Starting again from the beginning!



  • Lol yeah thats what the wife said too.

  • WK7-R1 completedimage

    went out in the tights this morning at 5:00

    it wasnt cold but my legs felt nice and warm, the compression feels ok too, my quads and calfs felt nice and tight.

    as i sit here now writing this whilst still wearing them, it doesnt feel like i just ran 2 miles, i might keep them on till dinner time though as i have read, by wearing them post workout for a few hours it aids the recovery process.

    by the way, i did wear shorts over them but at 5 in the morning proberbly could have gotten away with not wearing them as i didnt see a sole.

  • Just a thought but wonder if I could dye the front bit black?
  • The big question is, if the dye doesn't work properly then could you ruin them by trying?

    a very very very easy recovery 4 miles run today - Thick fog coming in off the sea.

  • Stick with the shorts Kev, you could make things worse! 

    No run yet from me this morning as the wife asked if she could go first. 9:03 and she still hasn't got out the door. Should have gone at 7 when I woke up I think, i'd have been done about to give her a nudgeimage

  • Finally got out the door at 11:30, did the same route I ran two weeks ago, didn't really have the time, or energy, for double figures. 7.22 miles @ 10:14 pace. That's 30 seconds a mile quicker than last time with a real focus on keeping the pace up the hills. Very warm out there today, hopefully next Sunday will be a little cooler. Not terribly confident as I don't think i've trained well enough or been commited enough, although at the same time I know i'll get round just fine. Nice easy run planned for tomorrow morning, will keep things short and sweet this week.

    September 46.26

    2013 - 423.86

  • wow!! 2 days on the trot running JR

    I did 2 mile run friday

    8 mile walk with the dog yesterday

    2 mile run this morning

    My calfs are screaming at me nowimage

  • Hello everyone, sorry for no posts all week..great running everyone!! Glad the tights feel comfortable Kev.

    Go for you goals everyone..don't make excuses to put them off!! I've not run a marathon before and have already signed up to the Wall ultra next year. I think the PMA will help me get round just as much as training for my first marathon and continuing on to my ultra a couple of months later!

    Well I've had such a busy week I only got the chance to go out once for a speed session. I caught my kids cold yesterday and spent all day in bed. I really didn't have the energy to run Tonbridge Half marathon today but as I had raised loads of money for Prostate Cancer at work I felt I had to do it regardless. Understandably no PB, bit disappointed as pre-cold fitness I could have done it! image But I finished in 2hrs 17ish (waiting for chip time results).

    Roll on a better week...image

  • Kev, I aim to do Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday each week. It doesn't always plan out that way but would like over the winter to add a fifth run. 

    Lisa, Well done on getting down to the start line. And yes, you had to do it regardless. 2h 17m isn't exactly walking round! Beats my best as i've never done a half. I had a bit of the bug my youngest had at the end of the week. Always a problem while your kids are young. 

  • Well done for actually getting out JR - you'll be fine for the 10K.

    Lisa If the Tonbridge half is anything like the Tonbridge 10 - it is quite a toughy!! (do they still run the 10 - Do you belong to Tonbridge Harriers? 

  • Not sure about the Tonbridge 10 Grendel but yes it was predominately hilly. No i dont belong to a club as i couldnt commit to set days and times for training atm as my husband works shifts, so i just go out whenever i have childcare.

  • Out early this morning. Lovely light drizzle made for a pleasant, if very slow run. Don't think I ever really got going this morning. Still, 4 miles done and i'll put it down as a recovery run after Friday and Sundays efforts. My even be tempted to get up early tomorrow just to go for a walk, it really is that nice out there at this time.

    September 50.26

    2013 - 427.86

  • hey everyone well done for all of your running!

    Well done Lisa that time isnt too shabby at all! image The Wall run eh?! Good on ya! Start training with gear on you as soon as you can if you are not already doing it image

    JR - going well! 

    Now there is a little chill in the air its time to dial up the training! September always seems to be when I start to really get back into things, I guess its the change in weather. Time to start putting away regular double figures image

  • Rest Day today!!!! a proper rest day not 4 miles easy rest day but a proper one!!!!

