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  • Sorry Grendel, don't know what effects antibiotics might have when you run.  Be careful with the ibuprofen though, if you take it and get dehydrated, it will become more concentrated, therefore your kidneys have to work harder to metabolise it, potentially leading to kidney damage.

    oh doom and gloom!

    be like a grape ..... Not a raisin image

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh, poxy kneeimage. Wanted to go for a speed run today, and poss tomorrow, ready for Sundays York 10k, but my knee is still playing up..and sensibly I haven't run since Sunday, but its really annoying me as I was doing so well in my endurance training. Think its all linked with my spd issues (pelvic issues). Other than up my physio/strengthening exercises I don't know what to do?? image

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    No idea about the antibiotics Grendel? Best to ask some professional advice maybe? Great story on the Natwest guy, nothing should get in the way of running! I know a guy who used to work shifts and during the dark winter nights would sneak out after dark and run around the trading estate while his machines were running. Can’t…ahem….quite remember his name.image

    Gammineez, I missed the boat with the Haytor Heller too. Already full by the time I was able to confirm entry. Taunton 10k end of September my next target. My left knee will never be perfect but I find squats help by strengthening my quads and now fly downhill. Bloody cows eh? Isn’t it great running in the countryside!

    Liversedge Lesley2, you are more than welcome in here. It’s true, we have all come a long way but encourage people of all levels and at all stages of running to join in. Theres no minimum mileage required, just make yourself at home.

    B2B, how much were the shorts? I’m going to need either some compression shorts or tights for the winter months. I have some nike 2 in 1 shorts which are great most of the year but fancy upgrading for my longer or colder runs as my compression tops make so much difference to how I feel.

    Lisa, take a couple of easy days, get those stretches in and see how you feel. No need for speed runs this close to the race, you won’t get any quicker before the race. You’ve done the training, now look after yourself and save it for the weekend.

  • Thanks JR, you've just firmed up my running until the race! image I'm still going swimming on Thursday though lol. (stubborn)image - it might help with the strengthening?

  • Grendel3

    I feel your pain, im off to dentist tomorrow been avoiding it for a week nowbut its getting worse. 

    Think I have an infection in one of my back teeth though but not sure if it needs to come out or needs re filling.

    Liversedge lesley2

    I am a beginner on wk5 of C25K programme, but these guys are very helpful and encouraging so stick with usimage


  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    good luck tomorrow Kevin - mine can't be filled unfortunately and I can't afford (or indeed justify the cost of the crown - so will have to come out) 


    Didn't know that about ibuprofen though so will be far more careful than I normally am -

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Good idea with the swimming Lisa, non impact but great workout. win win

    Good luck with the dentist Kevin and Grendel. I feel your pain. Rather a 15 mile run than a visit to the dentist. 

    Nice recovery run this morning in the drizzle after    Mondays hard effort. Stretched the legs out over the last half mile. Will update my mileage tonight. 


  • Morning all

    Lesley - as the others say stick with us - we all started from the beginning but as we have moved on all stuck together here - its a great little running club !!!

    Grendel - love the Ultra marathon runner story !! Good luck at the dentist

    JR - Good to see you out and about - still cant see the RW - Fetchies thread and all my bookmarks have gone but can still put my miles in and someone sent me a link for thread

    I have hit "the wall" haven't been out since Saturdays 12.88, a run that I didnt enjoy in the last 2 miles as I struggled with midday heat (normally out by 8) at 10.30 mileing

    Advice time : As you know my weekly runs are around 5/6 miles, for the last 6 Saturdays been doing 12 (quickest 9:18 pace) my plan is to do halfs next year starting in March - want to be doing sub 2 very least.

    My thoughts are - Maybe putting in one midweek run at around 6/7 miles and cutting my long runs to maybe 9 for a month then 10 for month.

    Was thinking my long runs at the moment are to long and slowing my pace ? That run Saturday was on a tougher coure than my normal 12 and really has affected me mentally struggling in last 2 miles

    Anyway enough doom and gloom everyone here is doing brilliant and keep posting I catch up every evening just that as I haven't been out felt I had nothing to say !! defo back tonight. (that's what I thought the day before)

  • Thanks everyone for your encouragementimage

    I had a bit of a niggle yesterday in my left shin and wasnt sure whether to train or not especially as its my recovery week but the training schedule said 45 minutes.  As it was an ache rather than pain so I thought I would set off and see what it was like and could always go home if necessary.  It was fine, no problems at all so I did a 4 mile run and felt quite comfortable.  I only stopped once when I turned round to go home and took a quick drink and set back off so it must have been the heat that was affecting me as I feel so much better now its cooled down a bitimage

    Good luck at the dentist guys I definitely symphasize, they strike a cold fear in me!

    Lisa - Good luck with your race at the weekend, let us know how you get on!



  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    Well done on the 4 Lesley - I do think the heat does have an enormous effect on running - I know how I have felt at stupid o'clock - when I see people out when the temperature is up to 28/29 it must be so hard.

    3;30 same answer as I gave Lesley - you wnet out in the heat of the midday sun which possibly explains why you felt the way you did.

    Thanks for the dentist comments one more 'sleep' and hopefully he will just take it out this time tomorrow - I have a feeling thouigh I will be queuing in the dentist for antibiotics first though :image may have to resort to punching him in the hopes he will punch me back!!!! and knock the offending tooth out -

    Well me done for the day - a mile warm up followed by 5 miles fartlek - was going to alternate 1 minutes and 2 minutes again but instead added landmarks - the end of the road, or another mile point reached etc - worked well if hard - trying to concentrate on form all the time - lean forward mid foot strike and right wrist  flapping like Steve Ovett's used to at speed.  mile warm down gave me another 7 to add to the challenge - the last of the month.


