Starting again from the beginning!



  • ha ha ha Grendel brilliant! Normally I ignore it and run anyway but last night was really bad! I shall attempt something again tonight.....

    well done DB9 great time!

    Well done 3:30 see its all in the mind! On your next long run I have a challenge for you ...turn on the device you are using to measure your distance then put it away or put some tape over the screen so you have no idea how far you are going. Now just run till you don't want to run anymore it doesn't matter how fast! Once you hit this point, remove the tape and see how far you run another mile! image Tough on the mind and great training!

  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    And then turn round and run home again!!!

  • Lol !!

    Unfortunatly I have to measure distance on a map off internet

    Last week I turned round because worried about time I had been out as normalyl only out for hour and half tops !! and I don't carry my mobile. Think I could have done another couple of miles

  • yeah getting enough time is a bit of a problem! With the long runs you really need to be doing nothing else! I think that's just another reason why I run after work and not in the morning!

  • Nice little 5k stretch for me tonight. I had intended on doing a 5 mile but halfway up the road I decided to turn off and go exploring in the woods!

    Had great fun and didn't really care that I did 2 miles less than planned! Legs feel great and I'm now tucking into a mega coffee!

    Butter, coconut oil, Manuka honey with beans grown on Machu Picchu!


    2013 - 349.49

    Milo miles - 105.88

  • Well done everyone on your running!!

    Not run since Sunday image, had a cold the last couple of days and just felt like I didn't have the energy. Rested so I could recover quicker.

    Tonight was swim night so hopefully I can get a run in tomorrow.

    I definitely struggle mentally with runs. Somedays I can just keep going and really push myself, and other days my brain just gives up and then I cant be bothered to go as far as I originally hoped. I read an article in this months RW magazine about creating a motivational board and to keep visualising it when running to get to your goal! I might try it!??

  • Interesting reading back through about motivation and running being in the head.

    Tired after last night and being the taxi so thought during the day Id manage a 4 but then kept going to log 6 for the night.  Slower than yesterday but intentionally so....did shuffle an 8.11 mile 2 when I opened the legs up a bit but finished the 6 for


    Get well soon Lisa

  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    Lisa I often feel like that which is why I often compromise - if I originally plan 6 I'll agree that 3 is easy - but I run out 3 miles then have to do the return trip. The hard part is often actually getting out the door.

  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    Oh well car went through its MOT first time - good news - in the meantime I ran 15.10 miles, slowly, but done comfortable no, tired yes - but 15 crossed off - that is all now - I just need to keep plugging away - until 15 is comfortable.

  • well done Grendel! It takes a long time for 15 to feel comfy! Try hitting 10`s and 13`s a little more often then take a cut back week and try another 15. That's pretty much how I got to my first 20. Still wouldn't say it was comfy but I was doing it after work.

    I'm having my doubts again as its taper time! I know its what works for me but it gives me to much time to think about weather I have done enough training! ha ha ha!

    Actually I shall edit that.....we all know I haven't done enough training but I do like a chance to blag! image

  • Well done on that 15 !!

    B2B - good luck with it all

  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    I know you are correct - B2B and looking at this week, since Sunday it has pretty much been 14, 4, 6, 6, 6, 15 = 51 not bad over 6 days and will run tomorrow too. Since I got back from collecting car I have bathed eaten and slept - must have been out for the count for around 2 hours!!! - got to collect junior Grendel from minibus in an hour - so woke up on time. Not a bad way to spend a day off!!!!

    Trouble is what I have in mind and why I want to be comfortable over 15 by Christmas is 'back in the day' 15 was comfortable - in fact 20 was comfortable and the 15 was the easy week - so we used to alternate 15s and 20s pretty much throughout the year - an d I suppose that is what I am trying to do now - Sunday, because I am going fishing, will be a rest day - I have tried to find a year schedule for the marathon with no success - but for the time being I will carry on running what I am doing with half an eye on January 1st when I can really focus -  Does any of that make sense or is it crap?

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone, welcome to all the newbies. Have another hectic weekend ahead with my eldest boys birthday and a garden sleepover to look forward to. Couldn't muster the energy for an early run today but finished work early so just got back from a 5 miler.

