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  • Think I will enter Halstead - as even if it the day after any celebrations - I can still do it - providing I get a good night sleep the Friday night before - I don't drink so no probs there and because of my son we won't be to late home - so will enter it - the big question though is if I get an entry for London do I do that?


  • Do them all, do everything! im the little devil on the shoulder ha ha ha image

  • Yeah look forward to having that conversation with my wife!!!!

  • ha ha ha good luck with that! Remember, flowers, dinner then drop the news about the marathons image

  • Grendel

    If its a choice between the 2 its difficult

    As a race and going for a time it has to be Halstead but London is so over subscribed nowadays a ballot place is like Hens Teeth - what defering London till 2015 ?

  • I did do an entry for London so maybe - the appeal of Halstead (or even the Kent one) is I get n my car drive to the start park up then run then drive home again - London, dirve to Upminster on the district line (67 miles) - Train at stupid o'clock to Charing Cross - Tarin out to Blackheath run. The District Line back to Upminster get in car and drive 67 miles home again - (Halstead is about 30 miles from me!!! (lest not forget I have also got to go into London to register - none of which sounds fun. I the old days I used to work in London and would go to the 'exhibition' every year. - MInd someone has put a thread on about when cofnrimation comes out for London and I am sort of hoping!!!!

  • The logistic for me and London is a nightmare !!

    But still got friends in London I can stay with if I get in and I will deffo defer to 2015 !!

  • yeah that sounds long! I can help you out though, a 50k isnt that much further and they are much easier to get in to! image meee he he heee hee heee join us! jooooiinn us!

    ooo how did that link get there?! image

  • How much water you guys drink per day?

    I'm consuming 2ltrs but was wondering if that's overkill. 

  • To be honest Kev I don't really drink plain water but drink buckets of tea throughout the day !! Maybe I should drink more plain water

    Another 3.31 for me yesterday still not ventured any further than that since coming back from hols

    One thing I have noticed - before I went away I was running 5 miles during the week at around 9:40 miles, a couple of 12s at around 10:10 and a couple of 12.8s at 10:30

    All my 3.31 miles have been around 9 - 9:10 pace. So it seems I am moving quicker which is great and some of my fastest running this year.

    May not seem an Einstein theory to say that as obviously running shorter distances should see me running quicker but before I was a bit one paced so I am pleased to see I have it in me to run faster

    Secret is injecting that "speed" into my faster runs. Perhaps running 5s and then 12s at weekends was to bigger gap all at once 

  • kev - the whole water thing is very different from person to person. Dont believe the adverts! I for example I do drink around 2 litres but not all the time, it depends on what ive eaten, what im doing etc, etc. My fiancee on the other hand drinks next to nothing, she doesnt drink hot drinks at all and we have this joke about just spraying her with water to keep her going like a plant image

    The way to find out is to drink water untill your pee gets lighter, if it goes completly clear its too much and you are overhydrated. Just take note of it over a couple of days and you should find a nice ballance.

    Try not to force yourself to drink more just sip throughout the day. Overhydration curiously enough can make you feel thirsty even though you are stuffed to the gills with water so using your pee as a gauge is the simplest way of keeping track image

    330 - Well you gave youself a nice rest so your times will be a little quicker image

    The good thing about doing long and short runs in the same week is that you wil be running both on tired legs. You maybe running slower but trust that you are building up. Come race time you will have your taper which is the same as you have done by going on holiday then at the starting line you will be nice and rested. Everything will come together as all of that training is ready to be unleashed on fresh legs. Also as you have done so much training on tired legs you can run for longer before you start to feel tired as tired legs are what you are used to anyway image

     Dont lose the long slow run, it makes your shorter, faster stuff even faster image

  • All makes sense B2B - there (I don't drink that much - never plain water - I do have sparkling flavoured water (or diet coke and decaff coffee)  (plus of course the Tesco Value energy drink which is the drink of the gods!!!)

    Rest Day today - 3.3 miles run very easy - (alarm set for 4:20 tomorrow morning to get out and do my 15 then - can have a lie on Sunday morning)

  • Thanks guys,will check the colour of my pee over the next few days,

    Typicaly i have one mug of tea prior to running untill i get back, then ill have a pint of juice with my breakfast followed by more tea,coffee & juice throughout the day.

    Once i have had 2ltrs of juice/water i stop that though.

    WK6-R3 completedimage

  • Grendel - Sound advice


  • you will see an advantage to going a couple of days without tea/coffe/juice etc and just have water. Regard it as a bit of a detox. Flush everything out image

    The bad side of normal tea is that it makes you pee more due to it being a diuretic. The more you drink, the more you want to pee, the more dehydrated you get!

    Sugary drinks work in kind of the same way, also they pump a lot of sugar in your body. Great for short sprinting stuff but not so great if you want to run longer or you are watching your weight.

