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  • Good luck B2B!  as its likely to be hot, be careful with your drinks won't you... Just read about that ultra runner who miscalculated her salt tablets.  Ok, mumsy comments over, have a great race.

    3:30, Grendel, I need to sort out a water carrier too.  On weds, I was only out for an hour but it was soo hot and I didn't have water with me.  I found myself checking out houses as I went past, wondering if people would be upset to find a strange Lycra clad woman with her head under their garden tap.

    people coming round for dinner, going to try to minimise wine intake so that I can go out tomorrow morning early..... And now I've out it on the thread soooo

    happy, sunny running people

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  • Good luck B2B

  • Damn you prosceccio!image

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Lol at the toothless holiday maker Grendel. Training looks to be going well? I think most of us on here are pretty good at preaching good practice, but when it comes to listening to our own advice we choose to ignore those niggles. However, I think only you really know when you should or shouldn’t run. There will always be a little bit of pain involved somewhere along the line. I think someone is underestimating themselves with sub 4:41!!!

    B2B, spot on again. Run relaxed, the pace will take care of itself. Will be keeping tabs on you once I’ve finished this post.

    Hope it works out for you Kevin, but please don’t despair. You will get there in the end. As for custom insoles, they are FREE on the NHS. Takes a little longer to sort out originally but I get a replacement pair each year. I have had physio from multiple marathon runners and people who have worked in the armed forces sorting out troops who walk and run 30 odd miles a day. I have been given advice from all corners of the earth on the fantastic NHS. I got myself referred to a physio, and then the mobility centre in Exeter where they took casts of my feet. I had measurements taken from my hips and my feet and they gave me small slips to stand on to balance out my poor biomechanics. My problems stem from lots of football injuries over the years. My football days are over as the twisting and turning is too much for my knee and ankle but running in a straight line, as long as I listen to my body and stretch or rest when needed, is being achieved thus far. I did have to push and ask and doctors aren’t interested from my experience but if they’ll spend money on me to quit smoking, or spend money on the overweight, alcoholics, drug addicts etc then they can bloody well help me run! It’ll save them money in the long run (no pun intended) as I quit smoking about 5+ years ago and I’m 3 stone lighter than I was.

    Gammineez, always best to post it here first, puts a little pressure on getting out the door. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take into account the effects of alcohol lol

    Nice easy 5 miles this morning, took into account the weather and decided I would have a 1 minute walk after each mile. Somehow, despite the easy pace, the hilly route and the walk breaks the 5 miles still took less than 50 minutes. 49:48 to be precise, not bad for an easy effort. May, or may not get out tomorrow as we have a football tournament all day so depends what time I get up.

    July - 29.72

    2013 – 295.84

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Just clocked your 12 miles on the challenge thread 330..... image

  • No wine for me last night but a bag of jelly beans just before bed put paid to my idea of a longer run this morning, just after midnight they decide to come back up - managed to keep them down but felt cr*p this morning - so 6.7 miles runner later than I wanted so will do it tomorrow - inspired no doubt by B2B efforts today - his tweets suggest it is hot!!! at least there is no time he has to finish by - perhaps as it cools down he can pick up the pace a bit.

    Finally - 9.91 for a British sprinter - wow. Off to see Despicable Me 2 now

  • It didn't seem to move the average up much !!

    Was very slow closed to 11 mins than 10 but went out at 8 and it was already hot - didnt want to get caught out so took it really easy

    Took a drink with me for first time this year and glad I did. So am OK distance wise for my half in March just need to get faster !!

    Thinking of B2B who must be having a hard time of it - last tweet I saw he was at aid station 3

    Well done on your run and its good to see everyone out in this weather


  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    B2B half way half an hour ago.... gonna be a late one. Hope it cools down a bit for him

  • Seems to be going well - hopefully now cooling off - the temptation must have been to stop at half way - I admire what he is doing big time - I couldn't do it though.

  • B2B finished - not sure any details but he finished - we can all sit back now and wait for what is sure to be an entertaining and informative blog!!

    Me 4 times 4 mile laps, out at 5 average around 10 - 10;15 mm with an 8:47 to finish off - very warm, put a drink in the garden which went after a lap!! Decided to experiment with laps today - quite hard but taking B2B as an inspiration pushed on, well ahead of the game now, have decided to make admin Liz my target for the monthly challenge - May mange it if she doesn't throw in anymore ultras!!!

  • Was first thing I done this AM was to check his blog and twitter ! what an effort total respect - I hope he got a very large medal !!

    The sense of achievement must be enormous, as you say Grendel I await the blog with intrest ! 

