Starting again from the beginning!



  • Morning peopleimage

    WK4-R2 completedimage

  • Good going Kev

    After my hols the enthusiasm is coming back. Been reading posts re Loch Ness Marathon and GNR - hmmm maybe again one day


  • morning folks....I should really do some of this running stuff! Been busy the last few days visiting family and such.

    330 - my schedule so far is looking abit like this...

    next saturday (14th sept) Mummysaurus and I have the colour run, train hard over the winter ready for next year!

    Thames Trot 50 on the 1st Feb, 3rd May I have my name on the reserve list for the Thames Path 100 (first 100!! aaaaaaaaahhh!) September (date yet to be set) I have a confirmed space for Sri Chinmoy 24 hour image

    Phew! Gonna be a big one! image Guess I should enjoy this resting now eh?!

  • 3;30 yep thats the one - the Kent Road Runners marathon - 17 laps - I have now worked out a course from home which is pretty exactly 1.5 miles - so will do some long runs round that (I may wait for the darker mornings though as just lapping may be construed as daft where I live!!!!) 

    Sounds horrible Lisa!!! BTW what Ultra you doing?

    a big big year B2B - do they give a silver buckle in this country if you break 24 hours?  As far has the sri chimnoy one goes you already know you can run 22 hours or so - no probs for another 2 hours!!!!

    Fartlek  done this morning - felt crap to be honest but pushed through it 6 miles in total with warm up -

  • Well done on the swim Lisa. I can remember swimming 8 lengths of the pool, it took an age. Doing that 8 times over, in open water? Not a chance.

    Welcome back 330. That first run back wasn’t all that bad! Glad you had a nice break, now lets crack on with September!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling good again Grendel. These dark mornings are going to really get tough once the weather starts to deteriorate too. You just can’t beat that feeling of having done your run early though, I often arrive at work looking like I’ve had a holiday according to my colleagues. They  ask how I can be so awake and full of energy first thing, while they stand there with their red wine bloodshot eyes, unkempt hair and fag breath gulping down coffee. Its not difficult to pick out those who at least try to look after themselves a bit. Lapping is construed as daft wherever you liveimage

    Gammineez, yes, the late runs do keep you awake don’t they. I find an early morning run has the same effect but you simply take that energy into your working day or weekend. I find early starts tough but only the getting out of bed and out the door bit. Once you’re running its fantastic. When it boild down to it you may take a while to awaken fully but your body is at its most rested state so energy shouldn’t be a problem, especially once you’ve warmed up. I’ve never had heavy legs on an early run like I have post work.

    B2B, certainly a big year ahead. That’s a lot of time on your feet, lets hope the winter is kind to us all as we train for our events.

    This mornings run was a decent one, safe to say I’m back in the groove now as the 5 mile distance didn’t feel like that far. Eased into it, got warmed up and then threw in a few efforts at my target race pace for the end of the month. I have given myself a sub 55 target which equates to just under 9mm. I ran 3 x 4 minutes at 9mm with a four minute recovery. Hit my targets very comfortably and I will add another one or two reps to next Wednesdays run. I’m not sure if I can run a whole 10k at that pace on current form but read a quote in RW today, ‘The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and miss it, but we aim too low and reach it’ Michelangelo. That said my dream time will be sub 54, aim sub 55 and accept (should things not go to plan for any reason) sub 58.


    September 14.40 miles

    2013 – 392.00

  • grendel - well I know I can walk 22! image yeah you get a buckle for 100`s and a "100 miles in 24 hours" or "100 one day" kind of buckle depending on who makes it image

    JR - yeah really hope we have a mild one, I need to get the miles in image Nice quote! I think its so true! Aim high and push your boundaries which in turn will inspire others to push theirs, creating a snowball of human achievement image

  • Hello people,

    ok, I'm convinced, will try a few mornings before the dark sets in.  Gonna get a head torch for the winter this year though, the lanes were a bit freaky in the dark last winter. Mind you, as Neez Junior #2 is starting school next week ( mixed feelings)I will soon be able to run after the drop off twice a week image so in theory will have no excuses. 

    Well done wk4 Kev

    and B2B, your races sound...... great? Well the colour run does, the rest sound scary!

    luck with the 9mm JR

    ive booked the car durance Life coastal trails 10k at Lulworth Cove in Dorset for 7th Dec.  then there's another coastal trail in south Devon in Feb.  I might book the half to give me a target over the winter (or the 10k if the Dorset one is too nails!) Am liking the trails at the mo

    it's good to have plans

    happy running folks

  • thatsThreat that's Endurance Life not car durance life image

  • For God sake!  The predicatext on here is bonkers..... where did 'that threat' come from?!  I swear it just sticks in random (usually awkward) words at will

  • Ah the Endurance life is the one my brother in law tried as his 2nd ultra!! He tried the UTSW 100 solo. Might have to give that beast a go! 2015 maybe? Bit busy already next year! image

  • Grendel i'm doing The Wall, challenger 2 days. Really looking forward to it! Got loads of halfs booked and 2 marathons (Brighton and Liverpool Rock n Roll) to train and motivate me to achieve this ultra! imageimage 

    So i'm busy too next year B2B, although your mileage will be way loads more than mine lol! The cycle track for the Kent Roadrunner is only down the road from me but I just don't think i'm mentally strong enough to run 17 laps!! I don't do well with laps!? So good for you!!

    Gammi my little boy starts school next week too!! Cant believe where the time has gone? It seems that someone has pressed the fast forward button since having kids. Think that's why I want to achieve challenges and adventures all the time to make sure i'm making the most out of life!?!!

    Went for a speed session tonight. Was tough in the heat, but I was determined and ran 3.59miles in 28mins 53 secs. Aiming to beat my 10k PB on Sunday of 54mins 56 secs. Might try a longer speed session Friday?

