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  • Nothing just link to a page full of photos - and its a woman - weird


  • Well done on your run JR!

    330 I have a Soleus one, got it about a month ago half price in Sweatshop. Its not bad, still getting the hang of it (not great with watch technology) but I don't think the gps signal is very strong compared to dearer Garmins, as one of my runs it kept losing signal, but updated accurately once found again; and the first run I did with it was through the woods and it didn't measure accurately so not sure what happened with that run but since then it has measured fine?!

    Well I did the York 10k today, I wore my knee support as I didn't think I would manage to complete it comfortably otherwise. Well it definitely helped, I didn't get a PB but there was over 5000 people competing to dodge in and out of, and I didn't want to push my knee and finish it off, but I did still manage to complete in under the hour, 56:25 image so still really pleased!! image

  • Thanks Lisa will have a good read up on them

    Took a walk into town to day to watch our local half marathon as Hayley Haining was running, she won it last year (the whole race not just the woman) she was neck and neck with leading man at 9.5 miles but came second eventually

    Oh how I wish I had done it now (and to hell with finishing in the bottom 5%) its a great race and only a mile from my house - just hope I get the chance next year.

    I love the atmosphere of race days would love to get back to a club which is silly as Helensburgh has a club - you never know might try it one day !!

  • Hello people,

    well done Lisa on your race....funny isn't it, the other runners aren't something I've ever thought too much about in races when training but it will make a difference on your time.....

    mr Neez's 40th bday weekend this weekend, managed a 3m yesterday and a 6m today with my sister today.  Was lovely to go off road onto the moor yesterday.

    ITB touchwood felt ok.

    hope everyone else ok

    happy running

  • Yeah well done guys,

    Went out for early morning run today 5am

    Only got a mile and had to stop, bad pain in that left calf.

    Hobbled home to ice it, but gutted when I was doing so well.

    Only on week 6 as well, god knows how long it will take before I can run now.

    Really gutted!!

  • Oh no that's not good Kevin. Its so frustrating when fitness wise you do so well but then an injury stops you from progressing! Hope it doesn't take too long to heel!

    Post race today my knee doesn't feel too bad, so maybe I will actually be able to get back to training this week?

    Fingers crossed on your ITB being ok Gammi, and happy 40th to Mr Neez image

    330 I defo love the race atmospheres, they're so uplifting, and make a nice change to a training run too!

  • Yeah thanks lisa, 

    Put ice pack on this morning but made no difference, hobbling round work this morning, cant roll from heel to toe hurts likt hell, even hurts pressing clutch down on car.

    Looks like a weeks rest at least, feel downhearted now after all the hard work and fear this will set me back to square one again. 

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Well done on your 10k Lisa. Now you have atarget, sub 55 next time! Considering you were clearly holding back because of your knee you should be feeling very confident now. Good on you

    Happy birthday to Mr Neez, Gammineez. Totally agree with you about getting off road, no better feeling! 


  • Hey folks, just a quick catch up for me and I will come back later...

    5k with Mummysaurus last week added to my total as I forgot to add it.

    Friday I was off work as my boiler was being fixed...well I say fixed, they are coming back today. Got out for a hard hilly trail 6.74 mile in the woods, felt good and pretty fast at times. 

    Providing they get here and get the bloody boiler done I might try and head out today for a 6 or so...

    Well done Lisa! image

    Happy birthday Mr Neez image

    Kev - take a rolling pin to that calf, hamstring and quad it will hurt but it will fix you up image

    Happy running or resting folks, catch up soon

    2013 - 448.63

    milo - 199.42

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Kevin, don't despair. We all have little setbacks. Ice and elevate when you can for the next two days and get back out there. Take it easy, no more than 20 minutes and see how it feels. If it still hurts ice again for another two daysand get out and run. If its no better now then get to a physio. Keep going, you're doing great image

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Kev, ditto what B2B says and a tennis ball will work wonders too. Dont be afraid, it will hurt!

    Will be heading out tonight myself B2B, quite looking forward to it too as the weather here is perfectly miserable. 

  • ha ha ha JR its still not to bad here image

  • I think I know what you want me to do with the rolling pin and tennis ball.

    Sure I saw a youtube video somewhere. 

    P.s I iced it this morning and made no difference still hurt like a .....

    Should I be stretching prior to running only the programme says a brisk 5 min walk should be fine??

  • stretching is a big subject, I only stretch during and after running and never really before. A brick walk would be perfect in my opinion image


  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    I do dynamic stretches before running. i will find you a link Kev, only takes 2 minutes. I then walk 5 minutes to the tow path and ease into it. Static stretches are saved until aftwr my runs but i rarely bother these days ubless an area is giving me grief. 

  • 330 or bust wrote (see)

    I have map my run. Problem is need an arm wallet to carry the damn thing !!

    I have an arm wallet for an iphone (new unused) going begging if you want it, it does have some pink on tho!  Its too big for my skinny armsimage

  • B2b

    Just done the rolling pin thing after waching a youtube video, it has eased it but not took it off completly(should it do)??

    Also just iced it up for around 20 min and took two ibuprofen.

