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  • Grendel - Woman eh ?image

    Right gonna have a moan. As you all know last night was hard for me but was off the back of 3 days rest. The time wasn't bad bit the run was tough and took a lot out of me and I felt it today

    So, tried to go tonight and it was 22 degrees way to hot for me I like it around 13 - 17 degrees (who was that chap who had it written into his LM contract if the temp on the start line was higher than a certain temp he could walk away ?)

    I felt tired - I went out anyway it just wasn't working, I stopped, pulled myself together and went for 2.6 very slowly (after starting with 4.5 in mind) and it was hell I didn't enjoy it at all. I don't know if I have done to much (66 for month) but legs felt like lead

    I know I need to loose weight, I have lost 4.5lb since Feb and want to loose another 20lb. I cant understand after 3 days rest this happens.

    So frustrated tonight have got to get out tomorrow or I can see me getting very disheartened. I so want this and so want to get back to 8 min miles but tonight was horrible.

    Getting some wellman tablets and a great fat iron vitamin tablets try and sort this out

    Rant over. Keep on Keeping on

  • Hey peeps, couldn't wait any longer so I went out for a 5 mile! imageimage

    Tendinitis seems to be sweet! Back of my knee, hmm little grumpy but nothing to bad.

    Ran in the Earth Runners today, little slippy on the really wet mud and the lacing is a little tricky but I really like them!

    2013 - 308.45

    Milo miles - 16.7

  • Good one B2B hope all seems in working order !!image

  • find out tomorrow I guess ha ha ha!

  • 3:30 it might just be a case of pushing through it - I know how you are feeling my legs a lot of the time feel like that - buying the wellman tabs etc can't hurt - I used to know a guy who was one of the UKs top ultra runners (no not B2B) - he swore by Metatone - (might buy some)

  • Looked that up, its a tonic that I had never heard of its fairly cheap and available at Boots. May get a bottle give it a go

    As you say Grendel its probably a case of pushing through it. I had just come back from a 16 mile round trip in the car ferrying the daughter about (I have got insured in the father in laws car!!) and it was hot and not in the best mood. The weight issue is still a concern though

    Will be out tonight and as daughter and wife are out tomorrow am attempting a long slow run of just over 5, again a but undulating but will take it slow - no pain no gain and all that

    Upwards and onwards !!

  • Maybe that is the key 3:30  - slow it down a bit - I know the weight issue becomes quite a problem - when I originally started again at the beginning I was about 4 stone over my original fighting weight, which is why I started again as Doc suggested shifting some of it - I never intended doing what I am doing - but you of all people on here will understand what happens when you start again - you want to recaputre the past.  I did the diet and the running together - I bought a pair of trousers that I couldn't do up and gave myself two months to get in them (January11/February12) rather than taking them back and buying a bigger size (goal achieved).  I basically cut out chocolate and cheese, both major failings of mine (and actually didn't eat either choc or cheese for the whole of 2011) and reduced the amount I was eating. Even then it took nearly 5 months before anyone noticed the difference (myself included). What really hit home the weight loss though was when, going out to  meeting, I put on my suit jacket and one of the girls I work with refused to believe it was mine - it hung off me like a clowns jacket - I then realised that the hard work was worth it.  Mind could do with losing another stone - I am trying to keep the chocolat down to a weekly treat - (not working)

  • Grendel

    Maybe I will try to be more relaxed about pace in fact the other week I ran what I thought was slower but in fact was faster over entire course ! Maybe am starting off to fast, slowing and not noticing it therefore being exhausted by end of run. Will defo give that a go tomorrow over 5 miles.

    I agree with the weight thing its a bugger. I am trying to cut down and chocolate is one of my vices as well, have limited it to one bar this week !! I like a couple of beers and used to indulge Friday and Saturday night (just in house cant afford the pub !!)  but have cut out Friday now as I run Saturday.

    I have got two pairs of jeans I cant get into and refuse to buy a bigger size ! I suppose 4.5lb since Feb isn't bad its the other 20 lb am worried about !

