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    Excellent choice of username B2B.

    Grendel, must have been posting at the same time, you could be on to something with the earth 'arse' strap. Not sure i'll ever run fast enough to need one thoughimage

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    Those earth shoes are kind of like scalextric cars for your feet!!!

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    ha ha ha I guess they are really! I wonder where I got my name from?....ha ha ha

    ooops put in my 3 runs for May...sorry 3:30 and Gammineez image

  • Why are you sorry B2B?! You may have saved the RW team by single handedly counteracting mine and 3:30's slightly lower image monthly mileages!  Phew!

  • Just joined up....went back to the very first entry which struck a chord....after getting mega fit 3 years ago was struck with plantar facitis...injections, physio, rest....just couldn't get over it....after 2 long years off managed to start slowly again at the end of have my first event week saturday....the lovely if savage South Downs Marathon....bring it on....tis good to have the wind in my hair again and good excuse to raise a few quid for Walking with the wounded.

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    ha ha ha Gammineez it wasn't really a lot in the scheme of things, might have actually bought down the daily amount! image

    Welcome Gambs Monster and well done!

  • I bought the average down when I added mine !!

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    ha ha ha oh well every little helps or something.... image

  • Tried another route tonight which was a slightly longer 4.53. Included a lot of another routeso wasn't completely new to me. However, the bit I hadn't run before turned out to be fairly hilly and I wasn't prepared for it. After about 60 yards it was tough and I couldn't see the top and was on the point of turning back onto the familiar bit but pushed on anyway

    Any road finished with an average pace of 9.45 my second fastest for the month. But this route was tough and this was my first run in 3 days think I will save this as a "hard" day and run it after a rest day.

    As I have said before all routes here are Hilly but apart from tonight most hills are gradually getting easier. I think what I may do is run a "long" run of 5 miles on a flat route and would expect to see my pace quicker

    I am wondering if running these hilly routes at this stage of my comeback is a good idea or should I swap for flat routes ? I think that probably sticking with the hilly routes but run a longer run on the flat is the way to go as I am sure these hills are getting me fitter.

    JR - Thanks for the above advice. Have been thinking about it and that's why I thought the route I done today would be good for a "hard" day and a" long" 5 mile run on a flat route both once a week

    2013 - 107.17

    May - 63.97

  • Update on above. I think my new route yesterday was to much as this stage. I have never been good on hills !!

    My legs feel like jelly this AM - no point in taking on runs that are going to knacker me completely and ruin the rest of weeks runs. Going to stick to my other routes, although hilly, not as bad as yesterday

    As you said JR this is a lifestyle, not a 5 minute fix. I think I took on too much too soon, I gave myself a goal of half marathons in 2014 and maybe a marathon in 2015 so plenty of time to build

    Keep on keeping on .....

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    3:30 - Personally I look at hills as character building! image Look for the nasty stuff and walk it. When you get used to walking it then try running it. My mission at the moment is to become a hill monster, love the hills then there is nothing left to fear in a run! Is there any way you can get to that hill from a shorter route? If you can then set out to run that hill then turn around and head home. If it is a little far away at the moment then find the next nasty one and head for that instead! Conquer the hills and you can run anywhere! image

  • B2B wise words again. I agree with that and that's what I want to do conquer the hills as I have always dreaded them even on a half if they came up my heart would sink!

    I said when I started back on here that everywhere is hilly where I live. I mentioned the long hill into town. I have taken 3/4 of that on and now run up that as part of a route and its getting easier - still hard but easierimage

    But yesterday I think was too much too soon although for the whole course my pace was the second quickest this month so wasn't that bad I suppose !! But today my legs are suffering

    So will continue my hilly routes but leave this one alone and maybe try again in a few weeks. I call them hills other may call them "inclines" lol !! To be fair the hill is only about .5 mile at the very most


  • Just logged another 5 miles -

    A very easy 5 miles run after yesterdays speed work - won't run tomorrow now as am at parents tonight as they are looking after junior tomorrow so its not fair getting up and disturbing everyone (plus the dog) at stupid o'clock.  Am in two minds about the parkrun - legs feel shot to pieces - does anyone think that could be due to dehydration? as I know I don't drink enough. 

  • Gredel

    Dehydration could be a factor. I am terrible for not drinking enough. I drink tea during the day but never water and I am sure sometimes I am dehydrated - must remember to have a bottle on my desk and try to cut down on the tea drinking

    Going to get some of those Wellman vitamins and iron as well

  • I get a bit paranoid to be honest - I have a 60 mile return joruney to work each day on dual carriageway - got stuck once for 6 hours and needed the loo had to pee in a bottle and dispose of - I hate the idea of that happening and stop drinking around 3 o'clock each day and after my morning run ends at 6:30 is the I don't actually have a drink until around 9:30 - 3 hours after for the same reason.  I do drink decaff coffee and usually a litre of sparkling water - but it is not unusual for me not to need the loo until around lunch time - even at home in the evening I very rarely drink - do need to get into the habit of doing that. WIll have an experiment I think.

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    Grendel - Could be a few things really. Vitamins, not enough water or just the case of needing a rest. many schools of thought on all of the above and i would address all of them in one hit! Get some good vitamins in you, be that in food or tablet form. Keep an eye on the colour of your pee. If its dark start drinking some water, if its clear then its a sign you have maybe had too much. Look for a nice balance in between. Finally and i know you hate this one....if you feel really tired, rest. you will run again why not do it on fresher legs? image

  • Rest?

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    ha ha ha here we go again....image image

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    hey 9th on the leaderboard Grendel! good work!

  • I couldn't log on to that today and it wouldn't recognise my email.  Was going to try to take myself off the board for June but now I can't even get in image 

  • Have almost decided to enter the Kent Marathon for next year when entries open on the 1st - Almost sounds to good.

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    yeah was just looking at that myself! I intend to do the NDW50 again next year so I will have 2 weeks then Kent if I go for it....what do you think guys?

  • B2B go for it you could meet up with Grendel.!!

    That's a good long terms goal to run both B2B. I feel a bit feeble with my 4.5 miles nowimage

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    Hey you have a year 3:30 and its a PB track! hint hint! image

  • You will have a full year to train - you now know what you have to do to run the NDW 50 'comfortably' so it is do-able - I am looking at it from the point of having a year to train!!!

  • B2B to far for me unfortunatly if I was back in London would have defo gone for it

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    Grendel - Yeah I think I could do both providing I dont pick up anything nasty from the NDW50! Given a year Grendel I think you could do really well! Much quicker than me anyway! image

    yeah true 3:30 its a bit could make it a weekend in sunny Kent! imageimage

  • I could but the wife hates anything excerise wise and thinks I am mad as it is !!

    Grendel - you seem well on the way training wise and excellent times when you were running them regularly sure you could slip back into the groove nicely !

  • If you look back a couple of years on here 3:30 you will see I don't get a lot of support rom my wife which is why I tend to run early then it doesn't have an effect on her as she is in bed - to get in long runs I will probably have to go out about 4 am but I think I can!!

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    4am?! image what is this time that you speak of?

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