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  • Morning all

    Out early to deposit 6.18 miles into the "Bank of Miles" 1:02:19 same pace as last week but bit further and good to get over an hour in.

    Same course as last week can be quite hard work on route back but once hills were over felt fine. I believe steady progress is being made

    Gammi - give it a bit more rest before going to physio - give it 3 days or so see if it improves if not pop to physio.

    Have a great weekend all and lets hear about all the miles being run as its lovely weather for it. Looks another good day in prospect here in Helensburgh

  • Well done JR - great time you need to race, a fast 5K or 5 miler.

    Well done 3:30 nice to get the hour out of the way eh?  - I did just over 6 this morning ahead of a planned 12 tomorrow - looking to run around 2 hours have planned the route and set the alarm for 5 - the goal is to get comfortable running up to 15 by Xmas which will then give me a platform to build up to the marathon next may. I am not looking to change my mileage during the week just at weekends.

    The seagulls are now attacking which is fun, usually lasts about 6 weeks - tried a different approach this morning but the still came - but from behind, despite the noise they make, in attack mode they come in silence - so will continue to face them head on from now on!!!

    Happy days

    Oh well have a great weekend

  • Grendel - yup getting the hour up was good. Next big target is getting 8 miles under my belt would love to be up to 9/10 by xmas for my planned half in March

    Seagulls can be really aggressive little buggers !!

  • Ours are aggressive - defending their young!!!

  • There lovely birds though

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone, will catch up with you all tomorrow, off to another days football. My boys got to the final yesterday before losing 1-0 in the final 30 seconds of extra time. Very proud of the all. Coaching the girls today.

    Up at 5am today.....5am on a bloody Sunday!!! Anyway, 8.13 miles knocked on the head and feeling quite pleased. Legs started to get tired at 7.5 miles, if they get tired half a mile from the finish each week i'll settle for that.

    June - 24.79

    2013 – 220.51

  • Well done JR - was out with you just after 5, ran along the coast - 6 miles out and found a little nature reserve that I will run round when I want to add a few more marathon miles. Turned round and ran the same back - 12 miles done not fast not furious but my longest run since 21st June 1999 - As I said the other day, the goal now is to run 15 miles comfortably by Christmas all being well will manage that!! Happy days. and off to add my 12 to the monthly challenge - although I have a feeling that Admin Liz is running two marathons this weekend - so that will crank there up by 52 miles!!!

  • JR/Grendel

    Well done on the early morning miles guys !!

    You both seem to be progressing well. I am aiming to up my run next weekend, just add a little bit to the route I have done for last 2 weeks

    What two marathons is she running Grendel ?.

  • I think it is a Caldecott lake near Milton Keynes - I haven't seen any updates on Facebook this weekend so I may have it wrong - but she mentioned last week another double header - they do quite a lot up there - in the last 12 months she has gone from never running a marathon to having done 25 as of last weekend - I am sure she mentioned this weekend too.

  • That's amazing mate she must be really dedicated !!

  • I was wrong - its the great barrow challenge up near Thetford Forest.

  • Hello all!

    It's gorgeous here this weekend. I was feeling really uncharitably jealous of Mr Neez as he has been running around here there and everywhere at speed recently with no dodgy knees, toes or wonky ankles (which is a good thing really, I know).  But, the ankle looked ok-ish after an extra days rest so I popped out today.  Meant to run 3m but ran 5 as it was so lovely out.  Ankle, knee and toe touch wood ok image it was quite hilly, phone said ascent 700ft.  There's no flat around here, 17% hill at the end of the road, got to make hills my friends..... Love Devon though

    Grendel, maybe you could carry one of air horns like they use to repel bears, it could help against the gulls and the grannies...

    happy running all and well done for all the miles logged


  • JR/Grendel, wow you get up early to fit your runs in, good for you both!

    Glad your ankle is feeling better Gammineez.

    Well I am really chuffed with my progress today. I ran the Maidstone Riverside Run and got a PB! 8.6km in 47mins 32ish secs! A really enjoyable race too so that's made my weekend!

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Another 5am run in the bank. easy 3 miles along the canal. Will catch up with you guys (and girls) this evening.

    June - 27.86

    2013 – 223.58

  • Booked the Staplehurst 10k last night for this Sunday. Really hoping I can break the hour barrier as not managed that since 2007. It will be my longest distance so far this year.


    Another little video about a guys first attempt on London

  • Gammineez glad the run went OK and hopefully no side effects and the comeback can continue - must be quite frustrating if Mr Neez can run round like that!!!!

    Well done Lisa on your race yesterday - your'e certainly going all out now - I would have thought based on the 8.9Ks sub 60 minute 10K is well within your grasp.

    Yep early start for all my runs, I promised other half that it wouldnt have much an impact on family life and it doesn't - so the build up for the marathon is underway - will alternate 10s and 12s for the next month before pushing up to 15 by end of year - I really want 15 to be comfortable by Xmas so I can have a clear run through to May 31st.  Am running out and back at the moment for the longer runs, will probably run out of Essex coast before I get up to 20!!!! - although as the marathon is multi lap I will have to get that sorted out in my head at some point after XMAS. Think some of B2Bs thinking will start to come into play then.