    At one stage I used to note my weight before races and looking back before the LM in 2006 was 11st 2lb as of 1/5 was 12st 11lb

    Love the story of the suit jacket lol !!

  • I used to race at around 9 stone ended up around 13.5 am down to about 11.5 but could do with another 14lb - my missus has promised if I get down to looking like a skeleton she will leave (if anyone needs incentive eh?)

  • ha ha ha!

    Think I may have found my next target! image self transcendence 24 hour track race!

    £49 on a track for 24 hours, mentally tough one but should be a good test to see just how far I can go in a nice safe environment. I am going to use it as a benchmark for my long term plan of hunting down my first sub 24 hour 100 mile buckle! image

  • Grendel - Loosing 2 stone is quite an effort well done - good luck with the next

    B2B - Wow sounds tough especially round and round and round and round a track !! When you thinking of doing it ? 

    I mentioned I was doing a long run tomorrow well I wasn't really sure how far it was - I measured it tonight and its 5.86 miles, I measure routes on a map as I haven't got a garmin and its on a long country road with no turn offs so can only measure to the end. Longest run so far is 4.53 so will be taking this slow !

    May - 71.08

    2013 - 114.08 -. Now done more miles in 2013 than the whole of 2012 !!


    Here you go B2B a little taster !!

  • What a difference a few days make !!

    Ran my long run, 5.86, my longest run for at least 4 years and completed it in 59:17.

    Went out slow and the first half (its an out and back) is more downhill overall that the 2nd, continued at Steady pace until the last three qtr mile which is slightly downhill and with energy left speeded up and that must be my fastest three qtr mile since my comeback to running.

    So Grendel your advise on slowing down paid off. I am so pleased with this run and after my rant earlier in the week feel so much betterimage

    Keep on keeping on people have a great weekend !!

  • Hi, can I join in?!

    I've definitely had to start from the beginning again! Used to race in 2007 but since marriage and kids not been racing. Been so determined to run again since my second child as put on loads of weight with her and could only swim for exercise as bad spd problems.

    I have just completed my first race today (Harvel5) and i'm on such a high as I just got a pb despite having to wear my support belt for my spd which restricts me a little bit. Now I cant wait to see what to sign up for next?image

  • Welcome on board Lisa and well done on your 5

  • Welcome and well done Lisa - post as much or as little as you want and hope you get as much out of this thread as the rest of us have -

    (Haven't told Mrs Grendel yet BUT I have just entered next years Kent Road Runners marathon in June!!!! gulp!!!!)

    B2B I am in love with the self transcendence races they used to be called Sri Chimnoy - did loads in my time in Battersea park they were always 1 mile loops - most I ever did was the half marathon though - I used to do the 2 mile races on a Monday evening - last one I did was a 2 mile pb in 1999 - 10:46 - even won a 3 mile race up there in 1998!! all a long time ago - Now is about next years marathon attempt!!!! gulp again.

  • Well done Grendel !! Good target for you looks a good race as well seems brilliant organistation !!

  • Will catch up soon, just wanted to say I've signed up for race to the stones next month a also sent my application for self transcendence in September Aaaaaaaaahhhh! 




  • Wow B2b you are aiming big! Go you! How do you find the time to train for such a long distance?

    Grendel how many laps is Kent Road Runner? I was considering that one but not sure mentally how i'd get on? I did Brands Hatch half in 2007 and found it mentally challenging as it was 5 laps, although my husband found it great as a spectactor, and it was my first ever half so was a toughy to choose!

  • Hello all,

    inspired by all the race planning that's going on here, it's great.  Love that you've signed for the Kent race Grendel and the transcendence 24 thing for you B2B.  Are you planning for one 3.30? 

    Well done Lisa E, I love that post race high! let us know what's next on your race planner.  

