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  • Sounds a good run Lisa, I used to run round the Darenth Valley with an old training partner of mine and know just how tough it is - heave you ever done the Eynsford 10K? that's quite a goody.  Did you get to meet Kelly Holmes? I met her many years ago (1999) she was a friend of a friend from her old army days. was really nice.

    10 miles run this morning, very slow very relaxed - forgot about the magic mile though. image

  • Gammineez - Put some apple juice with the beet juice if you find it a little much image

    well done with your mile, ive not tried eyeballs out for a mile. Might have to start giving that a go image

    Well done Lisa! Hills are you friends! image

    JR - soooo close to the 400! well done!

    Grendel - nice! banging those miles away!

    well i have decided this is the week to get back on the horse. Also set myself a "race" for my birthday, december 13th will be the "34 for 34". 34 miles for my 34th birthday image 

  • Will aim to run 3.4 miles for your 34th B2B

    An easy 4 miles done this morning - a slight drizzle and a gentle breeze, certainly I noce morning to be out and about, it has suddenly become that time of year when the security lights popping on along the sea wall track my progress.

  • ha ha ha Grendel, ill take that action image Cool! Would make a great video!

  • PHEW! Ran hard tonight! Couldnt figure out if I wanted to do a 3 or a 6 so I ran the really hilly 4 image

    Knocked another 13 seconds off for a new PB of 37:25!! ooh yeah! In your face hilly beast! image

    Oh balls, I did a JR and left it just shy of 500!! image

    2013 - 499.17 

    Milo - 251.66

  • I'm sure i've seen an advert like that?

  • Just a little facebook poem I wrote thought you might like it..

    Finding our smiles through trials not tribulations, no obligation to travel from station to station, we lay waste too pavement. These feet, keep beat, cross concrete and trail, form never fails, through sunshine and hail. Bad days overcome by movement, the moment, the meaning, it all becomes one. The blood, the tears, the beauty, this is why we run.

  • Grendel - yes Kelly Holmes was presenting everyone with our finishers medals so made it feel even more special! Eynsford 10k I guess has been renamed as the Darent Valley 10k, and yes I did it a couple of years ago...I remember that has a humungous hill too lol! Still a nice route and I would do it again but I think it's going to clash with another run I have planned next year?

    B2B - I'm celebrating my birthday with a run too! As its my 30th on the same weekend as the 30th Hastings half I thought it would be rude not to celebrate together lol! Like your poem! image

  • Thanks Lisa! I find a birthday run really nice, like a present to myself image I am going to try and run my age on my birthday for as long as I can, make it a sort of tradition image

  • B2B - what a brilliant idea !!

    Mind you if I run a mile for every one of my years I would be doing an ultra !! Nice poem by the way, an idea for Midday Morning - an EP of running themed tunes?

    Afraid I am not doing well, I knew that I was in my mind anyway, doing really well before my holiday and now I am struggling. Only 9 miles this month I normally try to get out after work but let work take over.

    So back out tomorrow I really don't want to waste all my efforts of June/July

    Glad to see everyones doing so well and racing. Lisa, must have been nice to get your medal from Kelly Holmes !!

    Am looking forward to watching the GNR Sunday - done it twice great event 

    September 9.3 miles

    2013 - 305.95

  • Morning all

    WK5-R1 completedimage

  • Morning everyone, thought i'd be first poster today but no chance of beating Kev! image

    Another (almost 5 miles) added this morning. Absolutely lovely out there. 

    September 26.43

    2013 – 404.03

  • Kev - well done your doing well !!

    JR - well done looks like you could be on for 700 for year ? do you have a target

  • 330 - Thanks! ha ha ha not for Midday Morning but I may sneak the theme in somewhere image

  • Theres not enough hours in the day for me to do a mile for all my years!! may celebrate by having a rest day!!!. just checked its a Sunday so that would be a long run!!!!

    You'r right I'm wrong Lisa it was called the Darenth Valley 10K even back in the dark ages, ran 35:51 there so quite a quick little course.  May even think about it in 2014 -

    6.64 miles done this morning, felt quicker than the overall time suggested but I did pick the pace up over the last couple of miles -

  • No real target now 330, just to keep on running. Think all my new year targets will fall by the wayside no matter what i do now so just concentrating on enjoying it. Have a target time for the Taunton 10k and after that will set another for the Colyton Fiver in October as ive done that race a couple of times. 

