Starting again from the beginning!



  • Grendel - exactly that I'm afraid

    B2B was never good with it and rarely bothered

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Right…..a quick catch up. Apologies for the absence, been away on a course for work  all week and snowed under with kids football tournaments, home improvements and life in general.

    However, running has been made a real priority, 5am is now the norm, especially with some beautiful early mornings and I have some miles to log J and I’m happy to report I’m feeling much fitter (although) I’m pretty sure I’ve put on a couple of pounds as I appear to be over indulging between runs…

    Mon 6th – 3 miles, Wed 8th – 4.48 miles, Fri 10th – 3.1 miles, Mon 12th – 6.02 miles, Mon 13th 3.01 miles, Wed 15th – 4.8 miles, Thu 16th – 2.19 miles. New target – get my long run up to 10miles!

    I’m now at 80% of my original May target just over half way through the month. Decided to go for a little run tonight while my daughter was at training just to see how I’d feel after yesterdays effort and I felt remarkably fresh. My easy runs are regularly under 10m/m now (tonight  was 9:25m/m and I had to keep slowing down).  Wednesdays are now my hard efforts and I’ve been doing either 30 seconds flat out with 30 second recoveries or 1 minutes hard with a 1 minute recovery. Started at 6, now on 8 and want to build to 12. Going to do some hill reps soon and try to mix it up a bit.

    Gammineez, the local races I have pencilled in are ….. , an 8 miles ‘all abilities welcome’ fell race. No, I have not gone mad and yes, I have checked previous results to make sure they’re not all international fell runners! This year is the 30th anniversary. - The Haytor Heller, Saturday 20th July 2013 at 18:30, Six miles of breathtaking off-road running in the heart of glorious Dartmoor.

    Battle of Sedgemoor 10k Road Race, fast and flat, 25th August -

    Possibly the Totnes 10k in August and certainly the Taunton 10k in September. I won’t be able to do them but once babysitters are sorted I will get an entry form filled out.

    Month - 40.17

    2013 – 167.83

  • Cheers JR, still seriously impressed with the 5 am regular starts and miles logged.  I'm in my first week of proper training plan for dartvale Half and already missing stuff .... Achy legs from weekend plus a cold and now husband away at bearded theory festival until Monday therefore no baby sitter. Next week eh?

    will check those races out, like the sound of the Haytor one and might try the Chagford Two Hills....

    at the risk of asking a stupid question, I currently use my iPhone and cyclemeter app to measure distance, map my routes, splits etc.   is it worth buying a garmin? would you get extra benefits in line with the extra costs?

  • A 3 miles easy turned into .8 miles easy and 2.2 miles eyeballs out. The reason, I met Rory, a 70 something old boy who is obsessed with the idea of trail running and ultra marathons. He has started training but is hampered by corns. A lovely old boy, but did have to apologise after a few minutes to carry on with my run. I know I didn't have to stop, but it didn't do any harm. Result had to pick the pace up to get home in time for the day to start. Happy Friday

  • JR - back with teeth eh?! Well done! Im going to have to watch my yearly miles now...image

    Gammineez - Not a stupid question at all! The apps can be great, the only reason I got a Garmin was because I was starting to out run my phone battery with the app on! The apps tend to drain the battery in your phone as you will have gps on all the time. The other advantage of the Garmin over the phone apps is simply convenience. Having it on your wrist is just handy for a quick reference. Also the phone apps accuracy is based on how good the gps is on your phone.

    With my old phone I had to run the same route 4 or 5 times to get some kind of idea of how far my actual route was! If you are not overly bothered with being crazy accurate then the phone apps are the cheapest way forward. Get one for free and throw your phone in your bag/pocket/arm whatever and off you go! Plug it in to your computer when you get home and a lot of them will give you similar information to the garmin watches. As I said before the biggest downfall is the battery, I think I used to get about 2 to 3 hours out of a full charge.

  • B2B Good luck tomorrow!!!!

  • Thanks Grendel! Excited and so scared at the same time lol!

  • Thanks B2B, maybe of I make it through the summer and finish my half I will think about a Garmin upgrade, don't want to tempt fate by buying it too early (yes I do salute at magpies and never walk under ladders, despite a rational, science based education and background!)

    really good luck for tomorrow, enjoy yourself?!!

  • Thanks Gammineez im just going for the food and the view really image

  • Good luck B2B look forward to the race report


  • Thanks 3:30! nearly party time! image

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    5 runs in a week!

    Due to my youth teams involvement in a cup final tomorrow I got my weekend run in this morning. That makes it 5 runs in 7 days. I took it nice and easy and my legs did feel a little heavy towards the end but 4 ½ very hilly miles done & dusted!image. The next 7 days will contain just 3 runs so I won’t get too carried away but very close to that 50 mile month target now.

