Starting again from the beginning!



  • Thanks all! image I think its just that everyone around me is ill at the moment and im fighting it image

    Mummysaurus - ooo you could dip your legs in the sea! Ice bath image That will sort you out

  • B2B - Ha Flippin Ha! I am going to be soooooo P**s## with myself if I have screwed up being able to run while I am away....Can't remember the last time I had 'Spare' time and was really looking forward to the change of scenery..sunrise over the sea, candyfloss in my hair and all that....may need to find a bigger bag for packing so foam roller can come along...........As for the sicky people, *puts on mummy hat* I keep telling you to take some flippin Silver, it works for all germs and bugs and icky things *puts hat away*

  • Where you off to then mummysaurus?

  • lol stop flapping and start running! image Tired legs will make you stronger.....or something ha ha ha

    image "candyfloss in my hair" lol

    yeah, yeah, silver blah blah, just kidding image yes mummy image

  • Thanks allimage

    B2B, yeah feeling fantastic right now.

    Grendel3, yes all done and dusted now.

    Mummysaurus, think i might do another couple of weeks at 5k

    Then do the bridge to 10k program I have on my phone.
  • Morning everyone, nice to see lots of people getting out. Unfortunately, i'm not one of them. I too am surrounded by ill people, a common occurance with three young children and a wife who works in a school. My 11 year old daughter had three days off with a bug this week and the wife and i have both been fighting it off since Tuesday with neither of us running. I have even turned down cakes at work, quite unheard of!

    Haven't yet decided on todays run but will see how i feel when i get home from work. 

  • Grendel - I am off to the wilds of Norfolk....Caister to be exact and lots of nice sand

    B2B - Thank you, I will indeed get running, just as soon as I can put any weight on my left leg without waddling round looking like a turkey...............

    Kev - Sounds like a good plan to me, are you now doing all your running in minimalist shoes?

    JR - Hope you all feel better soon.....turning down cake is a sure sign that something is very much daughter works in a nursery so we are also constantly fighting off various bugs

  • Mummysaurus

    Yes sweetie I sure amimage
  • Hello all!

    hope everyone is recovering... 

    Mummysaurus I get tight calves too, I bought some compression doodars to wear post run, I think it helps.  Enjoy the holiday!  Candy floss sure beats nits, just another lovely added extra when the kids are at primary school image

    Kev - well done on finishing the programme, thats fab.

    Lisa - hope all is well with you and the family

    JR - echinacea?

    Grendel I'm sorry but the suprise wave story did make me laugh, I bet that shot your heart rate right out of the target zone...

    managed a steady 5.2m today in 51min.  I'm supposed to be on a taper for the Dartvale half next wkd.  getting nervous, mainly because with all the hills and views I've realised that I don't exactly run continuously here.  My sis has made it quite clear that she won't be stopping to admire the view on the way round.....image

    Also, i havent run further than 10m in my 'training'... Argh!

    happy wave-free running folks

    ps I watched a great film called Running The Sahara, predictably about 3 blokes who decided to try it.  They ran over 7000m in 111 days without a day off.  Well worth a watch.

  • In the real world grown ups doing silly things is often frowned upon. In the Runners World (see what I did there image) it is expected of you. So, with that in mind, I decided to "man the hell up" and go for a run as I actually felt pretty good by lunch time and really enjoyed my commute home. 

    I began my run with an easy 10 minute mile, leaving myself the option of an easy 2 if my legs didn't respond. However, I felt a real bounce, and went for a 5k time trial. It's not helping at the moment that i'm reading a book called 'Marathon' full of stories about  people getting out of hospital beds to run world records and Ralph Fiennes running 7 marathons in 7 days, on 7 continents. All of a sudden a slightly upset stomach seemed no reason to miss a run.

    A mile into my 5k my watch beeped, 8:32, a bit fast. Settled into my pace though and after the second beep took another look, 8:10....way too fast! Then I remembered all the 5k threads i have read, the comments by people like Grendel who will tell you its "eyeballs out", "a sprint". I too have made these comments to people trying to "pace" themselves. I went over the statements I have read, "Go like hell and hold on". Two miles into a 3ish mile run that seemed as good a plan as any. I kept going, my breathing becoming more of a rasp now, the pace being forced, no longer just happening. As my watch beeped again I couldn't resist another glance...8:00...bloody hell...almost there. The legs started to tie up, I felt like I was treading treacle but I got to the end....25:30....another pb, and by over a minute. 

  • ......included a slightly reduced warm down for a total of 4.65. Feel bloody marvelous now. 

    October - 21.08

    2013 - 461.34

  • Nice one JR!

  • Well done JR - (do I really tell people it is a sprint and to just go for it!!!  image

  • Gammineez, just ordered Running The Sahara on dvd from Zavvi, £4.95 FREE delivery. image

  • Grendel, I have read many threads where people are asking about how to pace a 5k. The response, from absolutely everyone, is "run like hell!". I'm pretty sure we both replied to a not too recent thread where some guy was on about negative splits?


