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    Beachball, heres a link for some pre run dynamic stretches. I do this set before each run. As for post run stretches, i do mine straight after my run. The only reason for this is i would simply not bother if i left it till later. From what i've read about stretching it doesn't matter whether its straight after your run or later in the day, what is important is you find what suits you as an individual. I suffer with my hamstrings, tight calves and a tight piraformis (the one in your but!) so i really concentrate on them.

    Dynamic stretches -,7120,s6-241-287--13442-0,00.html

    Post run stretches -

    Stretching isn't for everyone but it helps me no end with my issues. My wife, on the other hand, never stretches!

  • Nice one guys, loving the progress. I'm amazed at some of the mileage going on in here, and very much enjoy reading the 'reports' - really inspiring stuff! Thomas, have you ever been with a running club previously? Best of luck if/when you decide to go along image

    Beachball, nice to meet you - hope your exercise goes well at the start! As for stretching, as Just Run says it's largely down to the individual so you'll need to choose and discard as needed - I'm no expert, but I've recently started stretching more after the run, when the muscles need to be calmed down. Are you and your son going to train together?

    Grendel: A long time ago it may be, but you can definitely recapture that former glory - fantastic job on dropping further pounds too. Are you looking forward to the 5 miler? I remember being deathly scared at my (only) race over the distance, had no clue on how to pace myself and worried I wouldn't have the speed. The sea breeze of Great Yarmouth didn't help matters...!

    Just Run: Great run the other day, 6 miles is a long old haul. And I think 'surviving a swan encounter' ranks well up there on the calorie-burning scale, count it as a hard session! image Best of luck with that speedwork too.

    I managed a 3.5k yesterday (20:47), felt fairly comfortable but later suffered horribly in the heat on a 15mile cycle! I'm unsure as to whether I should start bumping my training up a notch. My mileage is low (not above 15k per week yet), and I feel decent enough, so maybe I should add in another session per week to make 5 in total. Either way, got another easy session tomorrow, 5k over trail and hill, should be decent...I hope.
  • That's great, thanks mate..
  • Hi Moonlight..

    That was the plan for me and my son to go training together but he has not been with me as yet...Summer holidays...

    Either that or he feels I need a headstart image

    The links look good, it is mainly post run I'm thinking of, as I do seem to take a while to be ready for my next run..

    i'm really pleased i found this thread...

  • Moonlight - No I haven't. I intended to go a few months ago then I hurt my knee.  I was going to wait another couple of months so my mileage was up to what it was but the club has groups to suit everyone so I'm not waiting any longer.
  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Hello everyone, great to see you all getting out, and glad i'm not the only one suffering in the heat Moonlight, i swear i must have lost 2lbs in sweat alone on todays run. As far as upping your training do you follow the 10% rule? I'm going to up my running week from 3 to 4 days soon, adding another easy run on a Friday. Its ideal for me as i finish work early and it won't interfere with anything.

    Glad you like the thread Beachball, i think we have a decent group of people on here now. The pace may vary and i'd need my push bike to keep up with some on here but its genuinely helping me to get out the door and get a run done, i can't wait to update my mileage and let everyone know ive run a bit further or done a hard session.

    Grendel, i have been failing miserably over the last month or so with my weight loss. One week i lose 2lbs then the next week i'm diving in the fridge again but seeing how successful you've been, and the fact i know i can do it as i have done before has given me the nudge i need to kickstart my eat to live rather than live to eat plan! My first weigh in a month ago was 92.5kg (clothes, work boots included etc) and after getting down to 90kg i'm back to 91kg this week. I know my work boots weigh 1.6kg and if i allow a couple of pounds for my clothes i'm actually well under the 90kg mark which i'm quite please about but as my mileage and my confidence increases i'd like to move towards the mid 80's where i know i'm so much more comfortable. I weighed in at 104.5kg about 4 years ago and lost 42lbs in 3 months on my bike. After that weight loss i needed something to keep it off and help me kick my other habit (smoking) and thats where running came in. I'm so glad i found running as its changed my life, my views on better health and as exercise is the best stress reliever ever its also made me a better person (not that my wife would agree). Anyway, sorry to waffle on, heres todays run.....