    Gamineez….. I would definitely recommend a garmin to anyone. They start from around £100 but I justified my purchase like this…… Gym membership £30 per month, garmin 405 £160.

     6 months at a sweaty, crammed gym staring at a wall £180……..

     6 months of running outdoors, in sun, wind and rain (even snow). Seeing more wildlife on a morning run than an hour with David Attenborough, running along tow paths, country lanes, up hills and through fields. Not even bothering to run around the muddy puddles once you realise how good it feels to just run through them, calves covered in mud, rain dripping from your hair, merino wool socks becoming a new best friend as they keep your toes snug in absolutely any weather. Anyway, I would buy one! (again). Oh, the cost….£100+. The result, look in the mirror and if you don’t see a happier person and runner I’ll give you your money back (that bits not legally binding). As far as the battery goes, I have done a 16 mile walk with my daughter over  5 hours before the battery went with the gps running non stop.

    Best of British to you for tomorrow B2B. Look forward to the write up.

    Month - 44.67

    2013 – 172.33


  • JR

    Thinking of getting one, think you have convinced me !!

    Think I am going to hit 50+ for the month for the first time in about 4 years !!


  • An amazing morning for a run, no wind, no rain just the sea gently lapping the beach, a lone sea fisherman attempting to lure a fish onto a hook baited with rag worm and one other runner. Our paths briefly crossed as we exchanged a few words, two strangers linked by one shared obsession.  He went one way, I turned the opposite, to run past the Airfield lake, a group of carp anglers keeping their silent vigil, hoping for that one big one be tempted to hook. A tranquil scene as old as time, surely Clactons best kept secret. 6.25 miles run

  • Well done Grendel does sound a nice route

    However living in Scotland it is of course raining, I shall wait for a while to see if it stops sufficiently to get out and then I will be out for 4 (again)


  • That's me back. Felt good today decided to take things more gentle, everytime I felt my heart rate building I slowed slightly. Hill felt earier today

    That's all this month I have been on 4 - will continue in this vain then up the distance to 4.5

    Wonder how B2B is getting on ?

  • Grendel - just been looking at our boys twitter there - I am @burghbear if you were wondering  "who is this person" !!I am not very au fait with the world of twitter

  • Have tried to follow it as much as possible - I wish I knew more - I know none of us guys and girls  have ever met - but I do feel involved in it - seems he is doing well

    3:30 - am getting lazy - post on facebook then copy and paste the result in here -

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Just seen B2B has finished!!!

    Well done B2B.....imageimageimage

  • Well done B2B!!!!

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Right, in order to keep me motivated I have made some entries in my diary for upcoming races and printed some entry forms off. I will use this list as my signature and over the winter there will be a race or two added in case I get into the grizzly. This years entry is a lottery, you simply register your details, they draw all the names out of the hat and you have a week to get your money in.

    Saturday 6 July -

    Sunday 25 August - langport 10k

    September 2013? – Taunton 10k

    Sunday 9 March 2014 – grizzly 2014

  • Hey peeps! image Thank you so much for your support! I Feel the same way Grendel, we have never met but we have a nice little group going on here and it feels kind of special! 

    Right straight off the bat. ..JR stepping it up there eh? 5 Days straight! Woo! That's Great going! 

    3:30 sounds like you are coming back nicely! 

    Grendel moving ever closer to regular double figures. ...Are we going to have to change the thread name soon? !

    I shall do a proper write up when I can get to a pc but as you all know I DID IT! 50 miles in 13 hours 11 minutes and 4 seconds! All In sandals! So lucky with the weather and they should change the name to the north ups!

    Catch up tomorrow as I'm off work resting and making lots of noises getting in and out of chairs

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Brilliant stuff B2B, 50 miles is some distance......but in sandals?!?!? Well done!

  • I think we are all very proud of you on here!!!

  • Yep, very proud and as soon as the other half gets back from Bearded Theory tomorrow I am out for a run..... Like a very slow rocket image

  • B2B That was brilliant so very well done looking forward to the write up

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    There was no way I was snoozing my alarm this morning after B2B's exploits. 4 easy miles in 39:36 to kick the week off. 48.67 for the month now and failure NOT an option as I bid for 50!

    Month - 48.67

    2013 – 176.33



  • Gammineez

    I have got to ask .. what is Bearded Theory ... I am imaging a load of old professor types in glasses wearing khaki coloured shirts with cordory trouses with massive  beards talking about quantum physics  . like out of the open university !! lol !!

  • Not toooo far off 3:30.... It's a crusty alternative music type festival in Derbyshire.  I think the Levellers played, last year it was New Model Army.

    There are a lot of beards though! image

  • I know how you feel JR - I ran 6 Saturday, 10 yesterday but how could I post either of those with B2B running 50 miles in 13 hours - thats more than I have run in a week in more than 12 years -

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