Starting again from the beginning!



  • oooooooooooooooooooohhhhh! Just found why I may get pain in the top of my foot....

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    I'm in need of inspiration as a later night than planned reulted in the snooze button becoming my friend this morning. 

    As 330 is now back (hope you had a great holiday) and B2B has added another 5k i best set off myself. 

    See you soon!

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Run done! Nice easy half mile warm up, had a quick stretch as my calf felt a bit tight and plodded off at 10mm. Took the scenic route round the lanes and kept the pace even all the way, even up the half mile long hill. Not the quickest run but felt easy so getting back into the swing of it.

    August 38.64 miles

    2013 – 377.60

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    B2B.....almost 500 up!image

  • WK3-R3 completedimage

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Nice one Kev image 

    Went off to Killerton House this afternoon and followed a route around the estate. Up one fairly steep field into woodland, along some lovely level woodland tracks, through gates, over stiles, past a 16th century chapel. Back along another lovely track, through a couple of fields, and back to the car. Fantastic!

    September 4.5 miles

    2013 – 382.1

  • Hello all,

    welcome back 3:30.  Splenic for thought, that would make a good indie band name.

    i bought some Beetroot juice today, it was weird.  Why was I surprised that it tasted of Beetroot?  Had an almost overwhelming urge to put some tobasco and vodka in it....

    that killerton run sounded nice JR, is it part of where the park run goes?  I still haven't actually made it to one of them yet.

    really chuffed, I made it to 50.21 miles for August!  

    Ran 9.35 today around Fingle bridge, it was hard work towards the end but I'm feeling a bit better about the looming Dartvale half.

    happy running folks

  • Early on again today 5:30

    WK4-R1 completed image

  • Gammineez, I now know how to get beetroot juice into my diet.....simply add vodka lol. Yes, the Killerton run did take in some of the park run route. I'm pretty sure I started at the official start post and went through a couple of gates which had 'run england' on them. Not sure of the exact route they take (hope you don't run up the field I did) and I too have failed to get there yet despite having 6 barcodes buried in a drawer and signing up about a year ago! Well done on making it to 50 miles for August. Theres a route in my walk book that includes Fingle bridge, sounds like a great run there!

    Kevin, you are putting us to shame with your early start to the week. How are you feeling at the moment? What sort of time are you up to running now? I presume by the smileys everything is going just fine. 


  • A week of nearly no running completed,  so hopefully will benefit - will ease back into it from tomorrow - 

    Well done all of you glad the running is going well - and 3:30 time now to get back out and just do it!!!!

  • howdy folks!

    Went to Pistyll Rhaeadr on saturday on a last minute idea image Beautiful place, we hiked around for about 2 hours. I could have spent all day there. image 

    Quads have been nicely stretched ha ha ha. Would be so cool to get some serious training out there, major, major hills....loved it!

    Really should have taken my watch so I could see how far we went. At a guess it was about 5 miles but I wont count it here.

    Glad to see everyone is getting on well.

    Right so I have 6 months from yesterday till the Thames Trot 50 and I have decided to try and give this one the full beans image Time to get myself together, get fixed, get fit, maybe even get fast? The gloves are off for this one folks! image

  • Just Run

    I'm up at 4:30 have a cup of tea and get rolling pin on calves whilst drinking it.

    Out at 5:00  for run and back by 5:30

    Stretches, breakfast, shower then work.

    This weeks running on C25K

    Brisk 5 min walk Then 

    Run for 3 min then walk for 1.5 min then run for 5 min then walk for 2.5 mins


    repeat the above then 5 min cool down walk.


    Total 16 min running.


    So far everything is going well and all forefoot running.

  • Welcome back Grendel. image

    B2B, 6 months training with a couple of ultra events already completed....we will be expecting BIG things from you image. Seriously though, you must feel confident now you've got those 50 milers under your belt. Go for it.

    Kevin, 4:30? Fair play to you. I find 5am really tough (although great once i'm out there), and its getting tougher all the time now the darkness is dragging on. I have no street lights within 3 miles of me so the winter training runs I do get myself out for become more about mental toughness than physical. My head torch is ready in the drawer though....bring it on!

    After seeing Kevin was up at 4:30 i'd have been really annoyed with myself not to have got a few miles in today so went off for a nice slow 4.91miles along the lanes.