  • Grendel your right of course - I shouldn't have gone out at that time but had to take daughter to work at 7 (90 min round trip) so couldn't get out early and I wasn't sacrificing my run !! Going out when I did was only option but never again !!

    On the energy drink front Asda do one for 35p !! lol !! I may well try the dissolvable tablets mentioned on here (sorry cant remember who by) Found this link to high 5 ones

    Whoops that links a bit long !!


  • JR - the shorts were £25 instead of £45 from Sweatshop image

    330 -

    well done Lesley! imageimageimage

    Grendel - you have run hard this month! well done! 6th on the board!!

    330 - You could always try and drop things back a bit for the sake of building the miles?

    For example.....

    week 1

    monday rest or 5, tuesday rest, wednesday 6, thursday rest or 3, friday rest, saturday 8, sunday rest or 5

    week 2

    monday rest or 5, tuesday rest, wednesday 8, thursday rest or 3, friday rest, saturday 10, sunday rest or 5

    week 3

    monday rest or 5, tuesday rest, wednesday 8, thursday rest or 3, friday rest, saturday 12, sunday rest or 5

    week 4

    monday rest, tuesday rest, wednesday 10, thursday rest or 3, friday rest, saturday 10, sunday rest or 5

    Then its back to week one image This gives you a cut back week before slowly ramping up the miles again. The rest options are really for once to start to feel really comfy, if you are tired, rest. You will get much more from your longer runs.

    So you could actually find yourself running less overall miles but getting more from your longer runs.

    Remember as well that you are training for a half, putting in regular 10`s will do wonders. You dont have to always be nearly hitting the 13 mile. For my 50 I topped out at 20 mile runs!! Admittidly I would have been a lot faster if I had put a little more in but I still wouldnt have gone over 28/30 miles in one run.

    Please dont take this as a proper plan its just a guideline. If you feel like you want to do more, less or mix up the days its all fine. The most important thing is that you listen to your body. 

    Oh and as always......dont forget to smile! image


  • 330 - the only small issue with the tablets is that they take ages to dissolve! image

  • WK5-R2 completed early this morningimage

    Went to dentist this morning, unfortunatly the offending critter had to be removedimage Oh well, maybe the tooth fairy will be kindimage

  • B2B

    Brilliant - thanks and sound advice

    My problem is I have always thought the longer runs you do the better and the more miles as well

    When I was seriously running marathons I would sometimes go out and run mile after mile - got to the stage where I could cover the miles but at snails pace

    Point in question was the year I ran my half best of 1:35. Given that time I should have been thinking "hmmm I can build on this and do a 3:30 marathon" what happened I done 3:50.

    I needed and do still need to tain wiser. To be running only 5 during the week and going straight to 12 is madness. My half is in late March, I have plenty of time to build the miles. Will cut back to a long one of 9 this weekend see if the pace gets quicker - have blown my mileage target of 350 before my hols anyway.

    Thanks again - gotta love this thread and the people on it. We should get an un official SAFTB running vest for our virtual running club !!

  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    Kevin - I hope I am as lucky tomorrow morning!!! 

    rest  - what is this word you mention B2B?


  • Grendel3 wrote (see)

    Kevin - I hope I am as lucky tomorrow morning!!! 

    rest  - what is this word you mention B2B?


    Lets hop so, mouth not froze now but taking painkillers as dentist says, but not looking forword to rinsing with salt water tomorrow morning something else he advised.

  • Grendel - its that strange thing that some of us mere mortals need, its ok it doesnt apply to you image

    330 - no probs! give something like that a go for a little while and see how you get on and hey, if it doesnt work you have loads of time for a new plan! image

    Love the idea of a vest! Designs need to be posted!! image Get to work folks!

  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    Thats a relief - thought I was doing something wrong!! 

  • image

  • Right seriously annoyed now - looks like I wont get out tonight OR tomorrow as work is playing up tonight then gotta pick daughter up then wifes making dinner (running come a poor 2nd to everything for my wife) gotta call 5-6 tomorrow as well

    ARRRGGHHHH !!!!!!

    Right now feel like packing it in. All the good work I done last month and now this.


  • I can empathise with your frustrations of not running 330! image I too have been running in extreme heat as only time I can get the kids looked after/ fit in with husbands shifts is in the afternoon. Its been tough.

    Knee still hurting, not sure whether to run with a support on on Sunday, or just risk it and hope it will be alright? Fingers crossed the swimming will help tomorrow?image

    Lol on the vest front! image


  • Lisa - get down to a good physio -

    Pain is there for a reason - dont be tempted to take tablets to dull it that just hides the pain

    I really wish my wife was into running would love to be racing every weekend going off to big events - ah well

  • I'd wear the vest image just don't make it sick of female sportswear being pink.

    its not a good look when you turn into Sweaty Betty Beetroot face...

    3:30 don't you dare pack it in... 

    Lisa, sympathies re the knees, visit the physio if you can, as 3:30 suggested.  

    I hope all the post-dentistry people are fairing well.

    going out tomorrow even if it is Mr Neez's 40th birthday.  He's going out too and is looking forward to setting a new for age PB

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    On a scale of 1-10, where is the pain at Lisa?

    The vest is a great idea image




  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    I could do yours in Arsenal red Grendel?image


  • JR - probably about 3 atm, but last Sundays run was probably about 7 towards the end of the run? If it still hurts after the York 10k i'll go to the doctors?

  • /members/images/673252/Gallery/saftb.JPG

     Hows this? image


  • Just a quickie

    Can get out tonight now - ye hah !!!!!

    Also boosted by fact have lost 10lb since 1 April !!!! My birthday the other day daughter bought me a Fred Perry in XXL - shes taking the mickey !!! I only weight 12st 1lb now

  • well done 330 thats brilliant!

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