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  • Hey folks glad you are all doing well! image 

    I too have been lurking but unlike Grendel no running for me to write about. Ive felt a little flat of late so ive taken some time off. Hopefully back out tonight and I will just run as far as I feel comfy.

    Well done Grendel on the 16! 2.33 is a great time, well done! How did you feel after?

    Just got an email again from the 24hr race to say they havnt had any drop outs so it is very unlikly that I have a place. oh well everything happends for a reason image

    Just added myself to the waiting list for the thames path 100 next may image Hope I get a place because I will already know the first 50 from thames trot 50 in feb image

  • Well done everyone, stay positive and keep running!

    Didn't go for a long run yesterday as my pelvis was really aching all day and thought it wise to rest another day.

    Think it paid off, as I have however managed to get out tonight, and ran a nice comfortably paced 7.42miles, so i'm happy now! image

  • Nice run lisa, looked like the extra day off worked in your favourimage

    Went out very early this morning 4:30 

    nice to be able to run the roads car free!

    WK2-R2 completed no problems to reportimage


  • nice Lisa! image

    4:30! image Only on race day! image

    Well I didnt end up going out last night, still feel a little off. Maybe I have a minor bug or something? Oh well the rest is probably needed anyway.

  • A days rest is often all it takes Lisa - well done on the 7.

    4:30 Kevin, I've never done that early!!!! but good to hear that you are running pain free and going back tothe beginning was the way to make the transition to the sandals!!

    16 was OK - B2B but I did struggle with a 5 yesterday morning and today was even harder - felt really strange afterwards and was starving - (not in a Bob Geldolf arrange a concert sort of starving - but was really hungry which is unusual for me post run) Still have a week off work next week and I will not run for 5 days - just looking forward to going back to sleep in the morning I think.

    Have reached 1200 miles yesterday for 2013 so am 228 miles ahead of last year!!!! 

  • B2b

    Get some Red Bull down you (gives you wings)

    Seriously though, hope you feel better soon mate.


    Maybe, still early days yet though.

    If I can pass week six where it all started maybe cracked it but not counting any chickens yet my friend Lol.

    Early running switching is due to my last run this week 

    is thursday.


    im away thursday dinner for the weekend.

  • wow Grendel 1200 already!?!?! Well done! I think your body will really like the 5 days off image

    I can get really hungry after a run as well if I didnt take any snacks with me on the longer runs. 

  • Thats the thing B2B even on longer runs (and remember your definition of long runs is way way different to mine!!!) I don't usually feel like I did this morning. Oh well have had a large pot of pasat and sandwiches for lunch - off swimming tonight followed by sweets and crisps!!!

  • WOW just got a mail from the dudes at self transcendence, as this year was full I have a guarenteed place for next year!!! image

    Grendel - but you are talking about long runs! 16 miles is long enough to start thinking about how you are going to fuel yourself

  • Hello all,

    One of the great things about moving is discovering new routes.  Took a picture of the OS map with my phone so what could possibly go wrong?    Well distance wise, not too much really but I went a bit off piste and went no where near where I meant to go.  On the plus side I ran past some amazing scenery and buildings, including Gidleigh Park (über posh hotel).  ran backwards for a bit along the drive, to engage the glutes you know, not so that I could ogle like a bumpkin at the building.  Made an amateur mistake though, totally underestimating how long the driveway was, it went on And on and on. 

    Also, an Eddy Redmaine lookalike gave me directions image

    5.56m in 57m, not including the stopage time to check the map, ogle buildings and chat to Ed.

    horay for the race entry B2B and congrats on that 1200 Grendel.  I think you deserve those sweets.  

    happy running folks

  • Well done on the run Gammi as you say moving is great (if you can find the sort of routes that you are finding and what a great way of discovering the area - am off to google Gidleigh Park!!!

    Great news about the self transcendence race is that the 24 hour one?  self transcendence used to be calle Sri Chimnoy - I have done their Battersea Park races many times over the years ( they used to give prizes for the first 7!! so we used to head to Battersea a lot)  - I don't really see 16 miles as a long run - although I suppose given the time I am on my feet these days it is!!! 

