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  • well done kev! Is that 2 lots of 8 minutes?

  • Well done Kev, going well.

    6.25 miles done this morning.  Nice morning, nice and steady run slightly longer than I expected to be out but enjoyed it.

  • Thanks guys,

    Saturday  run says 5 min brisk walk followed by 1x 20 min runimage

  • Back2basics wrote (see)

    well done kev! Is that 2 lots of 8 minutes?

    Yes mate it is.

  • Thanks guys,

    Saturday  run says 5 min brisk walk followed by 1x 20 min runimage

  • WK5-R2 completeimage

  • nice one Kev, coming along well! 

    Well done Grendel!

    Trying another double up day today. 45 minute spin class done at lunch then going to try and get a 6 done tonight image

  • Guys sorry for the double post's, its something to do with my phone i think??

  • 6.2 miles for me last night and decieded that it would be a strict 10mm, no faster or slower for as long as I could.........finished the 10k, looked at my watch...10.02mm!! 

    Really really happy with that, its not mega fast but faster than I would have done after 45 mins of spinning at lunch. Im not really used to running at a 10mm mile for so long and my pace is normally anything from 10 - 12mm on my longer runs.

    Plan is to use it like a little bit of speed training and see if I can add a mile and still be ok at 10mm. Started to feel a bit sluggish at 5 miles but that was also because part of the training yesterday was to push my limits. I had only eaten a pasty in the morning and a hand full of raisins after spinning then for the 10k only had about 3 sips of water which is very unlike me normally I sip away all the time.

    Ended my run in the chicken shop! imageimagemmmmmm chicken lol!

    Nice rest today maybe a pizza at lunch then its the Colour Run tomorrow with Mummysaurus! 5k of paint and rain woooooooooo! image

    2013 - 508.5

    Milo - 260.99

  • Well done B2B a tempo run every now and then won't do you any harm.

    I tend to skip meals B2B, after yesterdays run I had a bowl of cereal, sandwiches for lunch and then nothing as I tend to go to Tesco and do the weekly shop on a Thursday evening - so by the time I get back I don't bother with dinner. So off nothing to eat I did a very easy 4 miles this morning - it felt a lot easier than I expected (did have a job getting up though when the alarm went off!!)

    Good luck with the colour run tomorrow - - I am so tempted there is a Doughnut Run in Colchester Sunday - 5K you have to stop and eat a doughnut every 1K get a sticker and then carry on - sounds fun, two of my favourite things in the world, running and doughnuts. Will do a 12 instead

  • ah man a doughnut run sounds amazing! Ive tried it on my own much sugar!! There will be a lot of parping going on on sunday ha ha ha!

    Have you guys ever heard of the beer mile? Get training folks, I see a christmas challenge coming on! image

  • There are a couple of top class athletes looking to break the world record for the beer run challenge!!!!

  • Just looked up Beer Mile....  lol!  Considering I felt a bit sick and shaky after a normal mile image .... Mind you, I'd take that over donuts any day....Or beetroot juice!  And I hate to say it, but Mr Neez would be awesome at the beer mile event.

    got some neon compression calf doodars today from sports pursuit.  I looked like a total berk but I was very visible image a visible berk.  I guess they must have worked though as my calves feel fine.  Had one of those runs were you think it's going to be great and then it's just a big slog.  Cut it short after 3.5m.  Had to stop halfway to herd three escaped sheep back into a field.

    happy running people 

    ps well done Kev, hope your 20 min run goes well.

  • Well done on your runs peeps!

    Beer run sounds cool! I was suppose to do the Great British Beerathon up London last year but had to cancel last minute.

    I've only dragged myself out for a 4.29mile so far this week..the hills from my Sunday run seemed to have knackered my legs more than usual! I swam Wed and ran Thurs..gonna try for a long run over the weekend....

  • I prefer a curry mile myself image

    Had an appointment this afternoon and had to get the bus as the wife had the car for work. Got a single ticket and ran home, in the lovely rain. 4.51 miles done @ 9:59mm.....almost identical pace B2B

    September 30.94

    2013 – 408.54

  • WK5-R3 completedimageimage


  • Woohoo long run completed a day early! 10.7 miles in the glorious drizzle in 1hr 33mins 34secs. Well chuffed image Family went to in laws in the car, I said I'd meet them there and ran it, with some added diversions to top the miles up. I also ran the whole route...the longest/furthest I've run non-stop. Hoping I can maintain the pace and get next week's half at Tonbridge under the 2hrs, or close to depending on how hilly the route is? My current half pb is 2hrs 13mins. 

