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  • Gammineez

    Funny you should say that as my local town has a 10k on 16/6 as part of the polaroid 10k series. I had a look at the finish times from last year and even if I took an hour I wouldn't be last !! But unfortunately its midweek and we have arrangements

  • 3:30 don't worry about being last!  Treat it like a training run, it could be just the confidence boost you need.  image

  • God, thought I was losing the plot a bit there 3:30 till I realised that you edited your post.  Must have been editing as I was writing!  There'll be other races.

  • Yes there will I am sure

    Our town has this 10k then the half in August I have done the half once. Would love to do it again trouble is its always August and we normally have our 2 week break around then.

  • Just found my next race..Maidstone Riverside Run on sunday..cant wait!! Trying to keep booking races to keep me motivated!

  • I used to go to school in Maidstone! How far is that one then?  Good luck at any rate image

  • Cool, are you still local-ish? I got married in Maidstone! It's 8.6k, weird distance but sounds interesting as it says the runners get the train to the start, then run the riverside back into Maidstone?! Cheers

  • No, I'm in Somerset now.  That sounds slightly bonkers, where does it start from? East Malling or west or somewhere like that?  Nice and flat though.  My sister is still there and she loves her running, she usually does the Paddock Wood half.

    good luck though

  • Blurb from Organiser's notes - "The Riverside Run follows the new Riverside Trail from Waterinbury to Maidstone passing the working locks of Teston and Tovil and under the Medievel Bridges of Teston and East Farliegh before finishing in the centre of Maidstone at David Lloyd Health Club."

    I've looked at doing the Paddock Wood half before, sounds like a nice race. Now I have entered Brighton Marathon i'm going to need some halfs as training runs so maybe i'll look out for that next year!

  • Sounds lush.  Used to have a membership at that David Lloyd, needless to say, I didn't get my money's worth image

  • Hey guys and girls got a bit of catching up to do!! I shall do my best!

    Welcome Lisa! Glad you found your way here, we have a great group on here and you wont want to leave! imageimage Well done on booking the races and good luck!

    JR - hope you feel better soon and massive well done on your long run and finally 200!!imageimageimage Regarding the 24 hour transcendence I think it completely bananas and a total head ****.......I guess that's why I want to do it! image You get to go the other way every 4 hours, you know to change the scenery image

    Grendel - going well as always! hmm the Bob graham round eh?! I shall have a read...I never thought I would do the 24 hour transcendence but it seems like a good step up to a 100 as I will have no pressure to achieve a set millage. I think its a real test of the mind as well. I may end up completly bat **** crazy by the end but that all part of the "fun" eh?! image

    Sorry if I missed anything, please ask again if I didnt answer anything!

    I am planning a run tonight, nice and slow as im being held together with compression gear at the moment ha ha ha! image

  • just been reading about the Bob Graham round......damn it guys I am going to end up with no money at this rate from booking everything!! image I think I may wait a couple of years for this one!

  • I think for the 24 hour run you have to go back to Cliff Young and how he did it - slow but sure and just shuffle along.

    rest day today so 3.60 miles run very very slowly. I googled tired legs last night and apparently it is a precursor of a heart attack!!!!! So there you go on my way out!!!! Maybe it is something to do with running everyday!!!! - Time for a tonic me thinks

  • Grendel - Metatone ? I couldn't see it in my local Chemist or anywhere for that matter

  • 3:30

    I will probably be executed for a posting a link but they sell it in Tesco and Boots.

    RW Towers this is not spam it is not be selling something it is just me providing a link to a product I mentioned.

  • ha ha ha Grendel

    Just realised my for my "milo miles" I didn't include my ultra!! and I don't think I added the 0.8 on my yearly!! Loosing my mind!

    2013 - 308.45

    Milo miles - 67.5

  • Grendel - Thanks for the link next time I am near a big Tesco / Boots will pop in

    Have let the side down with another 0 miles day. Felt a bit out of sortsimage but will be back at it tomorrow


  • Hey guys did a 10.25 last night. Half in the Earth Runners and the other in Luna.

    The first loop was on my own in the earth runners and started to feel some hot spots on the ball of my foot. Second loop was with my sister and cousin and I switched into injinji socks and Luna.

    The balls of my feet are a bit of a mess so I need a few days image I think its down to the different type of strapping so I might try and change them as they are actually pretty good!

    2013 - 318.70

    Milo miles - 77.75

  • Well done on the run - can't compete with the sandals B2B BUT my fatherss day pressie arrived yesterday (pic below) Can't have them until the day BUT can't wait to try them out - made by K-Swiss and know they will soon be mud brown!!!

  • wow they look pretty cool! image I feel sorry for them already ha ha ha they have no idea the pasting they are about to receive! image

  • Smart shoes Grendel - like shoes in funky colours - the Mizuno Inspire 9 (I have 8) come in a nice blue - will be getting them babies when I need new shoes (ie 500 miles retirement age for mine done 175 at mo)

    To be a sad old git I searched for and found my finishing certificate from London 1994 (18 years ago does it class as an antique?). I bought a presentation frame with certificate, medal and photo in a frame at the time (was about £30 I think) and its just been shoved away but dug it out and fixed it up !! Now on display in my office at home !

    Gonna put a photo on my facebook page !!


  • post the picture on here when you get a mo and share the glory!

  • /members/images/5791/Gallery/295658_506664239382837_982708738_n.jpg


    Hmm didn't go to well !! but you get the jist !!

  • Not a like button on RW - but if there was I would have liked it - know what you mean though (or hope I do otherwise I will p*ss you off with my next comment) - a few seconds per mile quicker which doesn't sound much and that would have been sub 4 hours -

  • Ah but it was under 4 by the chip its a bit small but on the certificate the chip time was 3:57:02 !! not by much but you know what us marathoners are like -  targets and all that !! lol !!

  • In those days it was marathon photo and they sent you all the photos full size and if you wanted them you sent them the money if not they asked you to send them back !!

    Photos at this years were extortinate !. The company that took them must have made a fortune.

  • Can I join in on here please. Was running regularly and did the Great North Run in September 2011. Injured my ankle in June last year and not been able to get it to settle. Now ready to start again but know that the first few weeks will be a battle.

  • Welcome Fran

    Friendly bunch here with some great encouragement and banter -  

  • nice 3:30!!

    Welcome Fran! Just take your time and build up slowly! image

  • ah the banter! imageimage

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