    Did 7 this morning a mile warm up and warm down plus 5 miles fartlek - the fast bits were all further than half a mile but took a minute recovery between the faster bits was always a minute (except one time when it was 40 seconds (and boy did I suffer on the next one)

  • yeah its the Sri Chimnoy 24 hour. First 7?! Strange number! So whats a "long" run then? 20? I think anything over 10 or maybe 13 counts as a long one but then again im slow image

  • (i'm slow too)

    I suppose I still have this mentality where I didn't used to take drinks on long training runs - even with 26 miles taking less than 3 hours - but now I am a lot longer on my feet so I have got to start viewing things differently  and take that into account - I don'tr know what was behind the first 7 thing - is it, because of the Sri Chimnoy runners are smilers Philosophy, perhaps 7 is the perfect number (6 or at least 666 being the number of the beast)

  • Beautiful morning run at 6:30

    WK2-R3 completed image

    Off to relax at skegness around 10:00 for the weekend as my whole family have gone over, so should be good.

    keep on running everyoneimage

  • Grendel - hmm maybe! also found something called "life path 7?!" Im sure there is some kind of meaning behind it, maybe the link of the number 7 representing god? self trascendence........I may of be looking into this too much image

  • That one is very simple: the number 7 is holy because God rested in the seventh day of creation. The Rabbinic interpreters of the bible deduced that in that day, God completed the creation of the spiritual dimension of the world. Thus, both the seventh day SHABBAT (an ancient word combined from the Hebrew words for "seven" and cease") and the number seven, strongly symbolize all that is holy and spiritual.

      But then again - who came first? Was it God, who has chosen to rest on the seventh day and thus influenced the culture of Man, or was it Man, and specifically the adapter of the Bible, who wrote that the world was created in seven days - because he knew how important the number 7 is, and he wanted his book to be well received!!!

    Oh well 7 miles done this morning partly up hill to for a change - legs still complaining today though!!! 

    Well done on getting out Kevin all sounds good - enjoy Skeggy!!!!

  • 7 miles eh?! image spooky! image

  • So, five months after rupturing the ligaments in my ankle I am finally getting back to running. Am just about to start wk6 off c210k image

    it's taken ages to build It up but I am chuffed to be getting somewhere! 

    I reckon my ankle is never gonna quite be the same though image

  • well done becky and welcome! Ouch on the ankle! image Just do as you have been doing and take your time image

    Finally got out for a 5k last night with Mummysaurus. She meant business last night! We did an unstructured "run when you want" approach and she was working really hard at running as many times as she could. Ended the run sub 50!!!! image WELL DONE!! I wont give too many details as she blogs a lot. You can find her on blogger under Mummysaurus59 (or highlight this, right click and find with google image )

    This means its nearly time to unleash her on the world of Park Run image


    Milo - 236.46

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone,

    Back from hols, feeling recharged and refreshed. Had a very relaxing time sitting on the beach, fishing, reading, drinking beer and tea and eating way too much take out. Now to get back into this running lark. Despite taking my running gear I managed just the one 2.5 mile outing….oops!

    Set off this morning before breakfast for a gentle trot to get back into it and the first half mile was awful. I felt absolutely crap. Despite running at 11mm pace I was really struggling. Then I hit the mile mark and all of a sudden I’m shuffling along a minute a mile faster with little effort. That’s more like it! Decided before I left to keep it short and sweet but had no choice in the end due to some excavating taking place along the tow path. Turned around and headed back home completing 2 miles. Will head out for a little longer Sunday morning.

    Have had a quick scan over the posts….apologies for essay that follows….did I just read that Grendel is having 5 days off?

    Lisa, congrats on the double figure run! How good does that feel eh?!? Sounded like a great route. That was some pace for the 2.13 mile speed session, no wonder the lungs were burning.

    B2B, don’t forget your friends when you make your first million from the new shoesimage As for the athletics, you hit the nail on the head with… It’s what it’s all about. The athletes can make a stand, and to a certain degree do, by running clean. We need people like Usain and Mo to win clean as we all know that deep down the sport if full of cheats and drugs. I reckon long runs can be viewed by time rather than distance? I wouldn’t take a drink for anything under an hour (unless racing)which would be around the 6 mile mark for me, and if it’s a long slow run nothing unless it’s  9+, although I make sure I’m fully hydrated the previous day. Weather also plays a huge part, in the cooler months I’m fine but if it’s hot I really need to be careful as I sweat so much when I run. Well done to your mum, fair play to her.