    5 miles inc. 3 x 800m @ 4:22, 4:27 & 4:10 with 400m recovery. Well under 9m/m and it felt pretty good to be honest. So glad i went as on the way home from work i was dreading it. I kept thinking about taking the day off, thinking my knee was hurting, that i wouldn't cope, i even contemplated turning back during my walk to the canal and giving up running altogether!!! Now i think about it i pretty much breezed through the session! 7 miles on Sunday, i can't wait!

    Week - 7.03

    Month - 7.03

    2011 - 156.08

  • Hiya, may I join you??

    You seem like a nice bunch!!

    A bit about myself, I'm 30, have been running on and off since I was at school, 17 years and counting.....

    I have run a fair few 5ks and 10ks a few 10 milers a half marathon and a marathon. The half was in 2hrs 12 and the marathon 5hrs 20 (the first time, get round in option! And my running partner needed a few walking breaks and I could hardly carry on without her!!) fastest 5k is 22mins, in my younger days I might add, normal race pace is about 9mins these days

    Training for the Derry half marathon at the moment, I live in northern Ireland, mostly country running, on and off road

    Did not run a great deal over the winter but picked back up in feb and am really enjoying myself

    Doing 8 miles this sat, have a terrible blister I am trying to get rid of, I badly over pronate and any runs over 5 miles make it flare up on the side of the ball of my foot just before my big toe, any suggestions for quick healing?

  • Welcome Chicaboo - No suggestions re the blister as I tend to ignore them but there are people on here far wiser about such things.   can't contemplate a half marathon yet but have targetted a half for march 2013 so have 18 months to get quicker and to train for it. In the meantime sticking to 5 and 10Ks -

    Just Run I tend to think as you up your mileage the weight will start to come off again - I do try and eat less than before but do treat myself to a couple of doughnuts on a Saturday when in Tesco and an occasional chocolate bar - I don't tend to drink much - have had a couple of bottles of beer and one glass of wine since Christmas so all of those things do help - and the fact that the doctor told me to lose weight did focus my mind on it a little bit.

    I did 6 miles last night - which I had been dreading all day - had already mentally baled out of 6 and was only going to do 4, but kept adding bits on as I went along so when I got back to work (I ran from work) I was on 5 miles so just though got this far may as well do the rest - so I did and finished according to the Garmin thingy in 53.40 so quite pleased with that .

    May take today off as I have to go and collect my son from Cub Camp, alternatively I may change at work again and then run for a bit round the forest where they are camping. will only do a couple of miles but will be something. Am aiming for 30 this wee0, although will probably hit 27.

  • Welcome Chicaboo.  I've had blisters once, straight after getting new running shoes, so they went back to the shop and changed for different ones.  It's not something I suffer from  but on my longer runs I use twin-skinned socks and Vaseline, just incase.

     Well done on your 6 miles Grendel. 6 miles is my next step and I think it will be on Sunday.  I had my first session with the club last night which I enjoyed: a 1.6 mile time trial then a run / jog / run / walk  pyramid type thing. I ran there and back so maybe about 4.5 miles altogether. I have quite tight calves today after last night and hill-walking on Wednesday so that's me until Sunday.

     I have my eye on Parkrun on 3rd September to gauge where I am.


  • Well did a nice 3 miler and blisters seem ok, the skin has gone slightly loose so will prob rear it's ugly head after 8miles tomorrow, it seems good old fresh air seems to be the best cure, maybe it helps dry them out and for the fluid to be reabsorbed???

    I have a blister spray and twin skins all lined up for tomorrow so fc

    Away to done gall on mon so looking forward to some new scenery on my runs
  • Thanks Just Run, I appreciate the advice. I do follow the 10% rule, but feel that I'm winding things up too slowly, particularly as I'm still not regularly over 3 miles yet. Probably best to wind my neck in and continue at smaller increments - I'll keep edging towards that 20k weekly mileage! I'm hoping to emulate all of you eventually and reach that 6-7 mile distance for my runs. image Don't worry about 'waffling' either, it's nice to learn about why other people run. I think the motivation behind it all is really important, and I also think you can definitely achieve the weight loss goal too, especially with your attitude to your training! I'm no expert, but it's just how I feel, heh.

