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  • Sorry B2B I will count my k's next time..........image

  • ha ha ha image Just pulling your leg....ill have to be carefull now your legs are getting stronger I could get booted across the room image

  • WK3 - R1 - Completed image That's 3 more little kkk's for me 


    October - 8

  • I'm starting to doubt whether i'll be able to run on Sunday at this rate?..been feeling ill and achy and generally no energy all week; so still not run today either image I'm missing the running but just don't have any get up and go. One more work day, and one rest day. I've not run since last Sunday, wonder if i'll feel better and still be fit enough to run by Sunday?

  • Hi all,

    Don't think i can stretch to a Garmin - my missus bought me a Polar heart rate monitor a few years ago and I lost the watch bit after two weeks - not happpy.  Now just  splashed out last of funds on a pair of Saucony Stabil plus to attempt to beat runners knee. 

    Gone from 1hr 18 half marathons in 1995 to 13 stone and unable to run for a bus now!  However, I am on my way Back - 2.75 miles done today with no pain.


    Whoopee doo!


  • Colin welcome to the tread - your story sounds similar to mine, after 3 years a lot of my 13 stone (nearly 14 stone) put on over 12 years or so have now gone. I know I'll never be down to sub 80 minute halves or anything but enjoying plodding along with the vague notion of doing a marathon next May (will be my first in 16 years)

    Sorry to hear you are not well Lisa, maybe ditch the run Sunday you have hit it pretty hard with the Tonbridge Half and Ealing on succesive weekends and I imagine the Tonbridge one was hard so I think you have deserved a break.

    My son told me, as I left for my run this morning, to be careful Dad it is very dark out there. Don't worry it's dark every day I replied and off I went. a mile and a half later I was to rue those words as my toe caught a breeze block dumped on the sea wall and over I went. Right knee, elbow and left forearm seem to have taken the brunt of it, knee still seeping a bit 3 hours later. chin escaped pretty much unscathed and my back a little jarred other than that I am fine!!! Should listen to my son. (also get the head torch out again too) Fortunately no one around to witness my fall from grace) So be warned folks it is a jungle out there these dark winter months with all manner of beastys and breeze blocks waitingf to jump out on the unwary traveller!!!

    Happy day everyone.

  • Lisa - Get some vit c in ya! image

    Colin - Welcome aboard the crazy train! image Thats a quick half! image well done!

    If you havnt already, have a read back over some of this thread for loads of tips and stories image

  • Morning all

    WK8-R3 completed????????
  • What is wrong with this site just lateley, things arn't going in right and you cant edit them either when they do.

    Cant the mods sort this problem out??

  • Morning all

    WK8-R3 completed????????
  • Welcome Colin I am sure you will fit right in here

    Lisa - Sorry your still not feeling well try the Vit C wrap up warm and see how you feel by tomorrow you never know the rest might just make you run better.........

    Well done Kev WK8 oh that sounds sooooo far away for me at the moment and scary. Have to agree about the site, no edit is a pain but the double posting is even worse.

    Grendal - Hope you are ok and not too battered, those breeze blocks can be mean little buggers......should always listen to your kids, ain't that right B2Bimage I am still jelous though that you get to run along sea walls that is soooo much nicer than the smoggy traffic fumes round here.

    Rest day for me today.........feels strange not having any plans, may have to sneak off for a quick swim tonight

  • lol well maybe not all the time but yeah, most of it image

  • Colin - welcome on board - if you just starting back stick with us, this threads helped me on my comeback (such as it is) and can do the same for you !!

    Grendel - hope your OK. Your story reminds me of my most embarrassing moment - was out running in broad daylight down the main road where I lived in London and tripped over a diversion sign and went flying !! next thing I know a school boy about 12 is standing over me asking if I am allright !!

    So of course I replied "sure no problem" and hobbled off with blood pouring from my knee !! Embarrasing didn't even come close !!

  • Many thanks for your encouragement.  I actually read about the first forty pages of this thread yesterday and then........oh okay.....skipped to the end image

    Cannot believe all your enthusiasm.  My problem now is that I really miss those 15 milers and the ability to just get out and do one.  For now I am stuck with 2 and 3 milers just to get me back into it 

  • It will come Colin! image About 2 years a go I was running 3 miles, I now run Ultra marathons. Stick with us and hold on tight image

    Try reading the last maybe 20 or so and it will give you a little catch up of late.