  • Gammi

    I have got Hilly belt water carrier   the wee bottle sits it a holder at the small of the back, its surprisingly comfortable. Only problem is the bottle in its belt holder is angled to the right ... which is OK for me maybe a problem for a left handed person ? Bottle holds 500ml

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    I think B2B deserves one huge ice bath! Think I would need a day or two off work after something like that too....maybe a week! For some strange reason this ultra stuff is very tempting.....maybe one day

  • JR - I agree with you on both fronts !!


  • I don't agree Just Run, I don't have the mental capacity for such a feat!!!

    Doing laps yesterday allowed me to put a drink in the front garden - trouble was 500ml of Tesco's 55p electrolyte drink only lasted one lap - I think what I amy do in future lap runs is to put a larger bottle of wather and some paper cups - that way I can stop fill up and then run tith the paper cup - getting used to taking water on board on the move too -

    4 miles done this morning byw - felt very tired after yesterdays efforts - the good thing is that I don't have any reaction on the calf/ankle.

  • Hey guys and girls! Thank you all for your concerns and interest it means a lot! Just a little post today and I will catch up tomorrow on the pc.

    So as you all know, 100k done!  Had to walk most of it as it was just too hot to do anything else. Was running and walking with a small bunch and it was really good to push each other on. Tough day, rough terrain but got through with 2 blisters and slightly bruised feet. 

    Spent longer than I though in aid stations trying not to give in. Longest was at half way. 30 minutes there thinking about another 8 hour walk nearly did me in. 

    Pushed on and got it done in 21.49 something. Crossed the line in a row of four shoulder to shoulder. Brilliant ending to a tough day. 

    Got today off  resting and eating.

    Catch up soon and thanks again folks! 

    Cardiosaurus out! 

  • Well done b2b, hats of to yaimage

    for me WK3-R1 completedimage

  • Well done B2B!

    Well in comparison..just a little 5 miles for me today!! Didn't go for my long run yesterday as I wanted one more day for my knees to rest before I ran again, and the urge got the better of me to go out today, and only a few niggles so hopefully getting better image. The heat didn't beat me either as my pace was only slightly slower than normal, still 8min40 sec miles (average).

  • Well done Kevin good to see you are still getting along nicely.

    Slower than normal Lisa!!! sounds pretty good average.

  • Thanks Grendel! Just booked another half for my preparation for Brighton, Hastings half. I did it in 2007 and loved it and have always wanted to do it again. Plus it's got a milestone birthday next year as have I three days later image

  • Looks like we all have our personal goals set for next year Lisa.

    6 miles done this morning, still felt a bit flat after the weekends 'longer' run but moving along nicely anyway - fartlek tomorrow - hope I enjoy it as much as lasy week!!!


  • hey peeps! glad to see you all going well!

    I feel pretty good, got a couple of numb toes and only 1 blister to write home about.

    Legs feel great, stairs no problem just the bottoms of the feet that are a little tender.

    Out with Mummysaurus tonight for a 3 or 4 mile recovery walk/run.

    2013 - 420.69

    milo - 176.08

  • b2b,

    How long has Mummysaurus been running now?

  • just 3 weeks and tonight we got 5k done in 59.45! So proud! She has knocked off 11 minutes from the first time we went out and has gone from 30 second run 5-10 minute walk to 1 minute run 2-5 minute walk! Its going really well and we are both really enjoying it too! image

    I have no guilt claiming my miles today, strong walking and short running is training!

    Well done Mummysaurus! (pretty sure she is reading along with us but not saying anything yetimage )

    2013 - 423.79

    milo - 179.18

  • Yep well done to her, is she running in sandals as well??

  • ha ha not yet! image she has some though! Vivo barefoot at the moment looking for something with a little more squish image image

  • Well done Mummysaurus, and just what you needed B2B - a nice easy walk/jog to get the legs going.

    Weather seemed warmer today - did 6.53 miles, 1 mile warm up and 5 miles fartlek, alternating 1 minute fast 1 minute slow, 2 minutes fast 1 minute slow - no idea how many faster sections I did but that is the idea of fartlek - ran as I felt and finished off with a half mile fast then an easy 5 mile warm down. Sweated like a pig afterwards!! never mind. The sea has never looked so tempting!!!

  • Well done Mummysaurus - she'll be doing the Race to the Stones with you next year!!

    6.53 done this morning - a mile warm up followed by either 1or 2 minutes fast off 1 minute slow/steady followed by a half mile fast then half mile warm down.

    2013 -  1000.18 miles  1000 done!!!  image

  • Back2basics wrote (see)

    ha ha not yet! image she has some though! Vivo barefoot at the moment looking for something with a little more squish image image

    I have been looking at them myself, aparently thet are great for pose running, ask her about the sizing for me would you pleaseimage

    WK3-R2 completedimage

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