    Thomas, good to hear that your first session went well, it's great that the club caters to multiple different groups. Did you find the atmosphere very different to the solo stuff? I'm sure you'll adjust to the sessions too soon - long may the good running continue. I'll be joining you in utilising the parkrun too (mine's on the 20th).

    Chicaboo - as suggested, running shoes and socks are the culprits. I was told that blisters are caused by sweat creating friction between skin and cloth, so decent socks to wick away the sweat can work- either that or double-layering the socks. My Dad swore on bathing the feet in salt water every day to harden up the skin! Could also be the wrong type of running shoes also...I struggle with blisters, and use Proglide + good socks to try and counter it. Best of luck with the running!

    Er, anyway: 5k run (second one so far!) in very muddy conditions yesterday, with rough terrain over fields the whole way. My fitness levels held up well, but my achilles were sore and my legs felt leaden, which is unusual for me - still clocked 30:18 though. I'll chalk it up as a one-off due to conditions and continue with my 4k road tomorrow.
  • Another run today, 4k along pavement with strides at the end of each kilometre. Still feeling some muscle fatigue from the cycling and trail run earlier this week, but felt relaxed and composed on the strides and recovery was good. My last run of this week, only 12.5k covered in total but I've upped my game in regard to cross-training and core work, so I feel pretty satisfied.

    Good luck guys!
  • Well that's week one over and done with..

    Can't believe the feeling of satisfaction it has given me...Along way to go as yet, just need to remain injury free. 

    Roll on week two... Run 2 mins walk 1 min...(seems quite a jump from this week but will see how it goes)

    Good luck  with your weekend running all image

  • Welll done on completing week 1 Beachball  it does get easier - and glad you got to the club Thomas - the right club and the right group help massively - won't bore you with what I did after joining the right club and getting the right group but it will help.

    Didn't bother with my run last night, the traffic on the A12 was horrendous and m piority was to get there on time to collect a very dirty, tired little boy and his mate from camp. Had a brilliant time which was good -

    Went out this morning and did a briskish miler - struggled a bit but and am going to slow it down a bit tomorrow and do a nice gentle 5 - same again Monday - Wednesday would be nice to get up to 5 a day with a 7/8 on a sunday - wll look to do that afeter October and i have got the 10K and 5 miles out of the way -  and will then go into winter training (sounds as if  know what I am talking about)  but - will try a more formal speedwork session on Wednesday rather than just fartlek - feel I am ready - will do longer reps maybe 4 times half mile but will try to do them at a sensible 5 mile type pace rahther than eye balls out.

    Will try and find my virtual training partner on the garmin thingy!!

    Good running everyone

    (sorry for the spelling mistakes - spell check not working)
  • Well I did it - my second 6 miler - not quite as enjoyable as the first one on Thursday but managed it - had already decided at 4 miles that I wuld finish at 5 but when I got 4.5 miles I needed to add a bit more and ended up adding another 1.5 miles - garmin thingy actually said 6.2 so  managed 10K  feel quite chuffed today!!

    Happy running 

  • My planned run did not go so well.  I had planned to do 6 miles but stopped and walked home after 1.3 miles. I could feel my hamstrings and calves were quite tight, even a bit sore, especially the left hamstring just above the knee.  Better safe than sorry. 

    I guess my legs aren't quite properly recovered from Thursday night.

  • Yo have to be careful thomas - the speedwork at the club will take it out of you  err on the side of caution
  • Yeah, got some ice action on the go right now. Should be cool in a day or two.

    Well done on your 6 miler by the way. image

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Sunday 7 August – 6 miles – 1:03:46

    Thought i was due to run 7 miles today but its next Sunday so nice slow 6 mile run along the canal this morning, bumped into a couple of friends, one of which is in training for the Great North Run. Saw a few runners this morning for a change, must have gone out at a busy time!

    Welcome Chicaboo, i definitely recommend double skinned running socks to keep blisters at bay, together with a decent splatter of Vaseline in the bottom of my running shoes.

    Grendel, i can’t wait to hit the 25 mile mark for a weeks running if i get there again! Feeling stronger with each passing week at the moment so no reason to think i won’t.