    Thats some 10k you ran there Grendel. 


  • quick time! I only need to cut off about 2 minutes and squeeze in another 2.2 miles and ive got ya! image Simples! image

  • You've got time B2B - you are looking forward - all I can do is look back!!!!!

  • hell of a thing to look back on though eh?! image whens your marathon again?



    You are so right. Me as well, looking back on my running logs from years ago does make me realise I am getting slower. My last half marathon was, would you believe on 5/8/2007 in my (now) home town of Helensburgh with a time of 2 hours 35 secs and the 55th of my running career.

    My last 12 mile run was 1:57 in July so although not much slower will never reach my PB of 1:35 again (13/3/1994)

    At this moment in time doesn't look like will be going on hols next year so hopefully do Helensburgh again and beat my time from 5/8/2007

    I do love my stats !!


  • Just worked it out 1302 miles for 2013 - 298 to go for my 2013 target.


  • Just Runimage

    330 or bust Thanks mateimage

    Good going everybody else keep at itimage

  • wow Grendel thats wicked!

  • Grendel that's brilliant. Even when I was running marathons I never quite reached 1300 in any one year  (and that was my downfallimage)

    Looking good for your marathonimage

    3.31 for me tonight


  • All

    Winter running - this will be my first winter in years I will be back running, living in Scotland I am thinking of investing in some quality (but cheapish) kit. Bit out of the loop in the kit buying stakes

    So what do you guys wear ? Obviously layers are the way to go but anyone recommend a quality base layer - Helly Hansen used to be popular so whats your choice ? I have a HH but its over 5 years old as is all of my kit apart from my shoes !!

    Running leggings / tights ? I have two pairs of Mizuno I got for nothing about 6 years ago as a guy at our club his son worked for Mizuno and we got a lot of free stuff. Most of it was seconds and one pair marked medium were made for someone between 6ft 5in and 8ft !!

    I don't mind running in the coldest of days as long as I have the right kit. And believe me it can get very cold here !!

  • 3.13 with mummysaurus last night and the penny is starting to drop on the technique! It was really nice to see her face light up with that "oooooooooh I see!" moment! image

    330 - I wear a Hind dryelte fleece type base layer, I believe they were bought out by Saucony? Found mine in TK max last year image I also use Ronhill leggings and use my montane terra pants over the top

    Looking into getting some "seal skinz" gloves for this year, I already have a seal skinz hat. Also looking at injinji trail socks for when my little feets get too cold in the sandals.

    Some great under gloves for nice toasty hands are cold killers.

    Ah, also grab a buff type product for keeping the neck warm image

    2013 - 502.3 woooooo 500 up for the year! imageimageimageimageimageimageimage

    Milo - 254.79

  • all my stuff comes from Sports Direct (except my trainers - Sportsshoes unlimited or Amazon)  I do have my old Ron Hill Tracksters that I Bought from the Sweatshop at Cannon Street many many many years ago whic I wore through the winter now I am no longer to fat for them. Gloves I did have a piar of Ron Hill Gloves my sister bought for christmas but the fingers got cut off for World Book Day - my son went as Ash from Pokemon!!!  Back to wearing the previous days socks on my hands!!!

    6 miles Fartlek this morning - although it was more of an interval session - kept the recovery down to a minute or less but ran minimum half mile intervals - (most were half miles) but through in a three quarter mile and a a mile too.  All good -

    AM thinking about ditching the Kent Marathon and going for the Halstead Marathon (also in May) as an alternative - It is laps but only three I think and only 45 minutes up the road from us. Will have to have a little think about it.

  • Thanks for the advice re winter stuff

    I am not a believer in paying a fortune for snazzy running kit as liong as it keeps me warm will check out Sports Direct

    Grendel - Have heard of that marathon meant to be a really nice course, was thinking of doing it myself but that wont be happening after my move !!

  • It is only about 40 minutes from home and isn't reliant on the Queen Elizabeth Bridge on the M25 being OK.  Plus guys from the old days do it so it is always nice to catch up - (when I say the old days I don't mean Henry V and Jesus I mean from my old days which probably pre-date both of them anyway!!)


  • WK5-R2 completeimage

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