    I set out with the intention of setting a nice steady pace from the off, but to add a bit of a challenge went around the lanes the opposite way I usually go which makes the two worst hills up instead of down.

    I quickly got into a decent rhythm, tapping the bezel on my garmin so I couldn't see my pace and headed to the hills. The opening mile is nice and easy with a couple of short downhills to get you going. I kept my arms low to try and run efficiently and I knew from previous runs that from the start I had 1.7 miles of easy running before the first challenge. As I finished the warm up stretch of my run I rounded the bend and set off towards the first incline. A nice steady incline, arms gently helping forward motion and all is going well.

    As I ran past various farms and outbuildings my mind started to wander, but not for long, the first test was just ahead. This hill had my arms pumping to the extent that my thumbs were up level with my shoulders on every stride, my breathing became very workman like, but still controlled and I tried to keep an even effort and forget about the lack of pace. By the summit I had almost slowed to a walk but was pleasantly surprised that Hamburger Hill (as it will now be known) had been seen off with little problem. I eased back up to my previous pace and gave myself a quick m.o.t. (sorry Grendel). Breathing, fine. Right shoulder, fine. Hip flexors, fine. Left knee, great. Achilles, maybe a little ache but that was a pretty steep hill. I switched to the other side of the road to even things out and readied myself for hill number two.

    This next hill, the worst by quite some distance, was further away than I remembered so I tried to relax before I got there. As I continued I ran past another farm, and this time an old boy tendered to his garden. I don't know if it was the heat, but I had a vision of him offering me some barley water, me knocking my run on the head and the pair of us sitting in his garden having a chat.

    Anyway, before I knew it Quarter Pounder Hill (at this stage that's the best I could do) was fast approaching. Two small declines made the farm at the top of the hill seem much higher and I questioned why I was doing this at all. Why didn't I just have an easy run? Easy? Nobody said it would be "F***ing easy!". The last two words came out loud for some reason, but it was the push I needed to spur me up the first stage of the hill. It levelled out before stage two and again before the third, and worst stage nearly brought me to my knees. The pace for this mile upped to 9:39 from the previous 8:48. The hill finally defeated, I realised it was all plain sailing from here on in. All I had to do was keep going and I even had the pleasure of a 1/2 mile downhill stretch around the corner.

    As I left the hills and joined the canal the ground levelled out and I waited for the legs to deaden a bit and that heavy feeling to hit my quads, but it never arrived. I'm not saying I didn't have to push through that last mile and keep myself going but in my head I knew I had already finished. My body was in far too good a shape to stop and if I really had to I reckon there was another mile in there somewhere.

    I left the canal, crossed Crown Hill bridge and ran down the final stretch to the finish line. For the first time in almost 45 minutes, I tapped the bezel to check the distance knowing I would be needing a few more yards to complete 5 miles. 4.81 miles done, more than I imagined and the final push took me to the tape.


  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    Nice run and good write up JR.

  • I feel like I was on the run with you JR...

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Thanks Grendel and DB9. A 200 mile month coming up Grendel!?!?!

    An error caused my post to end early, probably thought I was posting spam. Here's the rest...

    As I hit stop I quickly came to a halt, hands on knees for a second and started the short walk home. Very pleased and as B2B says, the mind keeps you going. There were a couple of occasions when I could have bailed but I though if B2B can look that good after 50 miles who the hell am I to stop short of 5! And if Grendel will go to the trouble of celotaping a capri sun to himself then I really better not stop!

    Anyway, the time.....43.59.....just 5 seconds off my pb, and that was along the flat canal tow path so I reckon a pb attempt is in order, maybe next week?

    Km splits...8.35,8.45,8.48,9.39,8.55,9.13,8.18,8.14 and a 7.54 final 150 yards.

    Next weeks Charmouth Challenge is now very doubtful for me. It collides with a fund raiser for my youth football club but I am going to try to squeeze in my local park run in the morning instead and then do the fund raiser.

    June - 60.39

    2013 – 256.11


  • Grendel - maybe you should look at an ultra training plan and edit it for the marathon? You are putting the miles in.

    Well done JR! Great running! image

  • Hello all!

    crikey JR, your post was nearly as epic as your run! image Good work on the hills..