    Just found out that my sister and pacer for may sept half can't do the race after all, she's off to India.  But, I think it would be good for me to go solo and see what happens.....

    still wishing I hadn't signed for the monthly thing as still can't get in.  3.30, do I have it right that if I haven't posted anything, I won't affect the June average? I don't want to drag it down because I can't log on.  Can you let me know if you can see my name please?

    also 3:30, glad you had a better run.  Re the weight loss, I lost a stone between last August and Christmas.  I was running but I used this handy app called My Fitness Pal where you make a note of what you eat.  You tell it your stats and your goals, in terms of weight,  and it calculates your calories within healthy limits.  It's useful because it shows up all the extras.  I thought I was super healthy and then I realised how many 'hidden' calories I ate e.g. Hoovering up the remains of the kids teas because I didn't want it to go to waste! pinot grigiot and jammy dodgers etc etc.  If you don't have a smart phone then the app is no good.  I would say though, that the most useful thing I ever did to promote weight loss was to cut out/down on processed food e.g ready made pasta sauce, that sort of thing.  I don't know what you eat but don't get disheartened, I think weight loss, like many things, if you were to draw it graphically, tends to have plateaus in it.

    waiting on my ankle to feel more normal before heading out again, just been to spa for pedicure, facial, massage and killer yoga session, so really ready door some activity image 

    happy running all

  • I think Lisa it is 17 laps!!! most I have ever done is 13 one mile laps - will catch up later - well done B2B great news - that race to the stones sounds awesome - thanks for advice re the app Gammineez - hope the ankle resolves itself -

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Hi all, bit of a disappointing end to the month as this cold/cough thing won’t budge. It’s on my chest now and I’m  waking up proper bunged up and spluttering like an old Morris Minor!

    Decided to use some common sense and rest up, especially as my monthly targets have been hit. Hopefully over the next couple of days it will start to ease up.

    3:30, hills are simple! Just run up them at the same effort as the flat, not the same pace. The little buggers will still take it out of you but it will help you to conquer them. Hill sessions once a month will make all the difference and if you find a really steep one walk and get those hands on your quads and power up.  Well done on that long run too, steady pacing really pays off eh?

    Grendel, I really need to start eating better as my weight needs dealing with. I find chocolate and cake impossible to resist, as well as crisps, curry, bread, ice cream…… basically all the foods that stick to you like glue! I have a pair of jeans that I have worn before but would need to shift around 7lbs to wear comfortably so they will be tried on every Friday from now on. I used to use ‘my fitness pal’ to record meals and exercise and will start using it again from today. I found it helped me choose the correct foods and much more varied stuff too. I soon realised my carb and protein intake needed increasing while fat needed reducing. Once I got a handle on this not only did I start feeling more energised the weight started to drop off and my body soon started to tone up. Personally, logging stuff and keeping a routine really helps, and definitely works. Good on you for getting that entry in. (just noticed Gammineez also gave MFP the thumbs up).

    B2B, as much as I love the thought of these ultra marathons, reading about peoples exploits in them, hidden tribes, badwaters, comrades, running coast to coast etc. All these things have gently ignited something in me to add an ultra to my bucket list. However, the transcendence 24 hour race, although very safe, has to be the single most boring race I think I have ever come across. A 400m track for 24 hours? This is not running, it is a mind ****. They are all insane and should be locked up. J. There was a 79 year old who topped 100 miles last year so you should have no problem (no pressure!) Good on you too for getting some entries in!

    Welcome Lisa and well done on your 5. You’ve already started again, and got a pb to boot…well done!

    Gammineez, don’t worry about the monthly challenge averages, just log the miles you can run and use it as a motivator. I’m always in the lower part of the table but just seeing those runs gradually add up and giving myself a target each month helps to get me out there.  I see you used ‘my fitness pal’ too! I agree, it’s a fantastic tool and very easy to use. It’s great to see you have 200 calories left at the end of a day or even enough for that chocolate bar! I’m starting to use it again from today to get back into shape. Take it easy and get out when you’re ready. I’m dying to go for a run but resisting the temptation despite the glorious weather out there.

    Reading about all these race entries has given me the nudge I need….. have filled out The Charmouth Challenge entry form for July 6th. An 8 mile fell race next to Charmouths famous fossil  beach, a favourite with my boys. The race doesn’t start until 2:30pm so we’ll make a day of it. The description “The Challenge follows a hilly multi-terrain course of about 8 miles through some of the finest coastal scenery in the South West. It includes an ascent of Golden Cap, the highest point on the south coast of England at 191m. The venue is Dorset’s beautiful Jurrasic coast ,

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    a World Heritage site and is metre’s from Charmouth’s famous fossil beach. At £8 I am struggling to find a better value race than this, especially with all monies raised going to Charmouth primary school to pay for equipment for the children. Apologies for the essay, would rather be running!!!