  • I remember that one, can't see how you can run negative splits in a 5k if you are really going for it. Just eyeballs out all the way. 8 miles this morming, still windy and the waves still hitting hard and high. Was prepared for it thid morning and enjoyed the early bath. So much so I went back again for another go.
  • Hi all

    Getting this in while I can as we have a fault on the line and the BT engineers coming out but web is up just now -

    Mummysaurus - have a great break, I haven't downloaded the book as I am frightend the bl@@dy web will go down while I am doing it !!

    JR - what a great 5k well done

    Grendel - Good running fella braving the elements !!

    Gammi - Good luck at Dartvale

    Kev- well done completing the programme 

    Gotta thank you guys on advice on pacing runs and mixing it up . This week has been the best progress wise since I have been running "seriously" again. Special thanks to JR at mentioning McMillan - when the web is more reliable gobba download his book. Don't want to bore you but your the only people I talk running with my week has gone like this -

    Mon - 5.4 Miles 10:35 Pace

    Tues 3.31 Miles 8:57 pace

    Weds Rest (sorry for swearing Grendel !!)

    Thursday 5.4 Miles 10:16 Pace

    Friday 3.31 Miles 8:36 Pace

    Sat 8.12 Miles 10:01 Pace

    8:36 !! fastest miles for 5 years !! when I started again was running over 11 mins never though I would ever see 9:30 miles again let alone 8:30.

    However, my long run today was probably run too fast. As my two 5.4 milers were very comfortable. I am a very happy 3:30 today !!image

    Loving my running at the moment - bit more structure and dare I say it "speed" work, and running holding back on my longer runs - Sorry to be a bore but am so excited about the progress !!

  • My shins are tender now all down the frontsimage
  • Hello all,

    well done 3:30, that's a great time to clock.  It's good to hear that you've got your running mojo back.

    boo for the shins Kev, not sure what to suggest.... frozen peas?  Not sure.  over to someone who knows their stuff.

    did my last longish run before next wkd.  Ran 6.7 in 1hr4, including stopping to herd a miniature horse back into its field.  Happy with that.  Was gorgeous out today, at one point it felt like I was running through middle earth.  Kept expecting a hobbit to pop out of the trees image

    Happy running people

  • Thanks Gammi,

    Been icing them up and took today off running, could be my form.

    Read somewhere that leaning too far forwarded can cause shin problems?

    Will see how they feel Tuesday to run
  • Kevin waiting for B2B to come on and advise you as apart from icing don't know what to suggest.

    A good day yesterday, managed to run 12 miles simply by adding bits, can't beleive how bad I felt from the off - had even had pasta the night before and that made no difference at all - it was just very wet, very windy and unusually for me, chaffed nipples (although not like you see on the telly with blood and gore)

    Rest day (and an easy week) but have have been last years total mileage of 1503, as yesterday I hit 1518 for the year - so only 82 to go to the years target (1600) and based on that I should reach 1700 (or even 1800) for 2013. (2000 next year???)

  • howdy folks!

    No running for me just yet and my weekend got a little strange...long story short, Im currently nursing a pigeon before taking it to the vets this afternoon! image

    I will catch up properly in a bit ive got the boiler folk around today then vets then tattoo image

    Just before I go..

    Kev - yes its due to learning just a little too far forward image stand on the spot. line up your head with your shoulders, hips, knees, ankles like you are drawing a straight line. Relax, slightly learn forward and away you go image

    As for getting rid of the pain, Biofreeze. Also massage your calfs as much as you can. I know it sounds like the wrong side of the leg but its all connected image Try a rolling pin on your calfs. Sit down and roll up and down with the pin, it should feel just slightly uncomfortably. Think deep tissue massage.

  • lol Grendel, right on que eh?

  • Wow everyone's doing really well on their running!! It's nice reading your stories but I am so jealous. Still off work with back pain atm, and I fear my fitness is dropping already? image I feel very disheartened to be undoing all the great progress I had made. I was suppose to have got a sub 2hr half by now but instead I think i'll be back to 2hr 15..whenever I can get running again...

  • dont panic Lisa im not running much at the moment, it will all be fine image

    Brace yourselves people......

     ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha image


  • Superb B2B....image

    Nice running 330....

    Couple of busy days for me and unfortunately no running but alarm set for morning 


  • Won't belong Lisa, you may even come back stronger after the enforced break.

    Up at 5 today, out 5 minutes later and 6 miles run followed by just over 2 miles cycling - my wife left her bike at work yesterday as I fetched her and I ran a loop down there to collect the bike and cycled it back - me on a 24 inch wheel bike the only light a head torch wending my way along the sea wall - happy days!!! (just remembered I forgot to change the gears as well - I am so dead!!!! image)

  • Morning allimage

    Question for you all

    How many of you add if any, warm up and cool down walking to your daily run total.

    or should that not be counted?
  • I would say count it Kev, its all part of the training image


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