    Well done on going to your local running club Thomas, hopefully you will see a marked improvement in your times as i think running with others always pushes you that little bit more. Just read your latest post and i think you did the right thing by turning back. If you don’t feel right then rest!

    Moonlight, 30 minutes sounds like a decent time considering the conditions! I’ve crossed a few fields in my time and my calves and Achilles are not best pleased when i have.

    Good luck with week 2 Beachball, you’ll be fine! Just take it easy and you’ll be running for 20 minutes in no time at all. I can’t believe just a few months ago i was at the same point and i’ve just ran a 6 mile long slow run for the second consecutive weekend so keep at it and you’ll get there in the end.

    Well done on the 10k Grendel, i was tempted to add a little extra this morning but after tagging onto another runner for the last ¾ mile this morning i was spent, hitting 7:30m/m! Far too quick for me!

    Week - 13.03

    Month - 13.03

    2011 - 162.08

  • I seem to have a little niggle on my hamstring. It's only the slightest little thing but there's definitely something there.  I don't think I've pulled it as it's nowhere near sore but now I'm super -paranoid about running again.  I have the familiar feeling of not knowing when I should run again which is horrible.

    I went to the gym this morning and did 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer which didn't aggravate it, then stretched. I've iced it a few times today also.  I'm not sure , if I had pulled it, would I definitely know it?  Could I just be too paranoid?  I have no pain or discomfort walking.

     I'm definitely not going to think about running for a few days anyway.

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Thomas, you'd certainly know it if you'd pulled it, you would have felt it on the cross trainer for sure. I would say go for a run, half your usual mileage and just take it easy. Doesn't sound anything more than a slight twinge so maybe just err on the side of caution and no sprint finishes for a week or two?

    Tuesday 9 August - 2 miles easy - 20:25

    More of a steady run than an easy one, trying to keep the easy runs slow and concentrate on my pace on Thursdays but felt pretty good today and had to keep my pace in check as it was tempting to put my foot down. The fact it was only 2 miles makes it seem so easy now i'm doing longer runs. I cycled home from work and just went straight out the door. Got a 5 mile tempo run on Thursday, and i'm actually quite looking forward to it.

    Week - 2

    Month - 15.03

    2011 - 164.08

  • Just Run - I hope you are right , haha. I'm so scared of being out for months again that I think the worst at the smallest thing. I guess this is all part of the learning process of being a beginner.

    I will hit the gym again tomorrow and if all still feels well I'll head out for a small run at the weekend.

    As for the club, I think I will wait until I have a few more weeks of easy running in my legs before I go back.

  • I did find the jump from run 1min>run 2min quite tough but managed it nonetheless. Even though the wife gave me some funny looks as I came home.image

    Feel fine right now, just hope there are no adverse reactions tomorrow..

    Happy days so far..

  • Thomas - first - I would run on it - as Just Run said  don't do anything silly - but as long as the pain is managable you may be able to run it off - just keep away from the speedwork for a while - (or if you do go to the club do they have beginner sessions where they just go out and run steady?)

    Just run - don't envy you the 5 mile tempo run - it osunds hard - is the whole 5 miles tempo or does that include a warm up and down?

     Now Beachball well done - I know the jump from 1 minute to 2 minutes is double but in no time at all you will be wondering how you found running 2 minutes so hard - if you struggle to run for 2 minutes perhaps you are trying to run it to fast - I know when I started it back in January I was - so just slow it down - if the schedule says run say 6 time s 2 minutes the goal is to run 6 times 2 minutes - you donm't have to worry about how fast - the key is to complete your session - there is time enough later to work on the speed!!

    Well did 10 times 2 minutes this morning off a 1 minute walk jog recovery - went off on the first one a little bit to quickly but overall enjoyed the session - the minute recovery went by a lot quicker than I would have liked but need to look to reduce the recovery rather than increase it - so will drop it down to 45 seconds next time -  

    Am not looking forwaard to my no running holiday next week but will probably benefit from a bit of rest in the longer term - 6 and 8 weeks to my two races.

