Starting again from the beginning!



  • Yeah I make it up as I go along too!!

    Legs still aching from Sundays run so went swimming tonight instead. Gonna get hubby to massage the aches away and hopefully get another speed session in before Sunday...hoping for a better half time at Ealing half?

  • Never done spinning. My plans are staying injury free, Adventure racing (on foot) and Chi Running instructor training.

  • Oh and thanks for the welcome

  • Lisa E

    You doing Ealing half ? I lived there up to the age of 11 right on the course

    Where do you live ?

  • No where near lol! Vigo, about 10 miles from Gravesend! Just googled the top 10 half marathons for last year and Ealing was one of them so thought i'd give it a go.

  • Hey folks and welcome F2R.

    F2R - Ive done a fair bit of chi running myself mixed with pose, I run in sandals image

    Lisa - Good luck for Ealing, head out just a little slower than you think you need too then at around 6 miles start winding the gears up a little, PB in the bag! image

    Part 2 of the double up day done. Nice 5k with Mummysaurus and a wonderful way to retire Milo image

    2013 - 542.3

    Milo - 294.79

  • My running was back to basics this year as we moved house and I took a lot of time out from'proper' training. Anyway I'm back at my 5k pb now... Time to work on longer distances from scratch... Grrrr


    B2b how much study of chi running have u done?

  • Welcome FTR

    Another 4 this morning, nice and slow at each end with 2 x 9mm in between. 

    September 54.28

    2013 - 431.88

  • Lisa E

    Oh right !!

    Its only the second year

    Seems it passes a school on miles 6 - 7 that's where I went from ages 5 - 10, seems the course goes past it twice on the way "out" school will be on your right. Also I used to live around the mile 11 mark. Oh how I would live to do that so many memories !!

    Also will go near Ealing film studios where many great films were made ie Carry on Films, The Lavender Hill Mob

    For you older runners Lillian Board was from Ealing and often saw here running around the roads there

    Almost tempted to go down all the way from Scotland would be like running through my childhood !!

  • Did my 5k tempo run yesterday. gave directions to a lost car, tied my shoes laces during my fastest km which was 4m08 ... V happy with that ... I'm getting back to whee I was last year finally.

    its the Huddersfield Hilly Half this weekend I think. Not recommended for pb hunters or those comparing with previous times at other events!

  • F2R - Ive read Chi running and Chi walking and have practiced it just in my own running on and off over the last year id guess. I use a lot of the principles of chi running but im not so strict with the rules. If I was to describe my running style it would be somewhere between chi, pose and some kind of weird horse beast image

  • I remember Lillian Board, her death was announced on the television whne, as it was boxing day, I was playing with the Arnold Palmer Pro-shot golf game I had got for Christmas!! Went to tell my Mum - a great talent taken to early.

    Good luck Sunday Lisa - must be flatter than Tonbridge and JR is your run this weekend?

    I tried Chi running but I ust don't have the concentration to do it - although I do try and adopt some of the principles for my faster runs.

    Given that I am limited to the amount of time I can do during the week, I think rather than following a schedule which calls for longer runs during the week I'll just do the normal and increase the long run at the weekend. (and of course have a rest day!!!!)

    Well 6.48 miles done this morning, a mile warm up then 400 metres, half mile, half mile, 3/4 mile 3/4 mile, 1 mile, half mile half mile then 1.48 miles all off 50 seconds recovery - (no warm down due to time)


  • Oh dear, I think I may have a place in next years London Marathon ! Will have to hold over no way will I be in shape to do that in 2014 !!

  • imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

    Go for it!! Dont worry about time just get round and enjoy it! image

  • Looked up my training for the last time I done it in 2006.

    In November 2005 was at 137 miles for the month running sub 7.30 miles !!

    To be honest I must look at this in reality. I am 55, its getting harder. I really don't think in 7 months I can do it. With London its not like I can enter anytime I want places are rarer than hens teeth. We will see, I have an open mind, I will go out and if I can get to 18 by Xmas may go for it maybe but its a big if

    Now if I was 10 years younger would go for it !!