    September 9.41 miles

    2013 – 387.01






  • Off out tonight for only my 2nd run in a month.

    Should be interesting

  • lol JR - Well a lot more than I did on my first one as I kind of know how my body might react. The first 50 was a learning exercise, the 100k was...well...a lot of walking ha ha ha. This one I know I can give it a little more knowing that I can finish. Mind games and all that jazz image Nearly 400 for you JR well done!

    Have fun 330! image Nice and easy does it

  • Wow everyone, great walks and run! Wish I could get up early and go Kev but my husband leaves mega early for work so i'd have to be up in the middle of the night to be back in time for him to go image...not happening lol!!

    Well I completed the Gt London mile Swim on Saturday in a respectable 29mins 47 sec, sub 30 for my first open water, well chuffed!! Still buzzing!!..probably another sport i'll start getting addicted too now image

    But now the swim is done, i'm back to running and getting my distances been out today for a 7.6mile run, in the beautiful but very hot sun...on a really hilly route. Thought it was a great run..felt great!! image

  • Lisa, 

    Why would you have to be back for him,

    Just give him a kiss before you go outimage

  • Kev I have two children and they are too young to be left on their own! image

  • That seemed hard !! 3.31 miles in 34:36

    Good to get that out of the way and back posting. Will add miles to the monthly challenge for what their worth !!

  • Lisa, I see what you mean now.

    330 well done on getting out.

  • well done Lisa! I would have drowned! image well done on the run as well.

    330 - back in the driving seat image


  • Well done 3:30 onwards and upwards now.

    Hats off Lisa - a mile in the London Docks, I used to run round them and know just how mucky they look (also far deeper than I would like too!!!) My Mum can't believe that we have lived 200 yards from the North Sea for nearly 7 years and I have never been in for a swim!!

    Beautiful morning - was still quite dark when I went out but after 2 miles out I was able to watch the sun come up on my return - amazing site - ended up adding a further mile loop so 5 miles and felt great.

  • Nice work on the swim Lisa image do you think you'll try a triathlon some time?  

    You'd need a wet suit for the North Sea wouldn't you Grendel?  All you early birds are very inspirational, I wish I was more disciplined.  My youngest son was such a rubbish sleeper, I think there's a bit of me that still feels I need to take every opportunity to cram in the zz's when I can!  Having said that, after my last long ( for me) evening run I was totally buzzing and couldn't sleepimage.  Anyone else get that?

    happy running folks

  • ooooh yes gammi! I only run at night afterwork so when I was hitting my 15/20 mile runs I wouldnt be getting in till 10:30/11pm, quick shower, little snack then try and get to bed by 12am so I had time to roll around till about 2am then back up at 8 for work. Tough but you get used to it and I really think in a strange way it helps. Come race day you feel fresh for ages as you are used being tired all the time ha ha ha

  • Last year when I first started running, I would come off afters shift at 11:00 and go out running between 11:30 and midnight.

    Couldnt get off to sleep after till around 3:00 or 4:00am.(wideawake club).

    Dont do that now, I found my body responds better to early morning runningimage

  • I find morning runs really tough to get going, im just not awake and feel like bambi on ice image

  • You get used to it - this morning was brilliant, but it is getting harder to get out the door now it is darker.

  • I find it hard enough to get out the door in the light ha ha ha

  • Grendel I did find it really weird in the dock that the water when you put your head under was green and you could barely see further than about a foot ahead, so kept having to look up to watch out for swimmers in front. A new experience though and now I know what to expect when I do it again!

    Gammi I would like to attempt a tri but i'm not sure how I'd get on with the cycling as everytime I cycle I seem to end up with busted knees?? As the running is last I wonder if after a cycle I would be able to then go on and run? Maybe I could try a sprint tri as they are shorter distances? Don't think i'll attempt that until after my ultra though as don't want to ruin my knees just yet and spoil my training image

    B2B I too struggle with morning runs feeling like bambi! I often try at the weekends to get out first thing, but it takes me a few miles to get going and start to feel like my legs are actually moving! I always seem to feel best at runs in the early afternoon?

  • B2B when the 50 milers ?

    Grendel you back into it after your week "off"

    You 2 guys doing the marathon on the cycle track at Kent ?

    No run for me going to do Tomorrow the Friday Sat

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