  • Catch up time

    B2B - Phew ! some schedule especially if you get in the Towpath 100. You like a challenge you eh !! Good luck

    Grendel - you are storming along - what month is the marathon ?

    Gammi - glad to see you have things planned

    Lisa -  likewise, you will have a bit more time with the little fella at school

    Been great reading back on your posts. A brilliant motivator and pleased to be back to our virtual running club

    To be honest my holiday came at wrong time as I was really making progress but hey ! am back now

    Out tonight 3.2 miles in 31:40, min a mile quicker than Monday so pleased. Promise to keep up in future this thread moves so fast !!



  • Lisa nooooooooooooooo!!! based on your shorter distances you should easily beat your 10K PB, doing another speed session of Friday can't benefit you and can only be detrimental to your performance.  If anything Friday should be a rest day. What 10K are you doing?

    The most laps I have ever run was the Sri Chimnoy Half - 13 one mile laps - this one is 17 1.5 mile (ish) laps - To be honest if my London place comes up I will do that instead!!!!! 

    5 miles run this morning, Pasta tonight and Friday and I am hoping then to get my longer run in on Saturday morning - rather than Sunday as it is our wedding anniversary on Saturday and are going out for a meal and we have some prosseco chilling nicely!!!

    Met yet another drunk this morning - a Scot staggering all over the place - wanted to tell me that I should be carrying a bottle of drink with me when I ran (not alcoholic) and oh yes could Ilend him 50p as he was a bit short.

  • Lisa - I really want to do the wall run in one go but its just expensive to enter and get there! The Kent Roadrunner was Grendel image getting your loonies mixed up image

    330 - yeah its all about the challenge for me image really hope I get the TP100, fingers crossed folks!

    well still no running for me but im out tonight with Mummysaurus image

    Its been a busy week this week. Next week I shall start on the miles....oh yeah colour run next saturday as well! Thats going to be so much fun!

  • Just done wk7 day 1 of c210k image Nearly killed me and I think the dreaded shin splints are making a return. Really painful towards the end image 

    but, I did it! I think I'm gonna have to slow right down for a while - at this rate it'll be years before I manage any decent distance....

  • becky80

    No it wont take years - just persevere, Rome wasn't built in a day !!

    As you say slow down long slow runs build the stamina you need - you will get there

    Good luck

  • 330 is spot on becky, take your time and maybe work on your form. Have a look around youtube for things like chi running or pose running image Also you dont have to follow the plan all the time, think of it as more of a guide.

    In fact I shall give you a little head start...

    Have a watch of this before and after video then have a read of the stuff after, you may have to pause as it scrolls a little quick image

  • And Ice the shins!!!

  • missed that bit! 

  • Thanks for the advice everyone and that's really interesting B2b - I will have a look at some others too image

  • WK4-R3 completed

    Bring on week 5image

  • Nice, warm 5k last night with Mummysaurus image

    2013 - 495.17 

    Milo - 247.66

  • Well done on another run completed Kevin and another week too - must feel brilliant to be running injury free now.

    4 miles done this morning, slighlty quicker than intended as there was a brightly lit boat chugging just off shore and I ran along the sea wall keeping pace with it until it turned back out to sea and disapeared into the morning mist leaving me to wonder whether the mexican food I had eaten last night was the best thing for running!!!image

  • Grendel3

    Yes it sure does, well don on your run tooimage

    B2b well done also to you and mummysaurus.;)

  • Morning everyone, another beautiful morning in Devon and I was off out the door in light drizzle which gave way soon after. Drifted off into a day dream and a very easy pace (average 10:43), headed off around the lanes and added a bit extra at half way. Before I knew it i'd reached the main road so turned around and headed back, rejoinging my normal loop and completing a pleasing 7.27 miles. Finished with a bit of a kick over the last quarter of a mile @ 7:22m/m. Feel really good. Off to swimming with my eldest boy this morning, he needs to perfect his feet for breaststroke and he can move up to the top group. 

    Missed my Friday run due to being very busy with marking football pitches, building goals etc ready for the start of the season with my youth team. Probably still covered my target 5 miles running around doing all that anyway! The boys got off to a flying start yesterday, winning 7-0 and 5-0 in their two games. image

    September 21.67 miles

    2013 – 399.27.............. would have gone a little further if i'd known that!

  • JR -

    Get out the door for that extra .73 immediately lol !!

  • Hello all,

    ive had a shocking week running wise.  After my long run last Sunday I didn't get out again, I went to pilates but somehow that doesn't quite count.  And I threw the rest of the Beetroot juice away, too awful.

    today though, I did a mile for the Marathon Talk Magic Mile competition. Anyone else doing this?  The last time I tried a single mile I must have been about 14, and that was a 1500m so 109m short!  I'd forgotten how hellish it is.  Anyway, managed a 7:08m time and am well chuffed with that.  I felt quite shaky and wobbly afterwards, I clearly need to do some proper speed work sessions.  How do people run 4 or 5 min miles for 26m?  

    Football, chasing boats, getting covered with paint, I hope you are all having a great weekend.

    happy running

  • Hope everyone's having a good weekend!!

    I've just completed the Weald St Georges 10k, around 8 secs off my PB, but it was an incredibly hilly route, and i'm really pleased with myself as I ran the whole route non stop which I've never managed before!! So really pleased as I know if it was a flatter route I def would have got a PB! The hill training sessions I've been doing recently have obviously paid off! image

  • Well done Lisa!

  • lol 330...image

    Gammineez, I have often wondered how on earth they keep that incredible pace going for so long.

    Lisa....BIG well done, now find that flat 10k and get that new pb!

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