Starting again from the beginning!



  • Good luck you long runners and well done 3:30...


    Catch up tmw

  • Take it slow point in pushing it just yet

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    Lisa a friend who lives round the corner from the reservoir and who was also gutted as she had been training in open water for a while, said the conditions up there were bad so sounds like the right decision.

    My goal since the start of June has been to run 15 miles comfortably by Christmas. Well 14 run this morning.  Could I run another mile, definitely yes, could I add the word comfortably? No!!!!

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    Certainly come to the right place, 40+ (i'm not the right person to talk to about it but the others are a mine of information about the correct technique so some one will be able to help)

  • Grendel I saw a pic the Great Swim had posted on twitter and the reservoir looked more like the sea so def the right choice! You're running really well, keep going, be proud!

    Well I only managed 6.8m today, although this is my longest run so far this year! I chose a really hilly run (not sure whyimage) but I haven't run that route for years and wanted to give it a go. Needless to say it knackered me out as it was hot too but kept an overall 9min mile.

    40+Runner, my breathing tends to be breathe out for 3 steps then in for 3 steps etc. It works for me, keeps me paced and steady? I don't even realise I do it anymore.


  • Hello all,

    ran a really nice 7.26 today with my sister.  Chatted all the way round, really chuffed with the distance, took 1 1/14 hours so that's not too bad for me.

    hello 40+,  maybe you could try some shorter, faster runs, mix it up a bit?  Not expert but isn't it about raising your VO2 max so that you're more comfortable at your regular pace and don't feel you're about to leave your lungs on the pavement everytime you go out?  Having said all that, I haven't chosen a snail picture for no good reason!  I just found that after a few months of feeling as if my lungs were about to burst, the breathing just got easier.

    happy running all

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    Hi everyone, apologies for my absence. Had a while week off running. Will catch up with the thread tonight but up for an easy 5 miles this morning in 49:31.

    June – 50.03

    2013 – 245.75

  • Welcome back Just Run

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    4 miles this morning, the wind had dropped a bit since yesterday - some mexican stuff I had for dinner last night was perhaps a mistake and dictated my route. 

    My lower leg muscle is still sore but not painful, and I have found that if I scurry along rather than stride out  it feels ok -  It's not actually the calf muscle or the achilles, but is the muscle that runs up the side of the calf from the just above the ankle bone - quite painfull to touch - answers on a post card please (any cards with the words rest it will be thrown away)

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    sounds like ankle ligaments grendel? could be a whole variety of things. hills, speedwork, old injury, new shoes? or it could be your achilles not being 100% putting pressure elsewhere as your body adjusts tocope with the original problem? go easy for a couple of days, ice and stretch if possible. Above all, listen to your body. 

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    thinking about it my ligaments didnt like the support shoes i tried a coupke of years ago. Seem to remember you mentioning wearing your old support shoes recently? just a thought.

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    It was a combination of new shoes and a speed work on Wednesday JR - have gone back to my old ones and have discovered if I scurry (or run really slowly) along there is no impact and no pain - I can actually put my finger on the pain so won't stretch but will continue to ice it.   (I did read a comment on FB about the healing properties of Vicks Vapour Rub so I tried that last night and that didn't work!!!) I think it is ligament.

    I have put padding in the heels of the new ones as I think they have a lower profile than my old ones -  

  • Hey guys I will catch up properly later.

    Welcome to all the new folks!! image

    Grendel - Attack it with a rolling pin! it just sounds like a tight muscle just from over use. Massage it with the pin and just hot and cold treatment it....notice I didn't use the "R" word! image

    Well Ive had a nice week off with the exception of a small run in France so I'm looking forward to some running tonight!

    Catch up soon!

    2013 - 340.19

    Milo miles - 96.58

  • Hi to everyone and sorry for absence...

    Ran 4 Friday, an easy 3 on Saturday and crawled through 7 on Sunday - really struggled in the wind and rain, no livestock. 9.30mm just low on gas. 

    Just felt so flat after Friday..

    27m for the week - my last non running day was last Monday, running tonight and resting tomorrow.

    Weight still coming down 1 lb short of a stone for the month..

    How many runs a week do you do?

    Kick myself as I still can't get the rest and recovery bit into my head!!!

    June - 67

    2013 - 67

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    You can't expect to run well everyday, there are going to be some good ones and some bad ones. I guess you need to listen to your body and have a rest day at least once a week -

  • hey DB9 - my "schedule" has been all over the place for a while due to the ultra stuff but I try and run 3 to 4 times a week depending on the miles I'm doing.

    The main thing I do is listen to my body, if I'm tired, I rest! I good thing to do regardless of how crazy your plan is is to have a cut back week every third week. so week 1 build up, week 2 push the miles up, week 3 go far or fast, week 4 cut back....start again image

    The miles is your choice really depending on the race you are going for.

