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  • Just a quick catch up a large plate of pasta last night and jogged round 5.25 miles this morning averaged just under 9 minute miles so was well pleased - just a bit annoyed that I didn't add the the last 0.75 to make it a another 6 miler - will be up early tomorrow to do my last run for a week - will just do 3 miles and then get in the shower before OH gets up.

    Take care all look after those injuries and keep on running everyone.

  • Hi, I hope you have all had a good weekend.   Who got out for a run?

    I did a couple of miles on the treadmill at the gym today just to be sure that it's all good. No pain and everything feels good so I will definitely do a run on Tuesday.  I never feel like I've ran after being on the treadmill.

    The sooner I get back in to the swing of things, the better. I really don't function very well as a person when I can't run.image

  • Another week over...Onto week 3 already!!

    Today was one of those days when everything felt great. My concentration was broken somewhat when the Air Ambulance landed in the field next to the track I was running on. I did think to myself, 'surely I don't look that bad, do I?'

    Glad there was no pain today Thomas, I hope everything goes well on Tuesday.

    Enjoy the week off Grendel.

    Moonlight, I hope your tweak has cleared up ok.

    How did the 7 miles go Just Run? 

    Run 3min/walk 1min next week and unlike last week I feel ready for it..

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Hi Thomas, glad to hear you came through your treadmill run ok. I have a treadmill, which i have used a handfull of times as i too am not keen but they are great for minimal impact and easy runs when you're stuck for time or suffering a little with a niggling injury. I'm off for a run today after missing Sundays run due to being asked to play in a 'legends' game for my old football team. Not sure if thats a compliment or they're telling me i'm getting old!

    lol the air ambulance beachball, although obviously not lol the poor person who needed it. Don't you just love that feeling, the fact you feel ready for this week is great, good luck! Missed my 7 mile run as i said above but i'm pretty sure i covered around 10k during the football match. They even asked me if i'd consider bringing my boots along this season as they need a midfield playmaker. I'll take the compliment but pass on the football, its where i get all my injuries from!

    Nice easy week this week, 3 miles Tuesday, 3 miles Thursday and 4 miles Sunday.

    Happy running! image

  • 3 miles this morning. 26:41, 8:54 average.  Took it nice and easy.

    No aches, no pain, no niggles. image  

  • Hey folks, hope everyone's had a fruitful few days. Well done on staying patient and beating the blip Thomas, hope that everything continues to go smoothly for you! I know the feeling; toys invariably start flying out of my oversized pram when I can't run too. image

    Thanks for the support guys - had a trip to Norwich on medical business, managed to slot in a parkrun around the mayhem though, and the niggle appears to have cleared up! Have notched a fast 5k (22:49), 3k easy and 5k easy since last Friday - the latter run was possibly the best I've had since I began training again. Everything felt comfortable, my fitness is good and no pain I can't handle image feeling trim and ready for one more run before the acid test this weekend. I'll be attempting sub-21 in the parkrun, I'm hoping for the best...!

    Beachball, thank you very much, and it's great to see you're still kicking on with the training. Glad everything's starting to come together for you! You certainly seem to be shifting through the gears nicely image

    Just Run & Grendel, your 'easy' weeks continue to make my eyes water! Very happy to see that you're both managing well though, and keeping free and clear of any injury image I hear Arsenal are looking for a midfielder, Just Run...take your boots along, just in case?

    Keep it up everyone! Think we're all doing well.
  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Good on you Thomas, lets hope you're over that little blip, onwards and upwards!

    Moonlight, i'll swap my easy week for a 22:49 5k any time! Good luck with the parkrun this weekend, that would be some time! Think i may be 20 years too late for Arsenal at 36!

    Nice easy 3 miles today (a day later than planned), didn;'t even take my garmin, just ran the usual 3 mile course and it felt great! Really pleased at the moment as that was exactly what it said on the tin, 3 miles - easy. Another 3 miles Thursday and 4 Sunday. I can't believe i'm at a stage where an easy 3 or 4 mile run is just that, i don't even think about running that distance now, i just go and do it like its the easiest thing in the world.

    week 3

    Month - 23.03

    2011 - 172.08

  • Never too late to live the dream. image And thank you, although I'm sure you could get the time if you trained and went for it! Not sure I'll even get within shouting distance of the magic 21, but it's worth trying. So glad that you're finding these runs much easier now, I know what you mean. A 'casual 3 mile' is exactly that right now. It must be nice to see how far you've come since the injury troubles! Great stuff.

