Starting again from the beginning!



  • Thanks for the support! 330 what a great idea! image

    Have fun at the Eden project Gammineez, its nice there. You live in Cornwall or are you on holiday?

    I haven't run since my 7 very hot miles on Thursday. Feels like ages ago already but hubby went to watch the cricket at the Oval yesterday so no childcare or Friday run for me. Hoping to do 9miles tomorrow, no matter how long it takes. Fingers crossed.

  • 12.88 for me today

    I normally got out around 8am but today was out at midday

    Way to hot and I struggled last 2 miles. Took Grendels advice and took the Tesco energy drink - Raspberry flavour - not the best wonder if they do any other flavours ?

  • Decided after another bad night, to get up and go. The problem with Anadin extra is you can take them every 4 hours, the effects last 3!!!  I don't know why toothache is worse at night but there you go. Up and out at 4:26, noticeably dark now at that time - 15 miles run, comfortable NO!!! a real real struggle - probably suffering from a lack of calories from not eating enough over the last two days and dehydration from not enough fluids yesterday - need to sort that out - felt cr*p when I finished - Still a runs a run and all done - still 10 months to marathon so plenty of time to get the miles in - happy Days.

    I did warn you 3:30 it tastes like sh*t - didn't take it with me today either -  but drunk it when I got home -

    B2B will advise you on the fore foot running - but I imagine it is a case of your muscles adapting to the new style -

  • 15miles is a great distance run Grendel whether you struggled or not, so well done!

    Well I didn't quite do the 9miles, and not completed as well as I had hoped...was hoping to go out early before the heat but hubby needed a long lay in as he's on night shift tonight, so my run wasn't until 1pm! Managed 8.61miles. A good start but had to run walk the last three miles as I was having problems with my left knee today image and didn't want to push it to the point of having to rest for weeks.

    I did however put half a cherry-orange "zero highs" sports drink tablet in my drink to replenish the electrolytes and found I wasn't flagging towards the end like I normally do!

  • WK5-R1 completedimage

    concentrated on mid to forefoot with heels only just off the ground today, will see how that feels later.

    i will NOT be beat!!

  • Hey peeps! I was at the race for life yesterday with mummysaurus, my sister and aunt. They all did so well image My sister knocked 6 minutes off her 5k PB!! image

    Lisa!!!!!!!! Welcome to Ultra world and im sorry in advance ha ha ha!! image I would love to do the wall it looks so pretty! 330 I shall hold you to that! Get training buddy ha ha ha!

    Grendel - Running and toothache?! Your tougher than me!! I hate toothpain, in fact any pain in my head! Your probably right about the food and water side of it. Still a tough 15 is a good 15! image

    Kev - Gammi has it spot on for the technique, I would say you are too far up on your toes. In your head aim to land almost flat foot and you will start to land a bit more mid foot. Take your time and when you feel it not working take a walk break and try again.

    Grendel is also right about the muscules as well. It takes time as you are teaching yourself to move differently, just stick with it image

    Lisa - Run/walking is maybe something you should start adopting anyway if your long term plan is to try and ultra. Very few people run a whole ultra, most adopt a run/walk approach. Its a great idea to start even now thinking about every run in terms of body maintance. Try eating when running and finding what works for you. Read a lot about different foods and electrolytes, how often you need them etc....

    Study! Get used to carrying stuff and make friends with pain image oh and have fun! image




  • Sorry Kev bit of a cross post there! Good stuff! Give it a go for a while and see how you get on

  • Back2basics wrote (see)

    Sorry Kev bit of a cross post there! Good stuff! Give it a go for a while and see how you get on

    Will do mate, thanks to ALL for the adviceimage

  • Thanks for the advice B2B! What's the easiest energy food to start training with? I think i'm going to struggle convincing myself to eat on the go?imageimage

  • Back2basics wrote (see)


    Good luck with the 5k! Just remember to smile it makes it easier image

    Nice target for 4 months!


    Did great on my return to running with 4.5 mins off my previous PB - at 22'56 - which is phenomonally fast for me! I have been swimming and weight training as well as running and I think that helped a lot.. can't wait to race again. Also did my first Sportive yesterday with a 55k cycle.. think I will go for a triathlon soon..

    I would be interested in learning more about ultras too - it's my ambition to get just one under my belt!

    PS - I saw someone mentioning a good site and thought I'd share this one I just discovered this morning - check out the sports section:

  • hey no probs anytime! Knowlege is power and all that jazz! image

    Lisa - Its takes a little while but thats what the walk breaks are for image As far as food goes thats gonna take some time. Im still finding things. I think I prefer real food but gels are far more convenient. Try Clif bars, nice and chewy image

    For me I try and stay away from too much sugar because I get bloated after a while. GU are great gels but I can only have maybe 4 (1 an hour) before I need to find something else. Peanuts and jelly babies are great or a mixed fruit and nut bag. 

    Depending on the rate that you burn calories you need to be taking in 100 to 300ish calories an hour. Some people prefer to run on very little food myself included and thats where many use gels or take in the calories through liquid. Normally around 100 calories in one and you can have 3 or 4 an hour. 

    I have spoken to many people on food during events and everyone has their "secret weapon". I spoke to a guy who swears by ginger cake! Malt loaf is also very popular. Kendel mint cake is very popular as well but again, lots of sugar.

    It will just take a little bit of time and most likely error to work out what works best for you.

