet are not that bad!

  • a fool and her money........

  • or what i should have put is a fool and my money!
  • I once dived at a fish cleaning station, it was hilarious, although it is not tha same fish as Garra Rufa. Large fish have let themselves be cleaned by smaller fish for ages and it does work for them so yes I don't see why we can't use them, and if they spread diseases I am sure large fish, whales and mantas would not let themselves be cleaned.

    But since we humans have arms we have lots of different ways of doing the same thing as the fish in other ways, it is up to you if you choose a fish or a pumice stone.

  • Karen you could have the Fish nibble away while you having an Elephant irrigate your colon you know keeping it natural
  • Karen, you need to avoid all this alternative therapy shite.

    It's peopled by charlatans who only have one object in mind - to separate gullible idiots from their money.

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