Starting again from the beginning!



  • Grendel - I wont be doing rtts with that organiser again waaaaaaay to expensive! Might rope her into one one day! image 1000 already! Way to go dude thats amazing!

    Kev - yeah the vivo are great, would suggest trying a whole bunch on as the different styles are slightly different in sizes. The toe boxes in the vivo are pretty wide so thats a good start! image

  • Hello all!

    sounds like some good stuffs been going on.  Well done mummysaurus, I'd love my mum to start running....

    ive got some vivos Kev.  I like them (don't expect much squish though!). Best to try some on I'd say.  I've got together breatho trail shoes.  Have had to rest them for a bit though as I went a bit OTT in them.  Going to start again soon though.  Havee even walking around all summer in my xeros so hope that will help.


    managed a 3.8m in the hot yesterday with two whopper hills so pleased with that.


    happy running all

  • Evening all

    B2B - Good to see your mum getting out and about with you, bet you make a good coach as well !!

    Grendel 1000 miles for the year already is brilliant - when I was doing a lot of races and Marathons only ever peaked at 1280 for year - again showing I never really put the miles in !!

    Lisa - I have done the Brighton half a couple of times and loved it

    Gammi - well done on getting out in the heat

    I have only been out once since Saturday - yesterday PM and it was much cooler here. Done my usual 5 in a PB for the course and 90 secs a mile quicker than previous week when it was really hot.

    However falling behind my month target now and must start to get out more.

  • 330 - I used to do around 3500 per year as I averaged 70 miles per week - can't quite believe that now as I struggle to do 40!!!! - 107 was my highest ever week in the lead up to my worst ever marathon!!!

    Well done on getting out - the rest obvioulsy did you good to know 90 seconds a mile off is some running.

    For me - a nice steady 6 after yesterdays fartlek the sun was hidden behind a fog bank so wasn't as warm as of late - so a happy day for running.

  • wow my best so far is 650 from last year! Well I guess I have only been doing this properly for nearly 2 so onwards and upwards! Would be really happy just to get over that this year....easily pleased! image

    330 - well im kinda of using my mum as a bit of a guinea pig on the training front to see if I would like to become a coach image

    Grendel - I wonder if that had anything to do with it or weather you were just unlucky that time? I suppose the elites clock that up so just luck?

  • Go for it B2B - you can become the thread Coach !!

    Grendel - the miles I done last week were really slow as it was just so hot but this Tuesday was so much cooler I went for it as I was getting worried about my pace so was pleased with the effort. I actually got up to 70 miles one week but that was my highest ever. Ever since I have been running I have targetd 1300 a year for some reason, never managed it !! 

    Maybe next year if this enthusiasm keeps up !!

  • B2B - it was overtraining big time - it took me about 6 months to recover - (didn't stop me running though)

  • 3:30 I am training for Brighton Marathon, contemplated booking Brighton half but figured it would be part of the same course, and I've done Hastings before and loved it so thought i'd book that as part of my training.

    Ran Monday and Tuesday, rest day yesterday (plus busy anyway), was going to run tonight but I just feel so knackered. Been out in the sun all day today (work in a school and it was sports day) so may have to hold off until tomorrow as I feel it would be unproductive to force myself out tonight?image

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone, will have a proper catch up soon but got some miles to log....

    Tuesday - easy 5 miles along canal

    Thursday evening - planned easy 5 miles turned into a brutal 2 1/2 hour training session at football covering 9.2 miles in the process. I am pooped.

    Easy 5 planned for tomorrow...

    July - 43.92

    2013 – 310.04

  • Didn't run today - too hot, wasn't going out in that, so, so far this week have one 5 miles run in - terrible. Will be out tomorrow


  • Hey folks! Had a nice 5k last night, everything working well the only exception being an itchy blister! image ho hum could be worse!!

    Not heard anything yet for the 24 hour self transcendence so dont think I got in. Looking at maybe doing the Thames Trot 50 in feb but it has an 11 hour cut off. Will need to get my skates on and get quicker!

    I have posted my Race to the Stones report on my blog if you guys want a read

    2013 - 426.89

    milo - 182.28

  • Read it B2B!! a good read

    5 miles run this morning - quite happliy plodding along - Long run planned for Sunday may be up to 15 - see how I feel -

    Happy days image

  • Thanks Grendel! oooo good luck for sunday! 

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    The rest wont do you any harm Lisa. 

    330, i am also out today, actually not worried about the heat now as ive cone through a coupke of tough runs in it and despite thinking it would wipe me out have actually recovered very quickly. Feelibg much better this morning than i thought i would and although i know it will be hard i'm no longer scared! 