    People posting a lot are.... Just Run, Grendel, 330 or bust, Lisa E, Kevin Saunders, Mummysaurus and myself.

    I think Booktrunk pops in every now and then...

    Did I miss anyone guys?

  • Got to watch outimage if you aren't careful you will end up like b2b running Ultras because I can tell you they are insane (and sooooooooo much fun).

  • Nice wheels Mummysaurusimage And good point about the running watch. My forerunner has a great light. 

    While on the subject 330, I have a Forerunner 405, available for around £120. It shows current pace, time and mileage and has a great light. You can programme intervals with helpful beeps and tempo runs as well as downloading schedules direct to the unit. None of these things are hard to do and the garmin site has lots of walk throughs and a great manual. You do not need to be that computer literate to cope. A soft strap garmin heat rate monitor can be added for under £25. Wireless usb for connecting to your laptop/pc and the garmin connect site for all your run data. 8 hour training battery as B2B’s. I use it on my bike (with bicycle mount £6.99) and also for walks. Love the way it maps out your activities.

    Hope you’re feeling a little better Lisa. I guess the only person who knows if you’re ok to run will be you. Rest up, the running fitness is there. The important thing now is to get to that start line feeling fresh. It takes around 3 weeks to start losing your running fitness so bear that in mind if you’re worrying on the day.

    Welcome aboard Colin. Pain free running (well, almost pain free) is where we all want to be. I have a few niggles but manage them now by listening to my body and stretching certain areas more than others. You are certainly in the right place for encouragement as you build the miles back up.

    Blimey Grendel, I guess you were lucky in a way not to have come off worse. I don’t go out in the mornings without my head torch now, I may end up in the canal if I did! We are very lucky to run alongside the water in traffic free areas even if at the moment it is pitch black.


    Had a tempo run planned today totalling 5 miles but as I set out for my warm up there was real bounce in my legs. I have had a good rest this week since my 10k and done just the one 2 mile easy run. I decided to do a mile warm up and knock out a 5k. Didn't try to blast it but aimed for around 8:50mm. 3.1 miles later at 8:37mm and a Garmin pb of 26:45 will do for now. 1 mile warm down for 5+ miles. 

    October - 7.12

    2013 - 447.38

  • Good session there JR - all systems go for your next race.

    Knee now stiffening up nicely. Tomorrows run may be interesting!!!! 

  • @Colin just picked up on the 15 mile comment, it has taken me about 2 and half years to get back to that far. A lot slower but still doing it. Can understand the frustration though, but not having run a step in 12 years or so, I just love being out again .
  • Evening all

    Just to report sheer laziness over the last 2 days with zero miles being recorder. Off for an 8 tomorrow fairly early - there I have said it no going back now !!

  • Feeling rather confident now Grendel. Will be a little tougher as it's multi terrain so the pace may be a little slower. Fairly flat course but a fair few fields and a river crossing (only ankle deep). Think I have finally reached a point where whatever my head is telling me I know theres a bit more. Trying to pursuade the wife to race me as her training paces are faster than mine and I reckon we can drive each other on to a decent time.

  • Good luck with the 8 tomorrow 330

  • I ran 30 minutes on the treadie today ....... does that count?

  • Course it counts...

  • Thanks JR and Good luck to yourself !!

    I measure my routes on this

    So my runs are sometimes a bit random in distance as I need to find a points I can record ie street name or in one case where I can see the river going under the road !!

    So depending how I feel I may press onto the next measurable point. This is why I need that Garmin !!

  • B2B Thanks for the links bye the way

    This lack of Editing facility is a bummer !!

  • Grendel - your commitment makes me feel like a wimp. I gave up for 6 years or so when it began to hurt.  Thanks for your help - all this thread helps me on.  I have finally realised that i need to run to feel good. When I was between 21 and 40 i really did think it was an ego trip about racing - never actually cottoned onto the fact that it was what kept me sane! 

  • Colin, glad you have found your reason to run! Running for me is definitely my stress relief. Its my time where nobody else can disturb me or tell me what to do. I can run where I want for however long I want. As for the races, I just love the atmosphere and exploring different routes! My times are my own competition.

  • 8.12 for me today at 9:40 pace so although not as fast as I want to be am pleased with that for now

    Also I was entering my miles on the RW V Fetchies board and think some of us are forgetting to add our miles looking at the leader board, come on guys we need your miles for the challenge !!

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