    Good luck and enjoy to all your runs this weekend! 

  • Well done all again some good running going on .... I am envious !!

    I have lost my mojo since coming back from holiday and have only been out a few times

    Am watching the GNR at the moment for some inspiration - normally works !! Done it twice great event

    So hope to be back out tomorrow so feel free to give me abuse if I don't post my miles !!

  • Get yourself out 3:30 - nothing like watching the GNR for inspiration.

    A nice morning today, we didn't have the weather they seem to have had up on Tyneside - Started out I the dark and ran into an amazing sunrise as the sun turned from red to yellow as it rose up out of the sea -  12 miles done last three miles took the average down a bit (despite trying to maintain 10 minute miles)  finished with an 8:52 mile!!! 

    Watched the Triathlon from Hyde Park this afternoon - how can those guys run so fast after doing a bit of a swim and going for a ride on a bike!!!

  • Tomorrow Grendel - I promise!!

    Watched the GNR though Mo lost it on the hill down to the seafront - possibly wrong tactics but he will learn from that - if he had stayed with the guy down that hill he would have won

    Only saw the triathalon from just at the end of the bikes but what a finish !!

  • Hey folks just a quick post to keep track of the miles...

    Colour Run on saturday with Mummysaurus, supposed to be a 5k but I made it 2.6 miles....oh well it was a lot of fun and I think if it went the full 5k Mummysaurus would have snuck under her PB by at least a couple of minutes so well done, you worked hard!

    2013 - 511.1

    Milo - 263.59

  • Well done B2b & mummysaurus

    2.6 miles is stll an achievementimage

  • Lisa, well done on the 10.7 at the weekend. 

    330, expecting a run update very soon.image

    Grendel, those tri athletes are something else, i watch in awe. 

    B2B, i take it the odd distance means a new pb anyway! well done. 

    Ok, youll have to ignore the extra text at the end, cant get rid of it on my phone. Pitch black and pouring down thus morning but very pleased to have got my run in early.

    September 35.94

    2013 - 413.54

    So busy at the weekend i didnt get a run in but up at 5 this morning to log another 5 miles. Pitxh black and 

  • B2B - That colour run looked a lot of fun !!

    JR - hopefully out tonight, to be honest could kick myself for my slackness (stupid idea could cause an injury!!) well done on getting out this AM

    I quite like running in the rain - good excuse to run in my Jacked to hide all my very wobbly bits !!

  • Yes, well done Lisaimage

    WK6-R1 completed this morning against the windimage

  • well done Kevin, youre going great guns.

    330, if youre worried about wobbly bits then why not join us silly oclock runners? its pitch black when i run now so nobody even knows im out there. 

    Winter kit... Merino wool socks are awesome. I wear a long sleeve compression top in the cold and wet too, keeps me very snug. A peak cap for the rain. Gloves are the cheapest more mile ones i could find. Considering some running tights but to be honest ive always worn shorts, theyve been fine in anything down to -7 and its never going to get much colder than that down here. 


  • JR - wish I could get up early to run tried it a few times never got on with it.

    I hardly used running tights when I was darn sarf but living up here -7 is not uncommon in winter !!

    Think I will look at the long sleeve compression tops though - what brand do you use ?

  • Dips in quickly - what are longsleeve compression tops?

    4 miles run this morning very easy into the wind which beacause of the route I chose was the longest bit of the run.

  • Howdy folks! Some good running going on in here!

    JR - I guess a PB for 2.6 miles yeah! image well done Mummysaurus!

    330 - yeah it was a lot of fun, paint everywhere! image

    Lisa - well done!! we have very close times! My PB half is a hilly one at 2:11:07 but that WILL be broken soonimage

    In other news...

    I can finally anounce that I am going to be an Uncle! image

    Time to get shopping for the most noisy toys I can find!


  • Grendel - think its the new fangle dangle name for Helly Hansen tops - you know the ones that came in tiny boxes and were tight fitting.

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