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    Welcome aboard juju. Congratulations on your achievements so far. Make yourself at home on the thread. The more the merrier.

    I suffer with my achilles Dave, get stretching aftereach run. I do a set of stair drops to jeep it from biting too much.


  • Welcome aboard juju2208 and congratulations on the weight loss,

    Don't be afraid to ask any questions, these guys know what they are on with.

    Except for some of usimage Injury sucks!!




  • Back2basics wrote (see)

    check this out folks...


    he said buy minimlist shoes and run for 5min first week 10min 2nd week and so forth.

    I got my minimlist and ran the first time 20min as i was already so far into C25K,no wonder my calf went.

    Thing is, I've now thrown my mizuno's away, maybe i should start C25K from the begining again in my minimlist shoes when my calf is better to allow my body to ajust??

  • Wow Grendel busy work schedule, how do you fit your runs in?!

    Welcome Juju!

    JR I never used to pace myself i'd just run how I felt and dependent on the surface, but since having my Soleus watch it tells me my mile paces, and so I try to keep an eye on the pace and slow down if going too fast, or it motivates me to speed up if going too slow!

    Well I was mentally motivated to go last night but my legs still ached from Sundays run, so I had a rest day. imageToday I should have gone but had a busy day so cant be bothered. imageI'm going to get up early and go out in the morning instead! image

  • Thanks for pointing out this thread Just Run, perfect for a running and forum noob like meimage

    I've been doing a lot of swimming recently and decided to get running as well. Realised (from posts on here) that I probably did far too much for my first run, but the swimming has lessened the pain!


    Went for a slow jog along the seafront, clocked up 2.6 miles in 28 minutes. Felt fantastic afterwards but my adductors punished me today so did a 1.2 mile swim today. Not intending to run two days on the trot anyways, so all good.


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  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Lisa, i know what you mean about not wanting to go once youre home after a busy day. Im also planning on an early run tomorrow, alarm set for 5.

    welcome to the club Stevie. 2.6 miles is some going, it took me 8 weeks to get to 2 miles. Running on alternate days is a good idea in my opinion. Take it easy, listen to your body and enjoy every mile. Any questions, just ask. Someone on this thread will have an answer, guaranteed. 


  • Havent been on much but lurking !! Havent run at all in Aug

    Good to see so many new "faces" welcome all !!

  • kev - you could always just slow down a little. Also just walking around in them for a while is a good idea. Remember when you first move to minimal footwear a lot of those muscules need time to strengthen up as you havnt really used them before image

    Welcome Stevie image As JR has already said, any questions just ask! Also maybe have a read back over some this thread as we may have answered some of your questions before. There is soooooooo more information on here. Happy reading! image 

    330 - you make it sound like you havnt run for years....its only the 7th LOL image It happens like that some times, dont sweat the small stuff!

  • You'll be back out soon 3:30 - so don't worry - you managed to do 12 miles on your birthday!!!!

    Kevin your idea of starting again in the minimalist shoes does sound a good plan to give your calf muscles the chance to get used to the change -

    Welcome Stevie - you already have my total admiration to be able to swim 1.2 miles is mind boggling!! I followed a forumite on Friday as she swam the channel - I just can't comprehend those sorts of distances!!!

    Did 7 miles this morning, a mile very very easy and then ran 5 miles fartlek - rather than running for a set time I did start by dong a minute hard then 2 minutes - but after that I chose landmarks (another runner, a bush to do a Paula, for the garmin to click over to the next half mile or mile - the only thing I made sure was when I reached the target (apart from the bush) I ran until a whole minute had elapsed to make the minute recovery easier to workout - I then warmed down for a mile -

    Have now finished my anti-biotics so hopefully if they were effecting my running that will disapear - Happy days all

  • +1 on the swimming! I swim like a dying duck! Thrash around and dont really get anywhere! 

    Nice one Grendel - might give some fartlek a go one day image 

    5k for me and Mummysaurus last night that I forgot to add....pretty sure she will start posting soon instead of thread stalking image

    2013 - 461.73

    milo - 212.52

  • juju2208 wrote (see)

    Can I join in please? I've been reading the forum and thought it was time I signed up.

    I'm new here (1st post) so thought I'd say hi and intoduce myself. Hope I'm in the right place. I'm week 3 of bupa beginner 5k plan. Training on a treadmill doing walk at 5.5mph and run at 7.4mph finding it tough but addictive.  I'm really overweight (lost a stone but still 4 or 5 more to go and at 5foot 2 it makes me a circle)

    Off to the gym now for another go at it image

    J x

    juju2208 wrote (see)

    Can I join in please? I've been reading the forum and thought it was time I signed up.