    15.  I've never run 15.  Well done Grendel.  Also, cheers for top tip. Pester power resulted in me buying bumper pack off Capri-sun, only to be to be told 'don't like it'. Soooo, ice-packs ahoy.

    wish could shuffle an 8m mile DB9 image

    managed a steady 4.3m today, turned the other 'good' ankle.  Hurt like hell for about 30 secs then realised I could still run on it.  Feels fine now, still, good to even things up eh?!

    have a great wkd all, Lisa, hope you're feeling better


  • Ok guys im all set now with my NEW trainers (ADDIDAS SALVATION) including moulded inserts set me back £135 though.

    Just need to pick the best time & day to start running now,unfortunately im at work today.

  • Some really brilliant stuff above will post properly soon but aim to be on the road by 8 so speak soon

  • Thanks for the well wishing, all better now!! A quick 3.7m this morning..not got time for anything to (hopefully) buy some new running trainers image and then off to support hubby play cricket (Saturday is his sport day, Sunday is mine image)

    Have a great running weekend everyone!!

  • Grendel - I think what you suggest sounds a good idea. I am the same I am going to stick with what I have distance wise until xmas trying to improve the quality of my 12 miles runs. But I need to increase the number of mid week runs next week as I only done two 5 miles midweek and one of them was yesterday

    JR - Some write up - you should start a blog !!image

    Gammi - Think Grendel has started a trend ! Sales of Capri sun will be soaring !

    Kev - hope those insoles are removable !!

    Lisa - Longer run tomorrow ?

    12 for me today in 2:02:17, and just worked it out - perfect even pacing !! just wish that pacing was a bit fasterimage

    But this is something I have learnt on this forum. Previously I ran all races and training sessions with a much faster first half but even pacing does work - something I had been frightened to try for years

    June - 92.88 (that me finished for June rest tomorrow)

    2013 - 207.16

  • Yes thay are, lady in the shop says they will last for two pairs of running shoes. 

  • I have new trainers! New Balance, and Kev I got moulded inserts too! Cant wait to test them out tomorrow!!image

  • Hi lisa,

    They should be better compare to the original. 

    I got mine from the sweatshop in Nottingham.

    the last place I got trainers from called up and running also in Nottingham didn't do moulded inserts.

    Let me know how you get on sweetie. 

  • I got mine from the Sweatshop in Bluewater. She compared my gait before and after and the moulds made a big difference to my foot posture.

    Well..i went for a run this morning with my new trainers, and it felt like I was running in slippers? Really comfy. Probably because these are wider so more accommodating on my foot. As for the moulded inserts, I guess they must be doing something right as my legs felt great and injury free for the whole run. I did struggle with the heat today though, I just wilted! But despite being slower, I did manage to run 7.2 miles which i'm really pleased with as I managed to keep to my original planned distance! image Woohoo!

    Can anyone recommend a good sports drink to try? I have only ever had water in my bottle before but feel now i'm up-ing the distance that I need to replenish my sugars and salts?

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Right, here we go. Cutting it a bit fine today to squeeze my run in. My 9 year old boy had a birthday sleepover last night in the early run for me and at first glance in the mirror this morning I looked like i'd just got in from a night on the tiles. 11am arrived, all the children were picked up and I should have been going for my run. I found myself sat on my sun lounger with a huge mug of tea pretty quickly and the run was temporarily postponed. Two bacon rolls and a banana later, lots more liquids and off I went in search of double figures.

    1 hour 46 minutes later I clocked my 10 mile run, passed my original 70 mile target for the month (despite having a full week off) and have to say I feel pretty good. Ached a bit over the last two miles so resisted the usual pace increase at the end and just kept it nice and slow. Fish and chips for tea!

    June - 70.40

    2013 – 266.12

  • Hello all,

    3m for me today.  The long run was shelved as I spent the day zooming round Somerset to catch Mr Neez and my brother, to cheer them on, on a 100k bike ride.  

    Hats off to you JR, sleepovers are brave!  Neez junior also had a party yesterday but it involved pottery painting.....never paid for a 'done' party like that before but have to admit, stress levels were low.

    Lisa Kev, hope shoes work out.  Wouldn't mind a proper Sweatshop near me, the one here is a Nike one.

    well done on your 12, 3:30... Hope you're not still needing the Capri suns Grendel

    happy running


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