    I trotted out on a casual run of my own today, a nice smooth 4k with very little to comment on other than the pouring rain, which makes a nice change! I feel more comfortable than I have done since picking up this injury (April 2010), delighted with how things are progressing. I'll need the luck this weekend image have a good few days all, happy running.
  • I did it guys - 20:30. Somehow fluked my way around, and I am exhausted but happy. Less than a minute away from my pre-injury PB, hugely satisfied with the way all the training has paid off...and onwards from here I shall go. It's only 5k, but for now I need a rest!

    I've been spamming the thread a fair bit lately, so I'll keep it at that - hope that everyone's having a good weekend of running out there image
  • Just catching up after a good weeks off - regreted not taking the gear as there was a footpath next to our cottage - good week though.

    well done on the sub 21 5K Moonlight great running and obvioulsy no fluke - sub 20 next!!!

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Well done Moonlight, thats a fantastic result! Your training has obviously paid off, and thats no fluke! I reckon i could manage a mile at that pace at best! Now you really do have a target to go for...sub 20!!! You can do it!

    Hope you enjoyed your week off Grendel, i've had a week off myself, go back to work Tuesday. Far too many takeaways, and far too little exercise but glad of the rest and really looking forward to getting back into a routine with my training.

    Sunday 21 August - 4 miles - 40:54 

    Didn't even manage my easy week this week and missed one of my 3 mile runs all together. Did a nice 4 miles this morning though, a hilly 4 miles at that and was rather pleased with the result. The first couple of miles were around 10:30m/m pace which is what i'm aiming for on my easy runs, the third, slightly quicker mile came in at 10:07 although a nice downhill stretch helped my time and the fourth mile was 9:27, i spent the last half mile stretching my legs out to what i considered fast but comfortable. It turned out to be 7m/m, some of it 6:30, god knows how that was comfortable but my fitness must be improving! Entry for Taunton 10k sent off in the post so finally have a race to look forward to. Going to run round with the wife and get her first sub 60 minute 10k under her belt. Then once i've got a race completed i'll find something to train for over the winter. Would like to find another 10k followed by a Half marra early next year, maybe Bideford (nice and flat).

    Week 7

    Month - 27.03

    2011 - 176.08

  • Moonlight - That's awesome. Well done.

    Just Run - Glad you got a nice run today.

     Grendel - Ha, yeah that would've bugged me.

    I had my 3 mile run on Tuesday then I went on a 2 day drinking binge Wednesday - Thursday. On Friday I was hungover and yesterday I struggled round 4 miles, still feeling terrible from my antics.image

    So, this week I'll be back to my sensible self.  I do have slightly sore calf muscles, hamstrings and lower back, mainly on my left side after yesterdays run.  I've always been quite inflexible but I think this is causing me issues because I am back to the start of my training (not helped by pulling a muscle in my back a few weeks ago - all related!). I need to do more stretches to help fix this. 

    I'll go for a run tomorrow if everything feels OK.

  • Congratulations Moonlight, great going..

    Week 3 accomplished. Everything going well still, I guess a training plan was all that I needed all this time.

    Glad to see you have some long term plans Just Run. I have been thinking about the end of the year and whether to book up for a race. I don't want to tempt fate though and think I can run before I can walk (no pun intended)

    Next week qiute a jump again. 5 min run/2 min walk x 4.

    Can't waitimage

    Keep up the good work all.

  • Thanks all, much appreciated...not so sure on sub-20 though!

    Grendel: Glad you enjoyed the week off, always nice to get away & recharge the batteries. Hope you settle back into the routine just fine back home image

    Thomas: That sounds nasty...and so does the injury! In seriousness, if you're in pain a lot of the time when running then it's probably a good idea to try and stretch things out. Is there an underlying biomechanical issue relating to your previous injuries? Very much hope you're alright and are able to get out there today - good luck.

    Just Run: Thank you, and glad you enjoyed your own scaled-back week! It's nice to have a target race to aim at too, hope you can find some suitable stuff for early next year (and I'm sure you'll enjoy Taunton with your wife too). Are there many Half Marathons in your area? They're surprisingly thin on the ground in the east image

    Beachball: So good to see you enjoying the training and feeling the progress image has the bug managed to get its teeth into you?!

    Went out for an easy 4k yesterday, with an adjusted 'easy' pace of 5:40/km. Found it oddly difficult going, but I still ache from the parkrun so I'm going to chalk it up to some fatigue and general lack of readiness. I'm also away for the next 10 days on music-related business, but I'm taking my gear and hope to get out there on some easy runs to bump the mileage. So...hope you all have a fruitful and enjoyable week-and-a-half ahead, and get some good weather! image
  • Enjoy your trip Moonlight.

    I didn't run yesterday so that I could run today and have something to do on my day off.

