Starting again from the beginning!



  • Started from scratch tonight, calf held up well for 8 min run so far.

  • Gammi - yeah a friend of mine just did the thunder run, im tempted myself for next year doing it solo image Maybe you guys could set up a team?! 10k loops eh, eh, come on SAFTB crew what do you say?! image

    Kev - well done keep at it!

    13 miles intended, 7.27 completed image I was testing out a new sandal design im working on. After 2 miles they were in my hand and I completed the next mile barefoot. Got home, switched sandals and did another 4 in my Luna. Back to Cardiosaurus labs......"EGOR! FETCH ME MY ANGRY TROUSERS!"

    My new lump of leather arrived today, moooooo ha ha ha ha haaaaaa! The peices are coming together! YES! I have skin, lashings, buckles, glue and sole! Soon....soon my monster will be complete! Then I just have to wait for a stormy night and a bolt of lightning.......

    2013 - 477

    Milo - 227.79

  • I can't have any scruples B2B - I am old enough to remember very well the furore there was when the Olympics were held in Moscow, countries boycotted the games, including the USA beacuse of the Russian presence in Afghanistan - The British team came under an inordinate amount of pressure to follw the American stance - but the British Olympic comittee stood firm - the rest is history Coe/Ovett/Thompson and Wells. 30 years later guess what the USA are an occupying force in Afghanistan and the world doesn't bat an eyelid. I have watched as much of the athletics as I have been able to watch and enjoyed the show put on by Mo and Christine -  Should the championships have been held in Moscow - undoubtedy, judging from the empty seats, even for the mens 100 metre final,and from a political and drug point of view no.

    Gammi - two on the trot? well done - you were right not to go for the third day!!!  best to be cautious - (I have never used no clean kit as an excuse though!!!).

    Have had a good few days since my 3 mile rest day - 6 Saturday, a badly blistered and bloody 15 Sunday, a faster 4 yesterday (actually it was 3.99 according to Mr Garmin) and this mornings run was all over the place as I didn't stop my Garmin when I thought I did so when I pressed the button I actually stopped it. Suddenly occured to me that when I was expecting to see a mile run and it only said 0.45 - so I ended up running until the watch said 6.60 safe in the knowledge that I had done at least 7.

    Well done all,  the thread really does seem to move on quickly.

  • very good point Grendel. It just makes me sad that the athletes dont stand up and just say "I will not be a part of this". I get the entertainment side of it and the money and contracts and and and....but still, basic morals just seem to be lost. Im not sure that I could bring myself to compete even given all the training and possible backlash.

    What do you guys think? Politics in sport? Are you only an athlete at that level or are you now more of a public figure due to the media exposure?

    lol Grendel "never used no clean kit as an excuse...." just run faster to keep away from the smell! image

  • YESSSSSS !!!!!

    At last managed to get out first and last time this month - as am off to Zante on 15/8

    4.94 at 10:25 pace but it was heaven just to get out and remember why I love this sport. As Grendel said the thread moves on fast so will pay more attention

    When I am back will be looking into training plans for sub 2 half so if anyones got any good ones ?

    Well done all keep on keeping on !!!!

  • I'm in for the ThunderRun SAFTB team!  It works out to be £31pp for a team of 8 image

    it makes sense, you know it does....... B2B, don't go solo, be part of the collective image

    ive just got some new kit from wiggle, all totally wierd colours and not what I thought I'd ordered but it fits so that'll do.

    ? Early run before work tomorrow .....

    happy running folks

  • I'm in for the ThunderRun SAFTB too!! Love a bit of teamwork! image

    Well I snuck out for a quick 2.13mile speed session this evening, ran it in 15min 45secs, the quickest I've run this route, and don't I know it! Felt my lungs working hard! Now feel well chuffed, even if it was only a couple of miles!

    Well done on getting out 330! Have a great holiday!

    I'm sure your new kit is cool Gammi! I love getting new running kit! I think that actually happens more than I get normal clothes lol! I got a technical T-shirt in my goody bag at the end of the York 10k, really proud to wear it!

  • 330 - yay! glad you enjoyed it! image

    Now the question is, how many laps would you do?! 4 laps is nearly a marathon image

    Im still tempted to do it solo as it means that I could run with all of you as you switch over image Then again it would be a lot of fun to just hang out as well.....

    Lets see how many are up for it! Grendel? JR? 330? Kev? Mummysaurus? (yeah I can see you lurking! image )

    TR SAFTB Team so far - Gammineez, Lisa E, B2B (maybe image ) 

    Lisa - I love getting t shirts for races!! image Something you can wear with pride. I have a purple cotton one from Hell Runner 2010, a white tech t from Hell Runner 2011, didnt get one from Luton marathon but did get a beanie image the white tech t from NDW50 is my fav so far. Didnt get one from RTTS, little annoyed by that as it was expensive

  • WOuld love to do it - B2B but can't see my wife letting me go off to Derbyshire for a weekend!!!!!  

    Another fartlek session crossed off the list - woke up at about 4:30 dreading what was to come - almost bailed out but an hour later off I went - had almost decided that I was going to do a minute on minute off but in the end I didn't I felt far better than I expected and ended up really mixing it up - from a minute to a mile so all going OK - (legs are aching something rotten now though!!!)  7 miles in total including warm up - 5 miles done in 43.26 minutes which includes very slow one minute jogs so will settle for that).


  • Lol B2b 

    Maybe in 2016 lmao.

