Starting again from the beginning!



  • wow well done Lisa thats a great time! It took me a long time to get my 5k under 25 minutes and its still only just under it! 23:55. I thing the rest of the guys and girls in here could give you better advice than me about going fast! Im the tortoise of the group, im slow but go for miles with a house on my back! image

    Nice one JR thats a great 5 mile time! Genuinely pleased to see you still kicking away

  • I don't generally do fast runs, I normally go for the plod but just felt I could yesterday. Today on the other hand I've been up and down two flights of stairs at work so many times today i'm just knackered and ready for bed. I don't want to get ill for my training swims so decided not to run today, but after Saturday weeks Great East Swim i'm back to pure running and up-ing my distance! Looking forward to the challenge image

  • Lisa E - good luck with the race go for it !!

    5 for me today and tried to concentrate on some good form as I was discussing with B2B and seems to work

    Grendel better start wearing a cap !!image

     2013 - 149.96

    June - 35.68


  • Lisa, I know someone else doing the Great East Swim, do you do much open water swimming?

    I tend t forget all about form as I get tired - 3:30 I know it is important and I know that I run quicker when I am concetrating on it but my mind tends to wander - Woke earlier again this monring so was out a little bit earlier too so plodded along for 6 miles - the wind is quite strong today which made for a nice return journey. Was informed this morning that my son's sponsored run this afternoon (40 laps of the field) had been cancelled because of the wind - I wasn't that impressed to be honest pointing out to the school that I had run 6 miles in it this morning so if I could they could!!! Not sure the kids were bothered though!! - Oh well off to log my run. 

  • cancelled due to wind?!?!! What the hell are they teaching kids?! Back in my day............*rant rant shuffle shuffle*

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    my youth football te had a game cancelled because it was too cold earlier this year. it was -1. unbelievable

  • Hello all!

    ran 3.5m tonight.  Tried to run faster up the hills, also tried a 'fast sprint' on a flat (secluded) section.  Realised that I can't actually remember the last time I went eyeballs out and ran as fast as I could.  I was aware that even today I was holding back.  When to we stop just zooming around?  Anyway, I might have stopped to admire the view once or twice tonight, so clearly my speed work sessions need......workimage but, the ankle remains.....normal as does the toe and the kneesimage

    Lisa, well done with the race and your 5k time, you've got to be pleased with that!  I'd like to break 30m for a 5k and. 60 for a 10.... Well that's the future plans and all.  I will definitely keep the river run in mind for next year too.  Keep hearing about quirky, fun sounding races, like the chariots of fire one.  Will have to construct a racing bucket list..

    Grendel, I can't believe youve hit 800m! Sure, you'll be grand for 15m 

    b2b well done on your time

    did anyone else hear about this bloke, now in his 50s who won three walled city marathons, one in '84, one in '85 and one just recently on 2013?  That's quite inspirational.

    Happy running all

  • well done (not so)Gammineez! image

    Im off to a wedding this weekend in France so wont really get any running done...however this may give my feet a chance to catch up and heal! HAZAH!

    Keep on keeping on peeps!

  • ahhh disaster struck! earlier in the week my lil girl had a 24hour sickness bug, and yesterday i ended up with it too! Its messed all my training plans up! image  Confident I'll still be able to run Sundays race but whether I can still get under an hour I'm not sure now?

    Grendel - I've never done open water swimming before and am quite nervous!

  • Lisa - kids eh??? just what you need - I struggle to swim particulalry well in a swimming pool, the idea of an open water swim isn't one that appeals!!! I presume you have your wetsuit ready?

    Fingers crossed for the 10k though this week. Hopefully you will be ok.

    Gammi - glad the ankle behaved itself despite the extra pressure you put on it with the speedwork.

    B2B enjoy the wedding. 

    An easy 4 miles this morning ahead of tomorrows 12. Will be up with the larks and out at 5am. (if it all goes to plan)

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    The football certainly takes up some time Grendel, it’s our presentation evening tonight with another tournament tomorrow. We’ve reached the final of the last two losing on penalties and 1-0 in extra time so maybe third time lucky? Excellent running from yourself, great mileage going on in the monthly challenge! Good luck with the 12 tomorrow, I’m aiming for 9 Sunday before 10 the following week.

    Congrats on the your course pb B2B, reassuring to know it’s there even if the legs don’t feel like it is! Enjoy the trip to France.

    Progress is progress 3:30, just keep looking back over how far you have come already, we’ll all get there in the end. Theres less thasn half a mile between us in the challenge now (until you log your run image)

    Lisa E, that’s a great 5k time, would love to get down to 25 minutes. Good luck with the swim.

    Glad the ankle, toe and knees are feeling ok Gammineez, the race bucket list is a great idea.

    I finish work early on a Friday so had a lie in until 6 this morning and ran after work. Nice 5k added in 26:46. Quite chuffed with that considering the easy pace I started at. Finished with sub 7 ½ over the last quarter mile.