  • Bloody hell Grendel, is it snowing? image


  • I have decided to work on a 3 week cycle,  increasing the long run each week from 10 to 12.5 to 15 (currently) keeping the daily mileage the same, but the week after the 15 I will take a day off and reduce the training load - culminating in a 10 at the end of the week - Obviously as it gets closer to the marathon the longer runs will get longer - but I may keep 10 as the shortest and then 15, 18 and 20 - The Monday to Friday  mileage won't change.  (even when it is snowing JR)

  • Lisa - Great time well done

    JR looking good for that 10k - looking forward to seeing how you do

    B2B wish I could get back to double figures !!

    Grendel sounds like a plan. I need to up the mileage want to be around 10 by Xmas.

    Loch Ness Marathon Sunday so maybe some coverage north of the border - so will have a watch of the that seems a beautifull course - be to busy looking at scenary to run !!

  • Good plan Grendel - rest days are important as you are working towards the marathon to make sure you get to the starting line! Strange enough, we seem to heading in the same kind of direction with wanting 10 miles to be a foundation image

    330 - It doesnt take long if you focus on the distance and not get hung up on how long it took. Distance first, speed later! image

    I seem to be getting a craving for silverware, god help my poor little legs over the next few months! My aim is to go off hard next year, time to get noticed a little me thinks image I dont see myself winning but im gonna make a lot of noise on the way! image

  • Nothing beats coming away from a race with a prize!!!

  • B2B That's the spirit !! 

    I pushed myself to do the 12 milers back in June to prove I could do it, I suppose I really should get back to that but build up slowly.

    I might even do 5 tonight if I get the time

  • Ooh I like the competitive spirit B2B!

    Looks like we're gonna be upping the distances over the next few months! Good luck everyone, stay injury free!!

  • forgot to add my 5 mile from thursday!

    Pretty sure im not going to be winning anything but I feel like its time to maybe dial up the speed a smidge.

    Speaking of which, I headed out tonight with the intention of taking it really really easy as I only got about an hours sleep last night and ended up just missing my 10 mile PB time again and this time by only 4 and a half minutes!!! 

    Something is starting to work here image 

    For those of you who have been about for a bit you will remember me starting "Milos miles", well it is that time now when he is about to head off to auction to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society. Rain, sun, wind, mud, 2 ultra marathons, color run and PBs all amounting to just shy of 300 miles! 

     Its been fun little buddy! 

    2013 - 539.2

    Milo - 291.69

  • Regarding rest days - v important here I think. Has anyone tried the follow: 1 day off a week, one week off a month, one month a year? An interesting approach that I read on a running club site somewhere....

    Just coming back to Chi Running and whether it's a rip off. Most people spend less than the cost of one pair of trainers on learning the chi running technique. It can potentially have a huge effect on injury problems. Different instructors do charge different prices to each other as well. (or you could learn from a DVD and book)

  • Failed in my attempted 5 due to time so done 3.91 - still .6 further than last week !!

  • Just build up bit by bit b2b and you'll get there...


  • Good morning all,

    WK7-R2 completed;)
  • FTR

    Welcome by the way. Yes I have only really returned to running since April but been running for years. but nothing much at all for about 5 years

    In June decided it was going OK and wanted to do some halfs in March 2014. So decided I would see if I could go the distance and ran a few 12's in June / July

    Went on Hols back end of August and am building up again. you got anything planned

  • phew! 45 minute spin class done! part 1 of the double up in the bag image

  • Welcome FTR -

    Good one B2B - never done a spinning class

    Oh well my rest day passed by OK - now 6 miles run this morning - not sure what benefit I got from the rest day but you all say it is a good thing so it must be image!!!

    Actually felt quite tired towards end but maybe that is the 15 still in my legs so I think I am making the right choice in alternating the 15 with a 10 and a 12 and a day off a month!!! 

    Obvioslu once I get into the marathon training after christmas I will follow a schedule (or will I?) perhaps I;ll make it up as I go along.


  • I think you would hate it till just after you are finished....then the love kicks in image

    Its made me about a minute a mile faster since I started going.

    Just make it up as you go for me ha ha ha

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