    WK2-R2 ok no problems, but to save boring you all again with my progress for every run.

    I have decided from the end of this week to post completed weeks results only till I get back to week 6 where I originally got too prior to injury.

    Have a great day all of you and happy runningimage

  • B2B - Would love do do it but I am afraid I am in the same boat as Grendel - my wife would go mental

    Weekends for my wife is housework and ironing and moaning about doing it !! Fun ? cant be having that !!

  • Well done Grendel! Might start a little speed stuff myself image

    Guys?! Its a year a way, plenty of time to butter them up! image Sounds like you guys might need to start now though lol! 

    5.57 brisk walk with a little running thrown in for laughs last night image

    2013 - 482.57 nearly at 500 image really want to break 700 as I just missed it last year by about 2 miles

    Milo - 233.36

  • 330 - housework is only necessary if essential.. not mandatory weekend work (well not in our house anyway image) and life is too short to again that doesn't happen in our house bar the occasional item as and when needed! And no I am not a sloth nor my house a s**thole, but life needs to be enjoyed! image 

    I agree with have just under a year to get a YES!!!

    Most laps I could probably do is 3!??

  • Lisa .. agree life is to short  . who really gives a toss if the carpet isn't hovered everyday !

    I bid you all farewell for 2 weeks my running buddies. I will return

    Keep on keeping on and take care everyone

  • Lisa - Life is too short to iron, you are right there!  Mine builds up until theres a little mountain going on and then I have to pick a few of my favorite things and get them done.  If I am really stressed I do a bit so that I can bang the iron around and get rid of any frustration that way.  But who needs ironing they can go for a nice run and chill out that wayimage

  • Lol Liversedge!

    Well i'm on a roll this week.. double figures for my run on Sunday, and I've just reached treble figures in the pool.. swam 100 lengths image Just over a mile and a half! I just seemed to keep going?

    Aiming to go for ~5mile run tomorrow, and then hopefully another long run on Sunday but I haven't planned out the route yet?

    Happy running everyone image

  • I try to buy clothing that doesn't need ironing. 

  • Morning all and a wet one it is too.

    Hope everyone is well and all goals have been achieved. 

    Anyway WK1 completed with no injuriesimage

  • Morning all!

    I too create the ironing mountain, it sits on the sofa.  I've become incredibly adept at ignoring it.  Mr Neez (who does his own shirts God bless him) took piss royally when I covered one particularly large mountain with a throw to tidy it up.  Now i iron only the things that really need it.  Life's too short.

    also, don't feel like you're boring anyone Kev... If you can't bang on about all your running triumphs (big and small) here then where can you?

    and on that note, I ran 2,4m yesterday.  Meant to run my long route but Chagford shoes put paid to that image.  It was humid too.

    happy rrunning

    ps nice one on the century swim Lisa

  • Thanks Gammineez for the kind words but cant help feeling its like deja vu as I write it.

  • That's the point, nearly all of us have had that déjà vu moment, it's frustrating but the important thing is not to give up and not to repeat the mistakes you made the first time.  Tell us how you do, every run is a small triumph as far as I'm concerned.

  • By the way, I meant Chagford show not Chagford shoes......

  •'re not boring us..thats what this forum is rant about running as we all share the same interest!!

    Thanks Gammi.

    Well I didn't run today, had kid free day with hubby so we went for a nice 3mile country walk together instead..maybe i'll convince myself to go tomorrow morning?

  • Thank you also Lisa,

    Ok as you are all so niceimage

    I will continue to post even if it does feel like deja vu Lol

  • Finally dragged myself out for a 5.4mile run..totally muffed it though..went out later than planned so had to get back sharpish for hubby to go to cricket. So I stupidly went out too fast, the first two miles were way to quick, and after the 3rd mile I had to tackle a steep hill, so the last two miles I felt like I was going backwards lol. My legs felt really heavy and sluggish today. image Oh well..least I did it!? Roll on tomorrow...?

  • Hello,

    tried a new route today, part road, part trail, 5.7m With hills.  Light rain made it really nice to run, it hisses and steams when it hits my bright red face but cools me down. Took 59 m.  All the routes here have hills, gonna have to learn to love them image

    wonder where everyone else is?

    happy running ppeople's I reckon I could do 3laps of thunder run with some more training...... Oh so brave now, in my armchair!

  • Hi all have lurked but not posted - root canal done on two teeth on Thursday (after my 7 mile run - got that out of the way first !!!!) hopefully that will resolve the problem - cost £49 in total so fingers crossed - 5 miles run Friday and a further 5 miles Saturday.

    Placed my Tesco cheap energy replacement drink in the front garden and feeling rubbish decided on 10 rather than 15 and to do 2 laps of approximately 5 miles so I could bail out at any time - 3 laps and 16.03 miles later I walked through my front door, it took 2 hours 33 minutes but time on my feet -  Happy days all.

  • Gammineez that run sounds like bliss. I too am of the red face brigade but sadly we dont get rain in the gym to cool us off. I swim after every gym session so, no, no pool running, just learning not to drown doing front crawl after my very dry land runimage 

    Grendel ouch! Teeth are mean mo fo's, fingers crossed it's sorted now for you.

    I'm really happy today,  after being stuck at the end of week 3 bupa c25k for what feels like forever, (probably 10 days in reality) I acctually made it to the 1st run of week 4 and it felt great. My front crawl is coming along nicely too so a very good day  so far.

    J x

  • Hi All,

    Glad to see everyons doing well.image

    WK2-R1 completedimage

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