  • WK3-R3 completedimage

    Ran this one forefoot style in my "OLD" mizumo neutrel shoes,

    After the initial 5 min brisk walk the first 1.5 min run went wellimage so me being me (stupid) i rampt up the speed a little for the 1st of the two 3 min runs, but started flagging in the last 45 seconds, so i slowed the pace down for all the other runs and all went very well.

    NO knee problems or shin problems (amazing).

    Off to sweatshop tomorrow to change my footware to some more lightweight neutrel ones and get my money back for the moulded insols.

    Who knows b2b, i too might be in luna sandals before long Lol

    P.S is everyons spell checker working or is it just mine???

  • kev - ha ha ha im waiting for the pictures of you in your first pair! My spell check isnt you will all see how bad my spelling actually is ha ha ha!

    Well done for giving it a go Kev!

    Grendel - just read your comment on my blog....deeply touched and very unlike me, I have no other words but, thank you! imageimage

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Kev's spellcheck definitely isn't working! Are Mizumo a new brand Kev?image

    Tough 5 in the heat after work. Could easily have stayed at home so quite pleased I got my arse out there.

    July - 48.83

    2013 – 314.95

  • image    (just learnt to do that)

  • Grendel - What was the marathon you are doing again? was it the kent roadrunner in may next year?

  • Just Run wrote see)

    Kev's spellcheck definitely isn't working! Are Mizumo a new brand Kev?image

    Tough 5 in the heat after work. Could easily have stayed at home so quite pleased I got my arse out there.

    July - 48.83

    2013 – 314.95


    l, yes mate mizuno with go faster stripes on themimage

  • Lol Kevin!

    Well done everyone on their recent runs!! 

    It was definitely worth having a rest yesterday, ran 4.8miles tonight, felt like a good run considering i'd been down the pub drinking a few pints beforehand (celebratory drink as its the end of term..(I work in a school))!! imageimage

    My midweek runs are gradually increasing, and i'm running for longer without stopping too so really pleased with my progress! image

  • Rant time - I couldn't go out again today due to the heat, I have been doing well building the miles. This weather has killed all that. I have done one 5 miles this week and probably blown my months target now


  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Well done Lisa, a few pints before your run? Wonder what the isotonic brigade would make of that!

    330, don't despair, how about running 30 seconds per mile slower to cope with the heat? Or even getting up at silly o'clock or running later in the evening?



  • JR - I was running slower last week and that was fine but this week its been so hot - today went out in the car at 6.30 and temp was 33 !!

    Out tomorrow at 7.30 hopefully and yes will be taking your advice and slowing it down or going out later. I cant afford to slack next week - just got a bit fed up earlier as my mileage was 98 last month and was building to a 100 this month which was unthinkable just 2 months ago. Its still possible but will be close

  • Its 7:30 in downtown Helensburgh

    A slight chill in the air before the cloud is burnt away and we get mad weather again

    Having a cup of tea and toast and out at around 7:45.Drink in fridge, half and half fresh orange and water with a pinch of salt. Same make up basically as the expensive sugar filled rubbish.

     Same route as last week as theres not many routes to go around here without a garmin to measure. Still nice route along sea front then through country nice countryside with lovely views accompanied by cows and sheep. A far cry from the mean streets of Hayes and car fumes and abuse from the local yobs

    I am going out and I maybe a long time ..... as someone once said

  • hey peeps im starting again agian from the beginning! image

    1 mile barefoot walk, half mile barefoot run. Its a lot harder than sandals and I can already see why I have calluses where I do. Tweaking the form and working on doing a barefoot 5k! image

    Mummysaurus wants to start doing park runs soon so I might use that as my barefoot training as she will be slow to begin with. Half in sandals, half barefoot and make my way up! image 

    Happy feet!

    2013 - 428.39

    milo - 182.28 (didnt take milo today so no change)

  • oooo forgot to add!!! Ive signed up for the Thames Trot 50 in Feb! 11 hour cut off, so its forcing me to get a little quicker. Good training for my sub 24 hour 100 mile buckle! image (ultimate goal!)


  • Love the video B2B.

    With your dedication and effort I am sure you will get there. Apart from the nutty running around a track for 24 hours are there any other races off 100 miles you are looking at considering for the future ?

  • Right am back - started off the run OK nothing startling - turned round not feeling to bad. Hit a bad patch for some reason around 7 miles, think I had stopped thinking about good form my breathing was all wrong as was my stride pattern so pulled myself together gave myself a talking to and go t on with it

    Soon felt better and with about 2 miles to go felt I could get under 2 hours ! so turned corner for last mile and a tad got the head down and finished in 1:57:46 knocking a whopping 13 mins off last week and a PB for course

    However, one note to self DO NOT take fresh orange even if watered down next week plays havoc with the bowels !! (and no I didn't do a Paula !)

  • JR/Grendel/B2B

    I know you guys log miles to the RW/Fetchie challenge - I cant see the forum discussion thread - has it been moved? was in "General"

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