    4 miles, 32.52, 8:13 avg m/m.  My left calf is a bit sore but apart from that everything is fine. I did my usual 15 minute stretching routine plus some extra lower back stretches.

    Next run is planned for Thursday.


  • Well done all - have been going through just to catch up -

    Started back after the week off on Sunday expecting to feel fresh and springy - was surprised that it was a real struggle,  Only did 2.76 miles, followed that up with 3 yesterday and 3 today - all under 9 minute miles but still nolt feeling fresh!! Looking back though I remember feeling the same way in the good old days so nothing to worry about will do another 3 miles tomorrow and then 4 on Thursday and Friday and Saturday then 5 Sunday - just over a month to the Southend 10K on October 2nd and then the Wix 5 mile race on 16th October - so all looking good - will then hibernate for the winter and try and get the mileage up a bit over the winter -

    Happy days

  • Moonlight, I think the bug most certainly has got me,it  felt great running in the rain this afternoon, I bet I wont be saying that in a few weeks.

    The 2min walk today felt too much and I felt ready to go again after 90 secs. I hope it doesn't come back to bite me. The 5 mins running did take it's toll toward the end mind you...

    All in all, so far so good.

    Happy running folks.

  • Beachball you may find as you get fitter that the recovery walks are to long - I found that when I started so adapted it - so that all my walk break were 1 minute, as I increased the running bits, I then reduced the walk breaks by 15 seconds - with the intention of reducing it further to 30 seconds - but in the end thought whats the point might as well get rid of them all together -

    This morning I did 3.6 miles in 30.04 so was well pleased with that - what I did notice is that when I thought about what I was doing I felt tired and slowed down - when I forget about it all the pace picked up again - strange - mind over matter - time to run a bit quicker I think on the steady runs.

    Happy days  

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Thomas – get stretching man! You’ll be glad you did.

    Beachball – You’re going great guns, well done! Your confidence must be improving after each and very run. The fact you feel ready to run before you’ve finished the walk simply means your body has recovered enough to run again but don’t fall into the trap of missing the walk breaks, they’re there so you don’t get injured and help build strength before you’re running non stop. One of my friends runs as far as they can, then has a walk break, i think this is counter productive and doesn’t actually help long term. Get the breaks in early and regular and finish strong!  ;-)

    Moonlight – There are quite a few half marathons near me, i’ve pencilled in the Bideford (flat) half for next spring.

    11 Sep - Bristol Half Marathon
    11 Sep - Chippenham Half Marathon
    09 Oct - Eden Project Half Marathon
    16 Oct - Dartmoor Vale Half Marathon

    Mar - Bath Half Marathon
    Mar - Cornwall Fire & Rescue Half Marathon
    1 Apr - Forest of Dean Half Marathon
    24 Jun - Torbay Half Marathon

    As you can see, spoilt for choice and there are loads more local, Exeter and Taunton to name but two.

    Grendel – I think it depends on the kind of break you’ve had? I think if i’ve overdone the beer and takeaways i really suffer. However, just being too busy and missing a run i feel light as a feather and full of running.

    Tuesday 23 August - 2 miles easy - 20:09

    Nice gentle run along the canal after work. Feels like a mini duathlon on Tuesdays at the moment. 5 mile cycle home then 2 mile run. Finished with a fastish half mile. 6 mile tempo run Thursday!

    Week 2

    Month - 29.03

    2011 - 178.08

  • Just Run - Hope the Tempo run went well - do you do it to heart rate or pace?

    The break was OK - don't really drink - had one half of some yorkshire bitter but that was it - (my third beer of the year)  Did eat out a lot which tended to include chips etc. Seem to have recovered now though - and hopefully the weight I think I put on is now coming off.

    This morning was a good run,  back up to 4 and again averaged under 9 minute miles so perhaps the rest did do me good -  quite windy but it seemed to be more of a cross wind off the sea - will get back to doing some speedwork next week as a sub 45 minute 5 miler in Octber would seem now to be the logical goal (and 55 minute 10K)

    I will be asking advice re tapering beffore those races - as in my past existance was able to race those distances without tapering - (times change)

    Happy runningimage

  • 4 miles this morning in 35: something. I didn't take much notice. This is how it's going to be for a while. I'll be taking my Garmin out with me for the sake of logging runs on Garmin Connect but once I start I'm switching it to the current time screen and forgetting about it. I have been thinking too much about how fast I'm going, forgetting how much fitness I've lost and comparing my runs to the times I used to get which is obviously silly as I lost 3 months of training.

    Anyway, this morning came out around 8:50 m/m which is much more like what I should be training at. The extra stretching has helped with my hamstrings and calf, I had no pain at all today.