    Happy Running everyone

  • Bit disapointed this morning - felt tired from the off - I had only tought I would do 2 miles today as a bit rushed and I want to do a 5 or 6 tomorrow ahead of having a weeks break whilst we go on holiday - but just felt extremely lethargic  - I ended up plodding 3 miles which was more than planned but didn't get much under 10 minute miles - oh well one 6 miler and a 3 miler to do and then a whole rest week.

    Happy days

  • Nice work all. I've also picked up a small tweak from a run earlier this week, so I'm giving it a few days rest to recover. Managed 6k on Monday though, my furthest individual distance since April 2010 (!). Sadly, my achilles knew all about it during the run, and after surviving a further 4k yesterday I'm definitely taking a few days off before my tempo parkrun this weekend. Just a small niggle, nothing serious thankfully. Hopefully it's the same for you, Thomas!

    Just Run, my eyes are watering at that 5 mile tempo - best of luck, hope you hold up just fine. image Glad that your runs are seeming comfortable too, always a good sign.

    Good running everyone, and keep it up beachball! Always tough at the start, but once you get into the habit, those jumps will hopefully get progressively easier...

    (Whereabouts are you headed, Grendel?)
  • Grendel - We've all had days like that. Sometimes it just doesn't come together.

    Moonlight - I hope yours is not serious and you're back out soon.

    I'm still not sure about my  wee injury. Went to the gym last night and did another 20 minutes on the cross trainer. That was fine and I didn't feel anything. I'm on my feet all day at work and I did feel a slight twinge a few times today but that was it.  I will go to the gym tomorrow and try a run on the treadmill. I really hope it goes well because I'm already feeling a bit shitty about only having ran 1.3 miles in the last week.  

  • Thanks for the great advice again guys..

    I did slow down  a  bit today as recommended and it did seem a bit easier..

    I hope the little niggles and tweaks clear up soon for everyone..

    Happy running all...

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Thursday 11 August - 5 mile tempo run (1 mile w/u 3 x 9:30 1 mile w/d) 49:51 

    Get on that treadmill Thomas, if it does flare up then just stop and rest it for a couple more days. I have a rule with niggles, not just my thoughts but from a physio. If you have a niggle rest for two days, then have a gentle 10 minute or 2 mile run depending on your current mileage. If it plays up rest again for another two days with plenty of ice and elevation and go for the 10 minute/ two mile run. If it still plays up then its time to seek advice! Don’t worry about the lack of miles for the week, this is a marathon, not a sprint as they say.

    Well done Beachball, you’re going great guns, good luck for the rest of the week. Before you know it you’ll be talking tempo runs and speedwork!  As Grendel says its all about completing the session and time on your feet, speed will come later (although i’m still waiting for this bit to kick in!).

    Grendel, did  my 5 mile tempo run straight after work tonight and i must say i rather breezed through it! Okay, it wasn’t easy and i was pretty knackered on the warm down (my tempo runs always have 1 mile warm up and 1 mile warm down by the way, 3 x 9:30 miles sandwiched in between tonight) but it felt reasonably comfortable and not once did i think i wouldn’t get to the finish line. My legs felt pretty heavy once i had completed the run mind and the warm down felt tough despite slowing right down.

    Enjoy the week off Grendel, it won’t do you any harm! I’m off for 10 days myself after tomorrow so lets hope for some sunny days!

    Good work Moonlight, its great when you hit a distance you haven’t done for so long isn’t it. I agree theres nothing better than that feeling of being comfortable at a pace, your form is holding up and you’re hitting consistant times mile after mile,  it really makes me feel confident about the next run.

     7 miles Sunday! Bring it on! I have an easy week next week of 2 x 3 miles and 1 x 4 miles. I can’t believe i see that as an easy week!?! Just shows how far we’ve come since the run/walk programme. Take note Beachball, this’ll be you in a couple of months! image

    Week - 7

    Month - 20.03

    2011 - 169.08

  • Just back from the gym. 10 minutes cross trainer, stretch, 2km jog, some weights then a bit more stretching.  Everything feels OK so it's not as bad as I feared.

     I'll do 3 mile run on Sunday. I wll feel better when I've ran outside again.

    Starting again from the beginning...again.image

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