    June - 35.94

    2013 – 231.66


  • Awsome time Just Run

  • So, I'm nervously cautiously excitedly on the edge of starting again back at the beginning.  Many false dawns but now seems body is ready to accept running again.

    Fingers crossed - I've managed a good four weeks now without issues and completed two 'races' where I didn't come last...10K 1 - 60.38 and then last Sunday 10K 2 - 55.32.

    Trotted 4 nights this week for 15miles and plan Sat and Sun - runs hopefully.

    Hello to some peeps I knew before the crash..I'm happy to run again.

  • DB9 - Welcome aboard

    Grendel - good luck with the 12 -  5am ?image

    B2B - Enjoy France

    Just Run - as you say progress is progress, At the start of this comeback on 17/4 I ran 2.6 miles @ 11 min pace so progress can be seen and am happy

    3.98 today as planning on my longest run for the past 5 years (at least) tomorrow - a massive 7 !!

    Keep on keeping on  - speak soonimage

  • Good luck with the long run today 3:30!

    Hi DB9 congrats on running again!

    Grendel, I have a wetsuit that I've borrowed off my friend. I've tried it on and it feels comfortable but the first time i'll wear it swimming will be the day of the swim. image

    As for running I feel like I haven't run for ages (I ran Tuesday), so I cant wait to run tomorrow (cant today as need to fit a training swim in).

  • Welcome back DB9 well done on those two races, 60:38 to 55:32 some improvement over 4 weeks!!!! awesome.

    Good luck tomorrow 3:30 keep it slow keep it steady!!!

    Yes btw 5 am!! I am stealing my facebook post today rather than do it again!!

    Running is sometimes about telling lies, not family, not to friends, but to your own body, as was the case this morning. Woken from a none to deed sleep by the dulcet tones of  the very lovely Sharon Den Adel and the Gathering's Anneke van Giersbergen singing Somewhere from the Black Symphony album, I heard the less inviting sounds of wind and rain battering our bungalow. No way my body said - OK the mind replied we'll just to an easy run today and hope that the weather is better tomorrow for the long run - Pacified, the fantasy involving Sharon and Anneke filed away, up I got and off I trot. I did nearly turn back to be honest as I was soaked from the off - never mind I told the body banishing thoughts of hyperthermia, just two easy miles out and then back. At 2 miles, I pointed out to my legs it was to early to go home as my showering would wake the family, so we pushed on together, running up to the Village of St Osyth, where in 1582 ten local... woman were found guilty of 'bewitching to death' including the infamous Ursula Kempe and subsequently executed. I found a road I hadn't run before and me and my body, no longer protesting but resigned ran down towards the bustling holiday park at Point Clear. Reaching 6 miles I explained that we had to run back, up that ****** hill and retrace our steps. I promised to keep the pace slow, and pushed on - no sign of the ghost of Ursula Kempe, just a sleepy village coming to life. Down the long hill to Seawick,  Lisa and Bob now out and cleaning the sales office,  my body and I headed home, not sure when the body realised it but I had picked up the pace a bit, not a lot, just a bit. I arrived home 12.11 miles later, my body rather glad it had come along for the ride, now time for toast and cappuccino and later off to Southend to see father in law for lunch - Long run done. Wildlife seen, some ducks, a Swan and cygnets two fast fleeing rabbits and a dog. happy days all (and the sun is now out)
  • Mornin all!

    Ran a steady 5m this morning (ankle still normal size), ran a negative split which had nothing to do with good planning or technique and everything to do with the massive adrenaline surge that occurred after being faced down by a huge herd of youngster cows.  Made my way out of the field unscathed but they were mildly alarming!

     Your wildlife sounded more benign than mine this morning Grendel!

    hello DB9!  Great to hear your back in the trainers image

    3:30, hope the long run goes well .... With no livestock issues

    Lisa- good luck, I reckon with a race and swim like that, you just have to go out and try to enjoy it.  You'll pick up tips of what works and what to do differently for next time.

    JR luck for the 9

    have a great weekend all

  • Grendel I loved reading your story of your run, I felt I could visualise your journey...definitely cant wait to go running tomorrow now!!

    Well done Gammineez on your run too!!

    Will update you all on my 10k tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

  • Lisa - Thanks

    Gammi - no livestock issues one Sheep was a bit inquisitive but backed off when I went to stroke it !!

    Grendel likewise didn't read the posts till I got back but brilliant run well done on pushing yourself out and a great write up as Lisa said its like being there !!

    Well, went out today bit later than expected after getting a phone call last night to pick my daughter up after she had text saying she was staying out got me out of bed !! so got up a bit late

    On road for 8.30 with intention of going 7 nice and steady - had planned route - an out and back but thought I had missed my turn round point and looking at my watch new I had so turned round at next road with a name so I could measure. Turned round in 43 mins - new I was even pacing and running with good form.

    Continued on and got home in 1:25:18. so 43 out and 42:18 back brilliant !!! So please with this run which was eventually 8.34 miles

    Thanks for the encouragement all (Grendel - well, it was slow and steady !!) not just yeaterday but ever since I come back to the forum.