    Still would like to know what is causing it, read it could be anything from not warming-up the muscles to shoes being too low now???

  • Just Run wrote (see)

    I do dynamic stretches before running. i will find you a link Kev, only takes 2 minutes. I then walk 5 minutes to the tow path and ease into it. Static stretches are saved until aftwr my runs but i rarely bother these days ubless an area is giving me grief. 

    Apreciate that mate thanks, need all the help i can get at the momentimage

  • JR I ran 10k in 54mins 55 secs earlier in the year at Staplehurst 10k which is my PB. Ideally I would like to get it down to sub 50mins! Next 10k is 8th Sept, St Georges in the Weald. If the knee allows it I want to try and train to get my speed up!?

  • that should have said *brisk, no idea what a brick walk is lol!

    Wet and quick 10 mile for me this afternoon. worked hard on technique today image 1:45 ill take that!

    2013 - 458.63

    milo - 209.42

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Lisa, how do you work out your training paces? Have you ever used Mcmillan?

    mcmillan running calculator

    Lol B2B, I read that as 'brick wall'. Thought you must have been on about stretching against one.

    Kev, here you go. Recommended by some coach called Alberto Salazar....not sure if he's any good image 

    Dynamic Stretches Video

    Nice steady 5 miles along the canal tonight. 9:30 pace most of the way before the pace increased over the last mile. Hit 7:40mm over the last half. Must be the extra energy from missing my long run yesterday. Will make an extra big effort to get all my runs in this week.

    August - 10

    2013 – 348.96


  • JR -  Alberto Salazar...hmm might have heard of him before? image

  • I dn't get a lot of chance between Friday and Monday at moment to keep up to date on what is happening - but the thread seems to move on quickly so I won't comment to much - can't help with the injury advice Kevin - I tend to be in the ignore category!! after all I am the one with ice burns up my achilles because of selotaping the frozen capri sun to it for to long and going to sleep. 

    I had some treatment for my abscess last Thursday - and got anti-biotics Friday which I have nearly finished today - To answer my own question about running with antibiotics I feel that I am really struggling at the moment - my legs are dead and I am barely managing sub 10 minute miles - still plugging away - so any suggestions - One point to mention I am currently working 6 days per week - Because it is the school holidays I am off every Monday and Friday as my wife works those days - But on those two days, plus Saturday we take our son and work at the local holdiay park cleaning caravans and chalets which is hard work - my duties are fetching and carrying, making beds, cleaning bathrooms and bedrooms and hoovering throughout - we are suually doing this for 8 hours without a break - Could this be linked does anyone think?  Could dehydration play a part?

    Mileage for 2013 -  1117.62

    Alberto Salazaar - is a legend and not just for his work with Mo - (mind I think his world marathon record was on a short course)

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Grendel, i dont doubt the 6 day weeks and manual labour are taking a toll. You could be run down with the dental issues on top. Your mileage has ramped up a fair bit the last 6 months too, maybe youve hit a bit if a peak with running and working pkus family life and lets face it, none of us are getting any younger.! It takes longer to get over the smallest set backs so just dont be too hard on yourself. Go with how you feel rather than what the schedule says. Youre an experienced runner, maybe youre getting back to the days of being constantly tired and hungry with all the mikes youre putting in.? Dont forget, unlike the Kenyans you dont get to sleep all afternoon!

  • God JR I could could do with a sleep in the afternoon!!!!! - sorry just having a bit of a whinge -


  • Thats a full schedule there Grendel!!! Getting any running in with all that going on is an achievment on its own! You could always try backing the miles down a little bit and give your body chance to heal the tooth image

  • Can I join in please? I've been reading the forum and thought it was time I signed up.

    I'm new here (1st post) so thought I'd say hi and intoduce myself. Hope I'm in the right place. I'm week 3 of bupa beginner 5k plan. Training on a treadmill doing walk at 5.5mph and run at 7.4mph finding it tough but addictive.  I'm really overweight (lost a stone but still 4 or 5 more to go and at 5foot 2 it makes me a circle)

    Off to the gym now for another go at it image

    J x

  • Welcome juju! Well done on loosing a stone and you most certainly are in the right place image If you havnt already had a good read over this thread then skip back and have a read. sooooo much help and advice on here! image If you have any questions please just ask, we are a friendly bunch in here image

  • set off on my first long run on Sat and picked up an achilles injury - cut the run short and goin to run for first time since on a treadmill tonight.. here's hoping the enormously expensive race entry for the Dublin marathon wasn't money down the drain! image

  • B2B may back off the RW vs Fetch challenge for August as it is not helping as I am very competitive with it -

    I have entered the Wix 5 for October as a distraction from doing the miles and the marathon - The work thing, doing the caravans etc I don't really drink very much and yet because of the weather have been sweating like a pig - so dehydration maybe playing a massive part in it too.

    JuJu welcome and well done on the progress you have made - we have all been there and got the increasingly smaller T Shirts!!!  As B2B said this is the definite place to be on the Forum.

    Take care of the achilles Dave they can be troublesome beasts -

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