    Grendel, I was a little peeved this morning as the wife had put my running gear in the wash as she said it “stank”. I saw this as no reason to have washed it but on retrieving a nice clean pair of running shorts and t-shirt  from the line I was rather pleased she did. I know all about route canal from personal experience, give me a marathon with 2 weeks training any day!

    330, well done on getting a run in before you went. Looks like the pair of us need to knuckle down for September. I have the Taunton 10k at the end of the month so will be drawing up a schedule to start this coming Monday.

    ThunderRun out of my range I’m afraid. Wrong side of Birmingham for me.

    Kevin, that’s the best clothing tip I’ve ever read! I find the tumble drier best, hang it straight in the wardrobe afterwards and no need for ironing… least I think that’s what the other half does. Keep posting and keep running, we are all at various points in our ‘running careers’ and all lead different lives in between the running so just do what you can do and be proud of all of it. You’re a runner, which statistically means you are one of the top 5% fittest people in the country. I take car free runs for granted round here, even the runs around the lanes I see very little traffic if any at all. It’s bliss and worth getting up early for.

    Gammineez, love the ironing mountain, maybe one day you may be able to run up it. Seriously, who does iron these days? Maybe nights out, weddings and work shirts for those who push pens but I cannot remember the last time my wife stood at the ironing board and she really is ocd about housework.

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    The hoover gets serviced more regular than the car in this house! Like the OS route search, I happened to pick up a book the other day called ’50 walks in Devon’,lots within an hour of me. All walks identified with OS reading. Thought if you can walk it, you can run it so maybe I’ll buy the book and plan some Sunday runs somewhere a bit different. Cheaper than race entries too which I have to think about when planning on a family budget. Had no idea who that Ed bloke was, but Gidleigh Park looks amazing. Dartmoor is beautiful and just an hour from me too…..maybe if we win a few bob on the lotto a weekend away there could be on the cards.

    Juju, good progress being made by the looks of it. Keep plugging away, before you know it you’ll be heading out for 2/3 mile easy runs and looking at a 10k.

    Welcome Becky, I know how you feel about your ankle. True, it will never be the same but you can still run. I (when I can be bothered or remember) do some strengthening exercises to help and I also now wear custom orthotics to balance things out. The best exercise I have found is one fell runners use to strengthen their ankles. Simply balance on one leg with your eyes closed for 5 minutes. Failing that, get a balance board (my wife found a Davina McCall one fairly cheap). There’s also loads of stuff online that’ll help.

    August 25.5 miles

    2013 – 364.46






  • JR - The first step is to stop making 2 left ones! image

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    b2b, you've lost me there?

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    ah, got i feel really slow.....

  • Lol B2B!

    Well I was up and out before breakfast this morning so I had no chance to decide on a lazy day!! 3.18miles in the nice drizzle rain! My perfect running weather! Happy now, happy weekend everyone! image

  • Hello all and welcome Becky!

    welcome back JR, glad you had a good holiday.  Eddy Redmaine is a rather attractive actor.  He was in Birdsong.  Ho hum.  Yesterday i ran the run I'd meant to do when I ran through Gidleigh.  There was a bridge, which turned out to be huge stepping stones, it was lush image

    congrats to Mummysaurus!

    happy bank holiday all


  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Morning everyone,

    Just a little further today, 3 miles along the canal, nice and flat. Joints still feel a bit stiff after holiday but feel more relaxed now i've had a good stretch post run. Another easy 3 planned for tomorrow morning.

    Have a good bank holiday

    August 28.55 miles

    2013 – 367.51


  • Thanks for the welcome and encouragement everyone image 

    I finally got myself out for day 1 of week 6 on c210k today so am up to running for a whole 10 mins at a time! Sound like nothing but it is a huge achievement for me considering that a couple of months ago I could only manage a weird sideways hop/shuffle type thing! 

    And my pace seems to be much improved from before my accident so that's an extra bonus.

    i'd like to go out again tomorrow but I guess I should have a rest and do my physio instead image

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Well done Becky, good on you.

    Take the rest day, this is a marathon, not a sprint (you'll soon see we're all really good at giving advice, but often fail to take our own!)

    Entered the Taunton 10k today, it's on the 29th September. 5 weeks training. image

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