  • Gammineez - I am a tad envious of all these races being planned but unfortunately I am no where near ready so my only race I have in sight is in March next year, a half with possibly another 2 as well. I am a fussy eater and actually dieting is not my thing I just tend to cut out chocolate and fatty things I know I shouldn't eat. Am sure getting back into running will help. I seem to have lost 3.5lb this month so down to 12st 7

    B2B - Hills are getting easier which is good because cant go any route here without encountering them ! The steady pace was good but I have to get a Garmin to track myself. That was one of my problems when I was racing regularly always started off fast and slowed. The run was good though at last got over 5 and will do the same next week just wish it was a bit faster though

    Talking of the Comrades (theres another for B2B) that was today and I watched some of it the winner was 5.5 hours I think - 54 miles !! Theres a strange ritual where the leading runner has to carry the Mayors "baton" for the last 300 metres - some guy steps out and hands it to him - wonder how that would work If there was a spring finish !!image

    No run for me today I an still basking in the euphoria of running 5.86 miles (little things please little minds !!)image

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Okay, I couldn't help myself. Two ibuprofen, a spoonful of cough mixture and 7.24 long slow miles later it's my longest run for an absolute age. Not idea if that was a good idea while under the weather and in that heat too. Well, whatever,I took it very easy and i'll get plenty of fluids on board and have a nice easy afternoon.

    June - 7.24

    2013 – 202.96 - image 200 up, at last!

  • mega post Just Run!! - hope the cold finally shifts - I try to be good during the week and only indulge at weekend from the Tesco shop - but doesnt always work especially after swimming and if I get sent into the store for odds and ends during the week -  The comrades marathon is one the big ones - I am waiting for B2B to announce the Bob Graham round!!!

    A beautiful sunny morning, little wind, a high tide, the murky Thames, opening up into the north sea,  lapping gently on the sandy beach. I seem to have spent my whole running life beside that river. A lot more people than normal today. For  what?  I asked a guy sat quietly contemplating the unusual bustle. An open water swim, one of 4 taking place around the country. Not one that included a wet suit so beloved by my tri chums, this was a birthday suit swim. I carried on and on my return stopped  again seeing some of the competitors decided against becoming a voyeur and made my return journey. 10.28 miles run, happy sunday, and well done to the swimmers, a large sum raised for the charity involved which I can't remember but included a daffodil

    A crossed post Just Run - we have a good start to the June challenge!!!! and well done for getting out.  (although I know Admin Liz from Fetch ran the Kent marathon yesterday so she already has 26.2 miles in the bag!!!)

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    ah, the bob graham round. i really enjoyed reading up on that. we went into a go outfoors store recently and they have a bob graham poster up, i think i surprised everyone, including myself withy knowledge on the subject. didnt have the heart to tell them id just finished reading a book on the subject. I still find myself standing on one leg with my eyes shut as I brush my teeth to stregthen my ankles like the fell runners I have read about. You werent tempted by a cool down in the sea with the rest of them then? 

  • No - I did contemplate watching but given the age of most of the swimmers it wasn't an attractive thought!!!

  • Hello all,

    managed 4.64m today.  Was hot and quite slow, forget what a difference the sun can make.  Managed to kick my bad ankle image what a wally.  It hurt quite a lot.  On the plus side, the day was gorgeous, I've definitely logged my vitamin D for the day and with a bit of generous icing, the offending ankle feels.....a bit better.  

    3:30, if you ran nearly 6m, why don't you think about a cheeky 10k race? Well done by the way.

    JR, unfortunately I can't log on to the monthly mileage site and its not recognising my email.  something odd has happened, must have put in the wrong details somewhere along the line.  Is my name actually on the board?  If its not, I will stop worrying about it.  

    Happy running!

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