    At the moment I am on a 3 week cut back...well to be fair I'm not really cutting back from much after the NDW50! ha ha ha

  • Thanks post a great deal of common sense / experienced sage stuff which fails to get through my ears!!  Anyway..a different day..

    Ran this evening and felt ok again..8.52, 8.31, 9.17, 9.05, 8.47, 8.51 and 9.13 for an av of 8.57 on the same run as yesterday - nearly five minutes quicker!  Pleased with the overnight progress and looking forward to a rest tomorrow and maybe another 7 on Wednesday.

    Will plan the cut back week the week of my next 10K...does that make sense for three weeks time?

     June - 74

  • DB9 - Well we have all be running for a while now and sharing ideas on here as well  ! I still feel that I personally have a lot to learn but I have picked up a lot along the way. I'm just glad that I can pass some on. image 

    With that in mind...... If you want to get the most out of your race then make it a 2 week taper. That way you will be nice and fresh and chomping at the bit on race day!

    6.2 miles for me last night, legs felt a little stiff so I just took it easy....

    2013 - 346.39

    Milo miles - 102.78

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    Thats good running DB9 well done

    I thought of you B2B - there is a new thread here where someone said that he ran his first 100 miles the other week and his legs still feel trashed!!!!

    Oh well 6.93 miles done this morning - more than I meant but is miscalculated!!! the rest of the morning was a bit of a rush after that!!!

  • yeah it took me a little while to get over my 50, I guess its because you are going well over the 10% rule in one hit ha ha ha! For me it was more like the 50% rule! image Taking on a 100 most people will only train up to 30 miles in one run so on race day you can only imagine what your body is thinking! 

    Got a bit carried away did we Grendel? image

  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    As always!!!image

  • Hi everybody,



    My name is kev, I’m almost 50 now (November) and looking to lose weight and keep fit, I do regular walks for 2 mile in the evenings with the dog and sometimes 8 to 10 milers with the wife up & down the dales weather permitted at weekends.



    I am 5ft 8 and have recently let myself go a bit due to over eating and beer,




     currently weigh in at 13st 12lbs, I would like to get to around 11.5 stone and hold at that if possible.



    After visiting my local up and running shop in Nottingham last year and getting myself some proper footwear, I managed to build myself up to 4 mile nonstop over a few months but kept getting tender shins if I touched them, but they didn’t hurt whilst running or walking, I did ice them after every run but they didn’t seem to heal before the next run so not sure what was going on or what to do about it I packed up running.




    Now after finding and joining this forum I’m looking to start up again as soon as I have been to the shop for some more trainers, I would welcome any advice or criticism you guys could give me.





  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    Hi Kev!!! thought I would direct you over here. we are all in similar situations to you, and are at various stages of starting again from the beginning - you sound a bit like I was 2.5 years ago - weighed something similar - and just by buidling up gradually I lost a lot of the weight (still a bit to go but am around the 11.5 stone mark) and am loving being out each day fighting the british weather - I think we have all got some inspiration and support from this thread do feel free to join us. post as often or as little as you like -

    I suppose if I give any advice (and to be honest I am not best placed to do so), it would be to build up gradually.

  • Hi Kev - yep ditto above...I'm 1lb short of a stone lost since joining the thread about 4 weeks ago - so 13.2 and hope to get back to a decent weight...down to 12 is the next target.  Build up gradually and get out regardless of the weather.

    One piece of advice I have found from the thread in my second spell of running is that whatever problems you may experience there will always be someone that has gone through the same things so always worth asking around.

    But like Grendel says build up gradually - that's really important.


  • Welcome Back B2B hope France was a good rest for you now for a little matter of 50 miles !!

    Kev - welcome aboard. As Grendel says get some good inspiration here - I used to run quite a bit but had given up around 2006 time - tried various comebacks but always ended up giving up but since posting on here have stuck with it, great bunch of people. Before you know it you will be doing an Ultra !!

    DB9 that's some weight loss !!

    Grendel - hope the ankles feeling easier

    No run for me since Saturday - disappointed not to get out last night but will be out later. I am very tentativly thinking of  my local half in Aug after being buoyed by my Sat run. Would just use it as a training run as in no shape to race the thing but would love to just go to run with others. Am looking at website to make sure I wont be last !! Probably wont do it but am tempted !!

    Keep on keeping on folksimage

  • Hey Kev! Welcome and well done for getting back on the horse! image

    Take your time and have fun! Regarding the shins it sounds like a technique issue to me. Shin pain can be caused in many ways but the two main ones are either running too hard on your heals or leaning a little to far forward. Try slowing down a little and work out which one you are more prone to doing and then let us know and we can try and help! image

  • 3:30 well my next one is actually 62! image But whats and extra half marathon between friends eh? image

  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    Get that half marathon entry in 3:30 it will focus the mind - my marathon is only 11 months away now - and am only up to 14!!! image

  • Grendel that's more than enough already! You are gonna smash that marathon, with 11 months left you will be ready for an ultra let alone a marathon!

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