    I'm new here (1st post) so thought I'd say hi and intoduce myself. Hope I'm in the right place. I'm week 3 of bupa beginner 5k plan. Training on a treadmill doing walk at 5.5mph and run at 7.4mph finding it tough but addictive.  I'm really overweight (lost a stone but still 4 or 5 more to go and at 5foot 2 it makes me a circle)

    Off to the gym now for another go at it image

    J x

    Hi Juju, welcomeimage I am a relative newbie on here too.  I just wondered if you were running outside as well or just on the treadmill?  I did a 10 k last year and trained mostly on the treadmill but found it really hard when I went outside.  So my advice would be to get outdoors when you can.

  • Stevie - Hi another newbie, welcomeimage I wish I could swim 1.2 miles thats great, I love swimming but am afraid of the water so needless to say I dont do too wellimage

    Great start at the running, just take it easy though and build up gradually. 

  • Thank you for all the welcomes folks image

    @Back2basics - yes - have been having a look and trying to pick up some tips, which I'll share in a moment...

    @Grendel3 thanks re: the swimming - I could hardly swim a length 3 months ago and as you find swimming a mile incomprehensible, so I find running 7miles incomprehensible at this stage lol

    @Liversedge Lesley2 & juju2208 - nice to meet some other newcomers at the start and yeah, Lesley, I can see how a fear of water might limit your swimming image


    OK, so today's run - really didn't want to do it - still sore from my over exertion a couple of days ago, but in some sick sadistic fashion, I also really wanted to get out and just do it...

    Soo... tips I picked up... I didn't tie my trainers too tight this time! I did some dynamic stretches and a 1/4 mile walk to warm up - not sure that I'll always do a warm up but with sore quads, adductors and calves it seemed like a good idea! I also chose to run on flat grass instead of tarmac today to minimise the impact.

    Found a nice stretch of grass 3/4 mile long and ran it twice, so 1.5miles today. I did 3 min run / 1 min walk x 5, with a final 1 min run. This is an alien concept to me - before I read all of the stuff on here, it felt like weakness to drop to a walk but you know what? It felt sensible once I started doing it. The 1.5miles inc. the walking took 21mins.

    Did some static stretches when I got back and I'm gonna hit the pool in an hour or so for a leisurely swim.

    Thank you for all the advice so far folks - I may just manage to not kill myself if I listen to some of the advice from y'all!


    Week 4.1

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    2013 4.1

  • Well done for getting out Stevie - if it is any consolation, after my exertions this morning my muscles have tightened up.

    I think the key is to listen to your body but also to remember your body may try to con you some times and you have to tell it to *********** off!!! and get out there.

  • ahh... we can ache and groan together then Grendel!

    yeah - that's kinda where I was at - I knew it was gonna hurt a bit when I started running but I also didn't feel at risk of injury so not going out today because of the aches would have been a pure excuse and it's that kind of thinking that's kept me porky for most of my life image

  • well done Stevie, walking isnt giving up, giving up is giving up! image Walking is an essential tool to getting you moving.

  • Back2basics wrote (see)

    well done Stevie, walking isnt giving up, giving up is giving up! image Walking is an essential tool to getting you moving.


    Logic like that can't be argued with image

  • Hi Stevie, I swim too. I was told not to run for months after my second child so started swimming, now I'm back to running but have carried on swimming a mile once a week and I find the swimming helps the running and vice versa, so doing both you will be running 7 miles in no time! image

  • Hey Lisa, I hope so! As my main motivation is weight loss, I'm exercising most days but I know I can't run every day and I really enjoy the swimming so I figure it's a good, low impact activity for running rest days. I've read some great things about swimming / running combo regimes and they seem to compliment each other well. A bit of variety never goes amiss either!

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Evening everyone. Easy run today, aimed for 10m/m. 5.92 miles in 59:11 = 10:00m/m Job done.

    Stevie, walking is your friend. I ran my 10k pb using walk breaks at each mile.

    August - 15.92

    2013 – 354.88

  • Hullo again,

    Thanks for all the welcomes and advice.

    I'm kind of a swimmer too, in that I go most days and do a superb impression of a dying fish (swim a bit, flail about a bit, bob a bit) I'm trying to teach myself how to swim frontcrawl so am doing a lot with my kickboard to get my legs working without calf cramp and trying to practice breathing (air rather than water, I'm fab at breathing water so no need to practice that bit)

    @liversedge lesley2 I don't currently run outside but I do plan to eventually. My 

    friend is making sounds about doing race for life next june together and I plan to run it so will need to train outdoors to manage it as it's a rough up/down scraggy field type course. My confidence is shot at the moment. Our gym is in a conservatory at the local pool and I get a lot of stares when running in there from people walking past so I don't want to take to the road yet as I'll feel too exposed without my glass bubble.  It's only the fact that I keep telling myself 'at least I'm doing something about it' that keeps me going.


