Starting again from the beginning!



  • Yeah it is!!! You can try and follow me on the live feed of centurion running but the feed isn't really that great, I am going to try and tweet as much as I can. need to pick up something to keep my phone going and all should be gravy.

    I am number 1, well my bib is number 1 I on the other hand just hope to finish! image

  • What time does it start will try and follow you as much as possible -

  • starts at 8am finishes at 9.30pm, wow just typing that makes my feet hurt ha ha ha

  • 13 and a half hours, you can walk it and you'll be inside the time limit - no probs for you.

  • ha ha ha we shall see!

  • imageimageimage more FREE stuff on the way to review!!!!!! ha ha ha me likey!

  • B2B

    Why you keep getting this stuff !!

  • 3:30 - I just write to companies and tell how amazing I am and that I have broken world records, I can fly, im half fish, my blog gets 3 billion hits a know that sort of thing...

    Ok its all lies! Well apart from the writing to companies bit. I just send very unprofessional emails to places I would like free stuff from in exchange for a review, so far im about 3 for 5!! image

    Its amazing what companies will give away if you just ask. Its cheap advertising for them so it makes sense to give out the odd freebie and thats where I swoop im with my childish....erm I mean charming emails and bag myself some goodies! image

  • Think I will mail Mizuno try and blag a pair of Insspire 9's - lol !!


    Will watch out for your tweets !!

    Only run once this week. Out tonight and probably tomorrow. Gotta get some time doing the things I want to do

  • Oh well, if you feel the need to review some New Balance Trainers, but cazn't be bothered to actually run n them - I am a size 9!!!!!! image

    Anyway more importantly good luck - will try and follow as much of the run as I can - and after 'blagging' your way to a sub 5 hour marathon the 50 miles will be a piece of p*ss - you have already run more than hlaf the distance.

    Was a bit surpirsed this morning that the wind was as strong as it was - seemed to be a real struggle but played it cool - did a mile warmup before running 3 miles tempo - found myself struggling into the wind for 1.5 miles but rather surprisingly found myself, according to Mr Garmin to be running around 9 minute miles, so it was nice to turn towards home and managed to hit 7:44 minute miling on the way back - Not sure what longer run I will do this weekend or when - probably 8 miles tomorrow morning to get it out of the way - hoepefully the wind will drop although if I run the sam route as last week a larger part of it will be with the wind behind me!!!!! Will see. I think the key to longer runs isn't to think about it to much.

    Anyway enough about me - Good luck tomorrow B2B - looking forward to the report and blog. (if nothing else ask your fiance to update FB along the way!!)


  • Strike that B2B just realised it isd next weekend - what an idiot!!!!

  • Bloody glad it's not! Ha ha ha! I shall keep it in mind on the testing side. Remember that they come up small though,  still want a nine image I'm a seven and got a nine! 

    I've felt a bit rubbish for a few days so haven't been out . Will do a few miles next week then a lot at the weekend ha ha ha

    Going to Harry Potter world today! image

  • That's me done for the week

    Finished off with a PB over my 4 miles, so well pleased, but will keep this up a while yet before increasing distance. Just wish I could get a flat course, its not bad when last 3/4 mile is up hill after 2 and a quarter miles but wouldn't want to face it after say 5 miles

    Hope all well B2B hope Harry Potter World was good - where is it ? I used to work at Leavesden opposite the studios and they were filming it just outside the office once interesting to watch and see the triple decker bus !!

    Grendel - hope you got your 8 in

    2013 - 65.4 miles

  • 3:30 - yeah it was at Leavesden, well worth going if you get the chance guys! Really enjoyed it and got so many pictures! image Should really do some running at some point pffft! ha ha ha! 

  • You'll have plenty of running to do next weekend B2B!!!!

    Oh well can't be bothered to type my run out again so will copy and paste straight from FaceBook!

    With wind dropping slightly and the rain stopped, I headed out towards Point Clear, the bulk of which is off road and at 5.30, the perfect time to see the wildlife. 5 miles and two ducks later, I arrived at Point Clear Nature Reserve where I was privileged to see a herd of black and white frisien cows (although there was a pure white and black one, surely one of natures anomalies). The journey back took just 4 miles cutting out a loop and of course I saw the mad old lady who insists on pretending to run beside me, cackling like one of Macbeths witches

  • 10k for me today in the sunimage

    Felt Really good feeling pretty strong.

    I shall update my miles in a bit as I have a new phone and can't seem to work out the copy and paste just yet! 