    After today I think I can allow myself to call myself "a runner" again

    imageimageimageimageimageimageimage Buzzing !!!!!!

  • Some great running going on - seems this thread is a bit more than just 'starting again from the beginning'....

    Anyway that's where I am now.  3 m for me before dinner, slow and steady - 18 for the week and think that's the highest number since London 2009 (I think)..and hope fully tomz I can plod a 7..

    Getting carried away and scheduled a 10K in July - Frome, September - Melksham, October - Bournemouth and November - Plymouth...these are exciting times..

    I need to get some new trainers soon and prefer New Balance...does anyone have a source they can recommend??

    Have great weekends everyone...good luck Lisa on your 10K

    Livestock count ce soir - flock of sheep and 1 fox !!

  • PS

    Thank you for the welcomes and welcomes back.  Hope to make things stick this time.

  • Well done 3:30 8.34 miles will do nicely!!!! 

    DB9 the thread has been going for a couple of years now, some have dropped off but others have stayed and more have joined, but we all started somewhere - and whatever stage we are at continue to post - I think we all still take a lot of encouragement from each others achievements - so carry on posting. I just tend to get my trainers from Amazon or Sportsshoes unlimited get real bargains - I bought a pair of New Balance something or other just before Xmas - for £19!!!! plus P&P

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Welcome back DB9. Fantastic 10k runs. It certainly seems like we’ve moved on from the ‘starting again’ and hopefully it can inspire others by showing it’s never too late. Good luck with the comeback!

    Great post Grendel, there’s a running book in this thread somewhere!

    An eventful run Gammineez, maybe you could use the cows for speedwork?

    3:30, well done on the 8+ miles, no wonder you’re buzzing. This thread is on fire!!!

    Up at 6am this morning, thought I’d make the most of the day so plodded off towards the canal tow path. Settled into a nice slow pace, concentrating on form, and drifted off into a daydream. Two rabbits, two swans (one asleep), one moorhen, countless ducks, three dog walkers and two fishermen later I had completed 9.09 miles imageimageimage.

    June – 45.03

    2013 – 240.75

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Grendel......5th in the monthly challenge image

  • Good run JR moving along nicely now too!!! 

    5th until the long run guys put their stuff down!!!

  • 3:30 well done on your 8+ miles thats great!

    DB9 there's nothing like booking some 10k's to get you motivated!

    JR your route sounds really picturesque?!

    Well, as for my 10k today...sickness bug 0 Lisa 2! I swam a mile in training yesterday, and smashed my pb today and ran it in 54mins 55secs! Ecstatic image 

  • Some great stories from the team.  Thanks again for warm welcomes....

    A pretty non eventful 7m for me this morning but so pleased with pace and really just getting round.  By a long way the furthest I've run in a long, long time except for the 10K races run recently.

    So in this comeback wk1 - 6m, wk2 - 13, wk3 - 15 and wk4 - 25.  Yes I know about the 10% per week increase but you know I had to prove to myself I can still turn over..and pretty even pacing for an avg of 9.17m/m.

    But for the record...mile 1 is a climb from the valley and passing the solar farm, mile 2 meanders through dairy farms until the rugby club thru to mile three and the watermill, mile 4 the drizzle got heavier and by 5 I was laughing in the rain....6 I actually contemplated a different route to extend the run but decided to bank the 7 and finish with a last mile uphill gradient to slow me down a bit..

    Just over 65 minutes and v pleased.

    Thanks JR and Grendel...I'm off to look at Amazon!!!

  • Lisa - well done on the PB and you're spot on - a 10K is a great motivation.  Was your PB in a race or on a training route?


  • Well done on the PB - maybe the bug gave you the rest you needed - I must admit I can't comprehend swimming a mile - wil be watching the weather forecast with interest ahead of this Sundays swim Lisa!!!!.

    Well done on your run too, DB9 I suppose we should warn you to take it easy, no more than 10% etc but if it is working then go for it - as long as you listen to your body.

    I did 6 miles yesterday morning, was a I glad that I had doen the long run on Saturday as I really didn't feel like it yesterday - (I would like to say I was pampered for fathers day, breakfast in bed, lunch and dinner done - but spent it in Tesco, followed by a dash into Clacton to try and buy a sword for Grendel Juniors Tudor day at Kentwell Hall today (no success image) then watched his 2 hour grading lesson and Orange belt. Not a bad way to spend fathers day (plus got me new shoes)

    This morning - I was up earlier than I like to be on a Monday so increased my Monday 3 to 4 - was quite pleased and surprised how good I felt after the weekends running - 25 miles run in total Friday to Minday, so only need to add 1 more mile and then do them consecutively on the same day - May seems a long way off, but I am sure it will come round quick enough.

    Happy Monday.

  • Grendel - you'd best bring me up to speed then are training for a race in particular?

    My plan is to chip away at the weight that's piled on through the inactivity over the past few years and use the 10Ks as measures for progress.

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