    If you really really dont like plain water its not the end of the world but try and make your squash weaker and weaker until its nicer to drink water than the squash! image

  • Lol I could pee for england when i go

  • B2B - question re fizzy drinks - I only ever drink Diet Pepsi or Coke (mainly pepsi because they sell a 600 ml bottle for the price of the smaller one!!)  So where do the diet drinks fit in?

    When I did my first marathon taking into account all the advice to drink drink drink - in the days leading up to it - I was drinking a pint of water after every visit to the loo - consequently I could probably have bottled my pee and sold it as pure water!!! I now know that overhydration can be as bad or worse than dehydration!!!.

    My second marathon was in Malta (obvioulsy my first was London) and in Malta there were only drink stations every 3 miles - and guess what I was fine - no problems at all. That made me realise I didn't need to drink every mile - I am also a great believer in making sure the hydration process is a continuous process in the days leading up to the race - 

    The reason I don't now drink as much as I should  - I work 30 miles from home and have to drive along the A120 and A12 - both dual carriageways - One night I got stuck due to an accident - I was stuck for 6 hours - I was peeing in a bottle and emptying it out the side of the car - Now when I do my run in the morning, I never drink afterwards until I arrive safely in work about 3 hours after run finished and I pretty much stop drinking from about 3 o'clock (finish at 5) to avoid the need to empty out if I do get stuck.


  • The problem with a lot of the "diet" drinks is that the replacement that is used can reportedly make you more hungry the next day, therefore you eat more, put the weight on and continue to buy "diet" drinks because we think it helps!!

    On the whole I am discovering more and more that anything other than natural honey and fruit (in moderation) seems to be bad for the human system.

    Sugar is not really a natural thing for us to eat hence the amount of processing it requires to make it edable. Bleaching and acid treaments, that kind of stuff.

    The not drinking water after a run is a bit of a bad thing as you really want to flush out your system and hydrate. It can put a bit of a strain on your kidneys and liver if they havnt got nice fresh liquid to keep them healthy image

    You will probably find that the first time you go after not hydrating after a run that your pee is really dark or smells a little bit. In the extreme case it could be closer to brown, thats basically your liver screaming at you that something is very wrong!

    Best advice? Keep the bottle in the car! Running the amount you do requires water, you are made up of between 50-75% of it image

  • Been a bit of a crap week, got out 5am Monday then missed the next three days. Just seem to be tired this week in the morning and we dont really stop till 9pm in the evenings, by which time ive had enough. Got home from work today and blitzed a 5k. Was aiming for a 5 mile run but went off a bit too quick. Before I realised my lap pace was 8mm and there was no chance of keeping that up for 5 miles. Decided a shorter run would suffice and just as well, my legs went at 2 1/2 miles and I really had to dig deep. My form went choppy, breathing was laboured and I just couldn't find the strength to push on for another half mile. To be fair, i'd been struggling for a mile by the time I stopped for a walk break. In the end, the finish line couldn't come quick enough. Recovered very quickly though and 26:51 is pretty good for me. In fact, its very good as my Garmin pb is 26:46!!! 

    Finished my latest book today, Flanagans Run, an absolutely brilliant story and well worth a look.

    September 39.04

    2013 - 416.64

  • Just had a look on a pace converter and 9mm would seem the sensible option for next week. If theres anything left in the tank i'll go for it over the last half mile. Happy running all

  • Same boat as you JR felt tired tonight and really had to force myself out

    Same route but decided to just coast round - 9.46 miles so not really displeased

  • Nice one 330, am going for a long slow one on Sunday......maybe even double figures!

  • When I say 9.46 I mean 9.46 a mile lol!!

  • lol 330, I take it you ran your 3.31 mile route. image Looked at the 9.46 and thought bloody hell, better pull my finger out here!

  • I wish JR !!

    Not been further than 3.31 this month (get bored easy running same route) so hard here measuring routs need a Garmin, I here the 401 is popular here

    Need a spare £400 to kit myself out needing new shoes soon, Garmin, Winter Kit (still awaiting Kevs review!) etc

    Starting to set racing goals now as well getting serious !!

  • 330, they haven't turned up yet mate but judging by the excellent reviews, they should be a winnerimage

  • Sorted, out by 4:30 15 miles done and dusted - am used to the stillness and the quiet at 5:30 - somehow more profound an hour earlier - (still bumped into someone to have a quick stop and chat with though!!)  I hear you re the drinking thing B2B will keep that bottle in the car. 

  • Right people,

    The Sub DUAL Compression tights turned -up this morning, as i have not owned any before i really cannot compair them to any other,

    However what i can say is they look and feel good and in my opinion well worth the money , Also if it wasn't for the (cod piece) look at the front they would be great to wear on thair own instead of under shorts or tracksuit bottoms ect ect.

    I ordered the medium for me at 5ft 8" and 34 inch waist and as you can see from the photo fit nicely.





  • Yes that bit at the front does draw attention

    Definetlyy need shorts !!. Let us know what you think when they have been out for a run

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