    Well I did another run/walk yesterday and It's hurting less so today/tomorrow's plan is to drop a minute off the walk recovery to do 4 sets of 3 min run, 2 min walk. My lower knee has felt a bit sore so ibuprofen is currently my friend, it's been my achilles that have dissaproved so far so I recon it'll be my hip next image




    Hi stevie, good to start with another newbie image


    J x



  • Juju just keep that attitude that at least you're doing it, and who cares what other people think, you are achieving something, and hopefully enjoying it too?! Life is too short to spectate..participating is much more fun!

  • Stevie - its a simple logic but it works image

    +1 Lisa! Juju YOU are the only person that WILL run that race NOT the people walking past. Not matter how far or fast you run people will look at you funny, you are a runner! image Most people just dont get why you are running, are you running away from something? Too something? Are you mad? To all of these questions you can answer yes! I am running away from negativity and running towards a better me. Am I mad? Ill let you know when I get there!! image

  • + 1 with Lisa - juju so many people of all shapes and sizes run these days - when I first started out many years ago it wasn't quite the case but nowadays no one really gives runners a second glance - none of us on here are very fast so just get out and enjoy - and, if you friend wants to do the race for life, then there is no reason why you can't give each other a bit of moral support and get out there in the open air -

    Now 6.73 miles done this morning, was quite tired but plodded along using an off road track too which went down to a little fishing hole at one of the caravan sites - one lone fisherman trying his luck on what was a truly beautiful morning - almost wished I could join him.   have got a rest day planned tomorrow so will do a very very easy 3 - and hopefully can get a 15 in Sunday morning  -  I keep trying to plan a new 15 mile route in my head to keep it fresh - Happy days

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    I passed 3 fishermen last night Grendel, each of them looked at me with a "its too hot for that lark" look. The surprised look on their faces when an hour later i passed them to finish my run was priceless. I know im no Mo Farah but they looked genuinely surprised that I was still going. I had covered just short of 6 beautiful miles and their keep nets didnt look any fuller! 


  • The day I set my all time Half Marathon PB, it was in Nottingham started on the Trent Embankment and was a beautiful late summer day - not a breath of wind and as I jogged along the embankment trying to ease my plantar facitis before the race started I was watching the fisherman, keepnets gently drifting in the current as they watched their floats drinking out of cold tims of beer ( I knew there was a reason for keepnets!!)  On such a beautiful day I sort of wondered why I was doing what I was doing, when I could have been sat drinking beer and teaching a worm to swim - XX minutes later I arrived back at the finish and knew exactly why I did what I did.  - Despite being away from running for 12 years - I never lost that love of moving under my own steam.  Sitting by a lake once a year maybe but instead of running - no!!!

  • 45 minutes hard spinning for me this lunch....phew thats a good work out! image

  • Hi All

    I had my 1st trip to a running club last night and the other runners there seem really nice and easy to talk to.  However I have come away a bit confused about what I should be doing.

    It was warm last night and I always suffer from the heat when running and end up beetroot colour and sweating profusely.  What a nice picture eh!image I started the run with a nice lady called Cath who told me to set the pace, I told her that I ran an 11 min mile and off we went.  When we had done a couple of miles and an incline we then came to quite a short but steep hill which I tried to jog but failed and wanted to walk for a minute and then set off again.  She wouldnt let me stop though just told me to slow down, so after about 10 seconds I got going again and got about another 30 metres and couldnt do anymore.  She wasnt impressed and as someone else was walking she ran on and left me with the guy that was walking.  He was really nice and I got going again but as I was hot I ended stopping a few times basically on any kind of incline.  He said that I should stop if tired.

    So this is my question, which one should I do or should I do a combination of them both?

    I do need to work more on my basic fitness I know and am going to start doing hill reps once a week, is there anything else that might help?

  • I take issue with 'nice lady' as a newcomer to the club she should have stayed with you til the end especially as you may not have known the route - not very welcoming - I would say you just need to keep doing what you are doing rather than doing hill reps at this stage - if you need to walk walk as you get fitter then you will be able to run up the hills. As a rule of thumb, shortern your stride and slow down if you need to - It is always difficult when joining a club to find your level so as you go more often you will find people of your standard to run with - the guy who was also stopping sounds ideal - I would keep going to the club though as it definitely helps to run with others.  

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