    Another busy weekend JR - the family football certainly seems to take up a lot of weekends!

    Oh well another target ticked off - 801.06 miles run so far this year - 50% of the target done.  (I am going to have a weekoff (almost) without running in August)

  • hey all! 

    Well done on the distance Grendel!

    Congrats on the race Lisa! New PB yay!! image

    JR - going great guns again!!

    Its all go in here eh?! image


    GRENDEL?!!!?? Nearly a week off?! I just spat out my coffee! image image

    15 will be easy for you with the miles you are putting in, my "schedule" at the moment is lazy compared to you lot!

    Should be hooking up with "the Monday crew" tonight. I get a 5 mile lap in before we meet up for a 5 mile.

    Keep on keeping on folks!

  • Hey peeps 13.58 miles for me tonight. image

    Legs didnt really like it but I tried to run hard tonight and see how close I could get to my PB for this route.....

    I reached 5k in 28.15, 10k in 58.30 and this is when I stopped at the petrol station as and "aid" station, saw an old school mate and forgot to pause my watch!! Sabotage! 

    Mr garmin says I was still for 18.47 with a moving time of 11.05 over mile 7 so I am going to take off 6 minutes off for watch error! image

    Previous PB for this 13.1 route 2:19:19

    tonight before adjustment in 2:17:08!!! image

    Adjusted for pilot error to a new PB of 2:11:08!! imageimage

    My legs felt horrible today which in a way was really encouraging given the outcome!

    Happy days!

    2013 - 337.53

    Milo miles - 96.58

  • Lisa - Well done on the run and good luck in 10k - when is it ?

    Gammi - good news on the ankle front

    Grendel - yes its difficult marathon training with the family, done that for years being up crack of dawn on a Sunday for the long runs winter was worse pitch black !!. You seem to be well on your target of 15 before Xmas

    JR - Brilliant running

    B2B - well done on the run - good to be back eh ? That Milo sure gets about !

    5 for me tonight 9.49 pace. Slow progress - but progress all the sameimage

    "Tramps like us Baby we were born to Run "

  • Well done on the 13 miles B2B - going well and the rest has obviously done you good. Time to get serious for the big one eh?

    Good running 3:30 seem to be getting going now. The christmas target is to run 15 miles comfortably with the key word comfortably!!!

    5.66 miles done - 50:02 minutes run including a last 2 miles at brisker pace, except when I was stopped by a local fisherman on his way home to ask if I knew that a seagull had attacked me (didn't forget to stop my watch though B2B). He found it funny and said in all the years that he has lived in the area he had never seen that before - oh well good to provide some early morning entertainment!!!

  • Thanks guys, well my legs are not really happy about it today but that's tough as I only have this week and next week and I have to start tapering again! I haven't even got back to good miles again ha ha ha! Oh well I guess it is to be expected given the time between races. Never done races close together before


  • Grendel - Thanks - I was watching some video of the Loch Ness Marathon on You Tube am sooooo tempted to sign up for 2014 (October) but think I need to leave until 2015.

    Still in two minds with my running as I really want to do another mararthon in under 4 hours but am only running 6 miles in around 9:40 pace at moment - still unsure whether to increase distance slowly or concentrate on getting times down. Am sure with increasing fitness speed will come though

    B2B - Admire you mate you are really going for this - hows the feet ?

    Rest for me (forced that is) my sons coming up from the smoke form a visit so need to get him from bus station, don't want him lost in Glasgow !!

  • 3:30 - the blisters are ok but my feet feel a little bashed, I think it was from when I ran on the blisters and my form was all off. Just made me realise not matter the pain never break form!

  • Actually B2B you have mentioned that before - in my runs now I am trying to maintain my form even when running tired. Does seem that if your form is off you tire quicker, good form seems to equate to efficient running

  • Well in my own running I have found it does. The moment I start to get sloppy everything just seems to get even harder! You hit the nail on the head with good form = efficiency image

  • check out Grendel in the top 10!! Yes! Go man go!

    3:30, JR and myself are playing leapfrog! image

  • 3:30, 10k is this Sunday image

    B2B cant wait to be running your distances! Well done you!

    Grendel lol for your seagull encounter!

    Well I didn't have time tonight for a long distance run, and wasn't originally planning on going for a run until tomorrow anyway, but the urge got the better of me and I went for a short powerful run for strength. Felt fast and kept pushing myself and woohoo another pb! 5k in 25mins. Feel great now. image

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone, will catch up later, nice 5 miles added this morning. 1 mile warm up, 3 x steady and 1 mile warm down in 48:27. Very pleased with that.


    June - 32.87

    2013 – 228.59

  • Well done for getting out  JR,  those miles are creeping up now and a bit of consistancy going on too.

    Toughy this morning, OH working so up and out at even more stupid oclock. 20 times a minute off a minute recovery - warm up and down - knackered!!!!! The seagulls certainly hate me at the moment - I am starting to think someone has tatooed a target on my head!!!!

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