    Top tip, when trying out a new food/drink/electrolyte on your longer runs ALWAYS carry loo roll image Most of the time you will only want food/electrolytes after about 2 hours, with this in mind have a loo within half an hour after this point. Also try the new item a few times (if you had no ill effects) to make sure you werent just lucky the first time! image

  • 00Dave - wow 22.56 is a great time for 5k! My PB is 23.55 and that was on a treadmill! Well done! How did the cycle go? Thats quite some distance on the bike as well. 

    image I seem to be converting the thread to Ultras?!! Whooooooooops! image This thread would be a pretty epic read if most of us actually became ultra runners! Reading it from the beginning would be quite some story! image

    Actually this thread is pretty epic already anyway! Look how far we have all come!

  • I did the cycle in 2 hours - only got a bike a couple of weeks ago so was very happy with that and it was a lot of fun! Much better value than a runnning race too - got a jersey, water, and all you could eat - tea, coffee, sandwiches, chocolate bars, bananas, wine gums, muffins etc. - really well organised - looking forward to doing that again but am going to have to stick with focusing on the marathon!!

  • well breaking up the running with cycling is pretty good but remember it is different muscle groups. Worked that out a lot from just starting spinning! lol 

  • Going to pickup new shoes tomorrow so hopefully runs will get better. 


  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone, i appear to have logged onto the wrong thread? where did all the beginners go? I will have a priper catch up whem i'm on my laptop but finally got a run to post after a very lazy week. 5 miles in 44.01 to blast the cobwebs away. Time to get back in the swing. Will be putting my name down for the Grizzly end of this week. Would certainly give me something to get out of bed for over the winter. Great running all image

  • B2B I must admit been watching some ultra vids on you tube and its fascinating stuff !!

    Well, my target of 100 miles for June looks to have gone west. A very difficult month for family reasons. Looks like I will fall short by just under 5 miles.

    Hopefully be back tomorrow and getting out a bit more regularly before I go on hols on 15/8 for 2 weeks

    JR - Good luck with the Grizzly after my hols need to start thinking seriously about my half planned for March / April time

  • JR - Pretty crazy isnt it?! Nice time on the 5 mile! Is that the Grizzley run, seaton bay? Did you see the poor bugger on the home page banner?! How does that even happen!?

    330 - I love it. It never stops blowing me away at the things people can do!

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Thats the one B2B, isnt it great! I have tried to enter a couple of times but not got in. It was predicted that this year they could have filled entries in 10 minutes!. However, this time its a straight forward ballot. You have the month of August to enter and they let you know beginning of September if youre in. My training will be for a marathon as the terrain isnt exactly tarmac. 


    I've got an appointment with dentist on Thursday so hopefully some antibiotics or a punch in the jaw to remove the offending tooth - not sure which I would prefer at the moment - I am taking a tablet every two hours - alternating Paracetomol with Ibuprofen before hitting the anadin extra at night. Feel totally zonked at the moment - working 6 days out of 7 , 3 desk bound 3 cleaning at a local holiday  park.

    Running wise need to take it a little easy - managed a slow 5 yesterday and followed up that with a 6 this morning - have a fartlek scheduled tomorrow - pretty much my favourite run of the week -

    I sort of imagine the dentist will give me a course of antibiotics before taking tooth out - has anyone had any experience of running on antibiotics?


  • cant really help you with that one Grendel, everytime I have had them was because of throat or chest infections so running wasnt going to happen anyway! 

  • JR did you do the Haytor Heller in the end?  It was sold out by the time I got round to entering.  

  • Are there still any beginners on here, you all sound like pros nowimage

  • well i guess we did all start again from the beginning, there was nothing to say we had to stop! image

  • Lesley I suppose it seems that way as the thread started over 2 years ago and we have all started again from the beginning at various stages - we do try to provide support to everyone as we have all been there - and unlike some threads on here don't tend to criticise or be to clichy.

  • +10000000 Grendel image

  • 5k at lunch for me today as I had a stupid meeting at work and missed spinning image

    Oh well, 32:30 on the "dreadmill" not bad. 

    Out with Mummysaurus tonight for another 5k image

    Oh and I was trying out my new Skins compression shorts, wonderful so far and really really comfy! image

    2013 - 438.79

    milo - 189.58 (gym so no Milo)

  • B2B I used to know an ultra guy called Stephem Moore, he was pretty quick up to 100K - ran for Britain in his 50s - used to disapear for hours up on the fells in the Lake district training - he once, on Christmas eve, having delayed his journey from their Hertfordshire home to their Lake District cottage so he could go for a training run, arrived up north to discover he had left his wife's Christmas Pressies etc at home!!!  Anyway to cut an already long story shorter, in his spare time he was something high up in NatWest - he once left a client waiting for over an hour and a half so he could go for his run - the moral is that the meetings at work should always be delayed for ultra training!!!

  • ha ha ha brilliant! Unfortunatly I am but a lowly lighting designer, I have no power! I do however seem to get a lot of time on here! shhhhh! image

  • Hello all!

    i can't unpack any more boxes or sort anymore crap....

    i cracked this afternoon and left the kids with Mr Neez and headed out.  Ran my Fingle Bridge route (5.8m) .  Had to run walk the hill up from Fingle to Castle Drogo because its soo steep but its always worth the climb.  My ITB started hurting again on the descent so I had to walk the last bit but.... It was fine going the last mike over the flat.   it's the downhills that do it.

    Cow watch:- a herd appeared from no where at the end of the run to block the path back to my car (psychic cows?) however, they were well behaved, so I will let them off.

    happy running folks

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