    The plan is to do 3 miles tomorrow night then 4 or 5 on Sunday, all at an easy pace.

    I had planned to do a Parkrun next Saturday but I think I might leave it until the end of September.
  • All sensible stuff Thomas - somehow I lost  12 years training and I still compare back - I suppose it is natural - maybe will try the stretching stuff after a run - just the hamstrings leg muscles as it may help increase the stride length etc!!! you never know

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Grendel, i run at pace at the moment, but i'm hoping once i get up to a decent mileage to switch to heart rate and give it a go. My tempo run didn't happen, first my youngest went down with a sickness bug and now we all seem to have it! Not good but at lest its just a bug. Was going to run after work today but still don't feel very good so going to rest today and tomorrow then hopefully head out Sunday for a long slow run.

    Hope you're all ready for a glorious bank holiday (don't know about you lot but its pissing down in Devon image)

  • Hope you all feel better Just Run - kids bring all sorts of things into the home!!

    Good luck Sunday with your long slow run - been pissing down all day in Clacton too - completely spoilt the Clacton Air Show.

    Did 12 times 1 minute fast with 1 minute walk recover this morning along with mile warm up and down - felt quite good too.

    Have a good one all image

  • 3 miles tonight in 25:54. Bit faster than I meant to go but the main thing is no aches or pain during or after. That was also the first time I've ran 2 days in a row since March so I suppose that's a breakthrough.

    Gym session tomorrow then 4 or 5 miles on Sunday. That will give me about 15 for the week, meaning I'm back on track. Happy days.

    On the subject of HR training, I have a HR monitor but I don't know my max HR. It's something I've been thinking about trying though.

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    7 mile lsr out of the way! Now for a lovely roast dinner!

    Kept the pace very steady this morning and glad i did as i really started to feel it at about the 5 mile mark. I'll put this down to missing Thursdays run and being a little lethargic after the bug that swept our household. Took me 1:14:25 to get round but not too bothered about the time, the time on my feet was important today.

    Just one month till the Taunton 10k now so going to really concentrate on my runs, i may even change my running days so the kids sports clubs don't clash (Thursday night is a particular problem now i'm running further and the nights are starting to draw in). Will probably have my short easy run tomorrow night so i can do my 5 mile run Wednesday rather than Thursday! Can't see going a day early will be too much of a problem if i run Sunday morning followed by Monday evening? I do like a days rest after my hard runs but i think its inevitable that i'll have to move my running days a bit as it can all get too much of a rush otherwise.

    Once i've got this 10k out of the way will look into a cheap HRM as i'd like to give it a go, anyone on here use one at the moment?

    Shame the weather ruined the airshow Grendel , we went to the minehead one a few weeks back and were very lucky. Such a shame about the red arrow chap that died last week, rip. They were truely magnificent to watch.

    Nice pace there Thomas, i'm up to around 15 miles now (when i don't miss my runs) and feeling the positive effects, my legs are definitely getting stronger again.

    Week 9

    Month - 36.03

    2011 - 185.08

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Monday 29 August - 2 miles - 18:49

    Fantastic run!

    Much quicker than it should have been but i took my 7 year old with me (on his bike! he's not that quick yet!). He makes a great pace setter i must say. We covered the first mile in exactly 10 minutes which was great as i knew with my usual stretch over the last half mile we'd be well under 20 minutes. What i didn't bargain for was the 8:49 second mile, much faster than planned but i didn't feel like i was overdoing it so thats a really good sign. The final half mile was pretty much sub 8 all the way, it wasn't easy but not flat out either.

    Also went for a nice 6 mile gentle cycle ride along the canal this morning with the wife and our two boys, really enjoyable until my yougest suddenly stopped right in front of me, resulting in me failing to unclip my cycling shoes in time and falling sideways onto the grass in true comedy style. Hilarious for the 50 or so people gathered close by! Not as embaressing as i thought it would be although this is about the fourth time this has happened to me in various circumstances. Next time i will change my pedals for any off road cycling with the kids!

    Got a 5 mile run Wednesday with speedwork, a word which used to make me feel physically sick but not now, my confidence is rising with every run! It will take me over 40 miles for the month too, another milestone!

    Hope everyone enjoyed their bank holiday!

    Week 2

    Month - 38.03

    2011 - 187.08

  • Glad you had a good session Just Run.

    I didn't do my run on Sunday because I went out on Saturday night. Tut tut.

    Anyway, 4 miles this morning which was a struggle as I was still totally shattered from the weekend. I'll run on Wednesday and Thursday then Parkrun Saturday. I'd like to get sub 23 but I just don't know how it will go. This will be the first timed event I've been in.
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