Starting again from the beginning!



  • B2B Thanks - problem is am off on hols to Zante for 2 weeks on 15/8 so no running there.


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    3 is ok Lisa, but still worth looking into whats causing the discomfort. We all get niggles and sone can be ignored and go away over time but if its getting worse and reaching. 7 then i think youre right to get it looked at.

    330, look how far you have come already! Keep on moving.


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    B2B, love the running top 

  • 330 - hey a 2 week break will only help you heal! image Rest up and come back fighting! image

    JR - pitty that getting just 1 was quoted at £110!!!!! 

  • I am presuming yours would be Chelsea Blue JR!!! (although I do think my vest days are over - prefer a t shirt now!!!!)

    Update -  no tooth removal as it was not the one I thought it was which is broken at the back - it was the one next to it which the dentist wouldn't take out - half an hour of drilling etc and he did some stuff to it to alleviate the pain - I do need a crown and on the first day of the August challenge I missed a run - no not a rest day B2B - a rest day is planned - I missed a run - I felt so tired this morning, I have hardly slept and  I just couldn't be arsed!!!! I still feel tired - feel terribly guilty and have bought a big bottle of metatone tonic -  

  • Grendel - how about if we call it a recovery day? image

  • £110?!!!  Does it have some kind of magical property?

  • I'll go with recovery day -

    I re-read my post - sounds really like poor poor me!!!!!  DOn't mean to -

  • hey its no problem! I HATE tooth pain! Im a right grumpy git when my head hurts image

  • Well done 330 that's fantastic!

    Grendel no one likes a visit to the dentist..we all need a bit of sympathy when the occasion comes!

    Well I managed to swim a mile without my knee hurting, so going to go again Saturday morning for more strengthening before Sundays run.

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    Grizzly entry submitted. Will be notified on the 15th September if I have a place. Fingers crossed.

  • JR - That's looks brilliant fun !! if I was down South I would apply

    Races like this and in fact any race is very hard to find her - RW focus on races down south nothing in Scotland. When I was in London only had to look in RW and there were races every weekend within easy travelling distance

    Tough trying to find them here, all I can find Half wise is 3 for the whole of 2014 - when I say that I mean within a reasnoble travelling distance

  • WK5-R3 completedimage

    Full 20 min run today, big jump i thought from wednesdays 2x10 min runs with 5 min walk inbetween.

    But if thats what the program says to do then i do itimage

  • Kev

    Well done mate stick with the programme !!

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    Good man Kevin. Bet you feel pretty chuffed with that! I remember feeling quite daunted by the prospect of 20 minutes without stopping. You're well on your way now. 

    No early run for me today but will be out for a steady 5 later. 

  • Thanks guys,

    Left calf not liking it at moment though, even though i have stretched them out.

    Hopefull it will be ok for monday.

  • I have a free morning tomorrow, wife away in Fort William, daughter in Middlesbrough

    So, am going to drive to Ferkin Point for a pleasant run right by the banks of Loch Lommond - my favourite place

    Cant measure so going to have to guess mileage (boy I need a garmin !)

    But will say will be running 9:45 miles so will work out miles from time to add to the RW challenge - reckon that will be OK guys ? I want to add to RW challenge but if its not accurate should I do it ?

  • This might be a stupid question, but what is the runners world challenge?

  • 330 - you could try a phone app? my tracks or something of the like?

    Lesley - not a stupid question at all! its a monthly challenge between RW and Fetch image you log your miles and it has a table, have a look!

  • Lesley

    See this link, oops sorry managed to log after B2Bs post !!


  • Yeah 330, lots of phone apps out there which will record what you do providing you can get a GPS signal where you intend to run.

    If you have Android phone, one i used last year with good sucess is RunKeeper.

    A few others which spring to mind are MapMyRun and Runtastic.

    However if you have the iphone im sure there will be simular apps to download from wherever you get them from.

  • I have map my run. Problem is need an arm wallet to carry the damn thing !!

  • B2B keep meaning to get one of those arm wallets to carry phone in as its to big to fit in shorts pocket - most arm wallets seem to small gotta get one especially for a samung galaxy !!

    I am going to get a garmin for sure though

  • Plenty on ebay, thats where I got mine. 

    I got the galaxy s4image

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    Here you go 330, under £100 and you're in business. It's Christmas soonimage

    GPS watch reviews

    MapMyRun is ok although I have ran some of the routes with my GPS and they're a little exaggerated at times! Some people will be gutted when they enter an actual event and they don't win.

    Fantastic run today! Got into watching a film with the kids yesterday and missed my run. As I walked up the road to my starting point I couldn't help but think I wasn't going to enjoy this. I ached, legs felt heavy and the first half mile my breathing was like a 20 a day smoker.

    However, I eventually settled down and half way round realised I was cruising along nice and easy. I took the hilly route and although I was running easy the two hills that normally take it out of me were taken in my stride (a very short stride admittedly). I upped the pace over the last half mile which averaged 7:21, god only knows where that came from!

    August - 5

    2013 – 343.96


  • Thanks JR

    See only one Garmin makes it onto the list - Like the look of the Soleus one may track down some reviews

    Confession time - I am not running today. Saturday I normally run my 12 - today and circumstances haven meant I cant and I cant even make 5 - was looking forward to going to Loch Lommond shore but not to be

    After last weeks 12 in which I struggled in the last two miles I have been a bit down about it all and haven't run since. On 15/8 I am off on hols and I feel all the good work I have done I have undone. I mustt ry and run every day unril I go away to make me feel better about it.

    Oh well onwards and upwards - maybe just mayb could squeeze a run in later

  • please follow me, help me with my progress - seriously want to hit running hard now. 

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    we can follow you on here Frankie. No offence, but I won't be clicking any links.

  • I clicked - why do people post this rubbish?

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    what was he selling 330?

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