    Think I'm over 250 miles now but I shall check later


    Happy Sunday folks! 

    ah Here we go. ...

    2013 - 252.65 

    Milo miles - 11.7

  • Hello all!

    that route sounds nice Grendel, it's not easy bird spotting and running, the breathing and the plodding can scare em off.......least that's what I've found image (trying to run lighter these days)

    went out for an easy 3m in my old trusty shoes yesterday, went.....ok-ish.

    so I decided to run the Black Death hill race after all and it was fab!  My sister and I finished it in 2hr20.  It was such a friendly race, really well run, with loads of marshals and loads of hideous hills.  Family are now alluding to my 'injury' as my psychogenic toe, weirdly, it seems to be ok.....

    Happy days

  • Well done Gammineez - sounds horrendous!!!! - great going.

  • Hi all,

    been out of touch for a couple of weeks, excuse been busy and a long weekend away.

    Did my half marathon on Saturday around Loch Leven at Kinross. Having run a 1:59 in training I was hoping to get it down to 1:55 but actually did it in 1:52 and a few seconds (still waiting for official times to be posted) so I was well pleased. A cool day and breezy with the last 2 miles in to a headwind, Got a Ron Hill running top as reward. 

    My last half marathon was 20 years ago when I ran 1:42, so a 10 minute drop in 20 years feels acceptable, as well as something to aim for.

    Not sure what I will do next. I will probably ease the mileage down to a couple of 5 mile runs a week, now that I can finally get out on to the mountains. I plan to do a few overnight camps and tick off some of the big Cairngorm summits this Summer. I also want to get back out on the bike which I have been neglecting.

    What I don't want to do is lose all the running fitness I have gained, so I might just do a couple of 10k races over Summer.

    2013 - 171 miles

  • well done Gammineez! I love the hilly stuff! image How long was it?

    HRHB - Well done! That time is amazing as a return time! Quicker than me at the mo! image You could always aim for another half, you already have the training why not use it? image

  • hello all!

     Yes, we'll done HRHB, you've got to be chuffed with that time!

     Thanks Grendel and thanks B2B.... It was a 10mile route.  News just in, I came 295 out of 313, so I'm pleased with that as I wasn't going to run at all image 

    i do resemble the Tin Man today though!  

  • Nice! Well done Gammineez 10 tough miles is a great achievement, if you got a medal you should hang a picture of it in here! image

  • I got a skull shaped candle holder....classy!

  • we have to get a picture of that!!! different from the standard tech top and medal

  • http://webkit-fake-url://5FEA82A1-D9BC-414B-92D9-5E7FAFDE7B6B/imagegif

     lol!  File neatly under category of 'things I never thought I'd have in my house'
  • Sorry, my picture seems to have gone..... Imagine a tasteful skull votive...

    i'll try again.....


  • Gammineez - Sounds a fab race is there a web site for it I couldn't find one. The "medal" sounds weird but unusual !!

    HRHB - Well done on the half !! Looked it up on the internet and it look a lovely race bit far from me but one day maybe if I ever get my own transport. Brilliant time after 20 years away from racing. I am planning a comeback half next March my last was in August 07 !! funnily enough it was my (now) home towns owns half. I ran it when we were up visiting. Those Cairngorm summits sound heaven

    B2B- Rest for the rest of the week ? 

    Grendel - Can imagine that old Lady running besides you - not the hells grannies from Monthy Python ? Lol !!

    Just my usual 4 tonight had to force myself out the door and of course I got soaked was sunny first 2 miles then torrential rain.

    2013 - 60.4 miles

    Happy running folks and keep on keeping on !!

  • 3:30 - well kind of rest, got a 4 mile tonight, might rest or 3 tomorrow, 2 days rest then a little 50 on saturday race day! image image

    Just trying to keep my marbles and keep telling myself I can do it

  • Hello all,

    Grendel, I got overtaken by a man in a plush, pink pig suit on Sunday....better or worse than the grannies?  Better or worse than the Tellytubie or the man pushing a man in a bath who overtook me when I ran the Nottingham half?!  Hard to say image  Mind you at least the gran didn't speed past you, soooo

    3:30 I've put the link in for you, it's called the Black Death Run (Somerset) charmingly named because it runs through a hamlet wiped out by the plague 600 years ago

    B2B you've put in the leg work for this race, you'll be grand and we're all routing for you

  • Garmineez - I once took 10 miles to overtake a man dressed as the pink panther in the London Marathon, I ran 2:41 - he actually had a championship number on - so in those days must have been a sub 2:40 runner!!!

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