  • The trouble is in putting it back like that is that if you then get injured you have lost the place - if you get injured for 2014 you then at least have another crack of the whip - my only goal for a marathon is now to finish within 2 hours of my PB - I will be happy with that so hopefully I can plod around and enjoy a marathon and running with other people for a change.

  • Grendel is right 330, go for it. im in no shape to run a pb this sunday but will run to current form and try to enjoy it along with 700 or so other runners. image

  • do it! do it! do it! do it! do it! do it! do it! do it! do it! do it! do it! do it! do it! imageimage

  • I am sorry but for this 330 even I have to come out from lurking and say Go For It image

  • Yeah 330 I have tried for a ballot place for years and still not got in...yet to find out for this year, but I say you must!! You still have plenty of time to train and be fine! If I can run a marathon by April (with two young children and lack of time to train each week) i'm sure you can! image

    I will look out en route at your old stomping ground, looking forward to it now, although still not sure I've 100% recovered from my cold as I still feel knackered, and have now had a sore throat/chest all day....I work in a school and there's so many illnesses going round atm. image

  • Mummysaurus how can I turn that down ? thank you !! and welcome to the madhouse

    Thanks all and Grendel is right if I pull out next year then get injured before 2015 would kick myself

    I will aim to do it - but reserve the right to pull out !! So, I increased my run to 5.3 around 9.30 pace tonight

    Lisa - there is a link  I get in after putting in my details and its says "2014 Virgin London Marathon online ballot entry system – Payment page" So I presume I am in but VLM saying just because you get this page still await the mag

  • WK7-R3 completedimage
  • Mummysaurus wrote (see)

    I am sorry but for this 330 even I have to come out from lurking and say Go For It image

    image No excuses now 330. My wife and I both work full tine, have three kids to chase around, have clubs 5 out of 7 days and one of us will be running the grizzly in March, both of us if i can get a place (if anyone hears of one going spare please let me know, i have a thread on the events page). I am gutted to have missed out in the ballot but i'm going to train for it anyway and if i dont get a place will simply find another event a few weeks either side. Do it!!!


  • Lisa, my wife also works in a school so can sympathise with the constant bug catching...

    Good running everyone by the way, nice easy 3 or 4 in the morning for me tomorrow then a nice early night before the Taunton 10k. image

  • Mummysaurus out from hiding!!! image *BIG hug!*

    Lisa - Try some of this...


     also grab some of these...

     Good to go! image

    330 - Reserve the right to pull out?!!! Just go for it! You CAN do it! Mummysaurus said if you do one then she will.........ok that was a lie ha ha ha imageimage

    Kev - steaming along now! Well done, keep it up! Have you got a 5k booked or do you just want to get to 5k first?

  • sorry crossed posts JR, good luck for Tuanton! Have you got a target time in mind?

  • No mate, not got anything planned just doing it for fitness at moment.

    maybe later, who knows?
  • I am wanting to do it, I want to ramp up the miles and see where it takes me.

    5.3 last night may try a tad further tonight then next week try to venture into double figures

    But, my wifes look of horror when I told her I was in was priceless !! She has never liked me running no idea why. I told her may hold over till 2015 she said why it doesn't take a year to train for it, to which I replied, thank you Paul Radcliffe !!


  • 330 ha ha ha ha @ Paula Radcliffe! Sounds like a challenge to me!image Your next reply to your wife need only be these simple words.........PROVE IT! Get her to try one image

    Kev - Good stuff! Might be something to think about if you ever need a bit of a boost image

    With that said, you never have to run an "official" race to get the joy out of running image

  • Thank you for the welcome image I promise to try and stay out of hiding!

    Well done Kev I have been keeping up with your progress and must say I am a little jelous - I am doing my 5k weekly with B2B but I have also just started to do the C25K again from the beginning, currently on Week 2 R2 just to have a plan to stick to.

    330 - I have never quite understood spouses that don't like their partners running/cycling etc..........for most of us we would just be happy to get theirs to get off of the xbox image

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