Starting again from the beginning!



  • I hear Scott Jurek is having some new ultra running stars name tattooed on his foot?!? image Remember us on the thread when you hit the big time B2B!

    Welcome aboard Aarons others have already said you really have landed in the right place. Good luck...

    Despite the urge to carry on this morning a nice steady 3.6 will do before Sundays Colyton Fiver. There will be no pb with the rain we've had as the two field crossings on each lap will deal with that but looking forward to it.Missed the rain this morning somehow, bet its back for my commute to work in a minute.

    October - 30.57

    2013 - 470.83

  • Welcome Aarronsdad - feel free to join in as much or as little as you want - a nice little community has been built here lots of motivation and tips (mainly from our guru B2B it must be said)  and good luck with your comeback.

    Mummysaurus, simple little story, in my younger fitter days was running through a little wood on the shores of the Black Sea, a run I had done a few times during my holidays out there. This particular morning I was happily running along when I spotted what I took to be a black dog heading towards me - I suddenly realised it was a bear - of what variety I don't know, but it was only when it was bought up sharp, I realised it had been chained to a tree and there was a little gypsy encampment - Despite my relief at the chain I did find an alternative route back to the hotel. (and yes was quite pleased with my time - although I am never a 100% happy!!!)

    Have just found a schedule to follow fro the next 8 weeks - I actually followed a link on the forum yesterday - seems to fit in ideally with what I do and want to do and brings me into the marathon schedule.

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  • ha ha ha JR think I might actually have to do some running soon! I wont have to remember the thread! SAFTB for life! *does some kind of gang sign*

    LOL Grendel I was just going to find a picture of a Gnu and found a Gnu Guru!!


  • Grendel - LOL love the story, must admit if that had been me I would of managed a PB myselfimage

    JR - As the Mother of the famous ultra runner I might just have to get that tattoo myselfimage..........Good luck for Sunday hopefully the rain will stay away for you

  • Grendel, i reckon thats the perfect ingredient for a pb!

    Mummysaurus, thanks but the more rain the better. Its not a fast course as it is and the worse the conditions, the further up the field i hope to be. I find the bad weather a bit of a leveller and not everyone appreciates it. I will never be quick but when it comes down to gritting your teeth and slogging it out thats when i am at my best. image

  • JR - In that case I am doing the rain dance as we speak.......image

  • Mummysaurus - challange accepted! pfft! image 

  • Hoping to do 3 miles later. Will be on the treadmill though...


  • They all count!!!!

  • They do Aarrons as Gredel says, I am a stickler for recording mileages - and stats of all kinds got diaries of daily runs for years


    Talking of miles better do some gotta get to month target !!

  • Well that was fun, my cold got the better of me this run. Got to 1 1/2 miles and my chest had a large rhino sat on it and was drowning in my own sweat.....Hope this has helped shift my cold, if not then at least I got 2 miles in, lol. Consoling myself with a cookie dough Frijj, lol. Not sure when the next run will be, see what my body says.





  • Hi Aarons Dad, welcome!

    JR I love running in the rain!

    Well done B2B on your stardom!

    And well done everyone on your running!!

    As for me...the physio said...I have to wait frustrated!! image So now i'm determined to do stretches and whatever exercises I need to get my back strengthened so I can get back out there...poxy car crash!!

  • Lisa E can understand the frustration but better to get this better once and for all


    On this day in 1996 I ran the Harrow Half Marathon in 1:47:26 - Told you I was a Statto!

  • 6.23 tonight just under 10 min miles. After last week just want to bang in the miles this

  • Well done for getting out AD! 

    lol thanks Lisa imageimage Hopefully the stretches will help

    Well done 330 10m/m is a good pace


  • Well done on getting a runin in AD - as you say hopefully you are on the road to recovery and 'sweating it out' helped.

    AM deliberately keeping out of it Lisa, as I tend to ignore injuries even when my dody is saying rest it!!! Do what the experts say. Better to rest now and come back fit or do more damage and be out longer.

    Back into it big time 3:30 - I ran the Harrow half marathon, but think it must have been about 1987 - remember it well, my friends brother got married the day before and although I didn't have an invite got asked to 'work' the bar - didn't get home until about 1:30 and was on the club coach from Barking about 5 hours later - can't remember the time although seem to remember it being about 1:30.

    The thing I remember most was the brides father talking to me and another friend like we were a piece of sh*t and assuming we were paid workers,  He found out eventually that we weren't as we both told him to stuff it and walked out!!! 

    4 miles this morning,  I  feel that I am recovering from Sunday now and ran OK averaged 9:05 and am biting at the bit (is that right) to get back into training and that schedule I found - also stuffing chocolate this week as I am going on a diet from next week to shift the rest of the blubber that is remains -

  • Morning all

    4.34 early this morning again and finally weighed in this morning at 11st 12.75lbsimageimage
  • So how much have you lost so far Kev? 

  • Well done on getting out again Kevin, have the issues with the soles of your feet been resolved and are you following a schedule now?

    No running for me today - or tomorrow - was planning a parkrun tomorrow but looking at the weather forecast not going to bother!!!

    Got some news this morning via the interweb when looking for a gas engineer, my wife's hated brother has moved in up the road to us, but the joke is looking at Google street view he has moved next to a little dark alley way where I have at some points done a Paula!!! 

    Schedule starts Monday - time for some hard work to begin -

  • It's quiet on here today...where is everyone?

    Really windy here today so I went to the gym straight from work and did WK5-R1 so that also gives me another 3k image


    October 42.21

  • B2b, i have lost just under 2 stone now.


    Grendel3, No mate still not sorted, i get pain all the time but its worse the day after running.

    After walking on it for a bit the aching goes away, then after i rest and walk again it starts aching again.

    I have tried rolling a ball under it and ice, but after running its back?

    was hopping it would sort its self out sooner or laterimage

  • Afternoon All, hope your all having a good weekend 

    WK5-R2 - Completed image Another 3.1 for me

    October - 45.22

  • Just quick post to say sorry not been on been away with work not run since Wednesday, feeling fat !!

    Speak soon

  • Hi all, missed my run Friday due to my youngest spending Thursday night throwing up and having Friday off school. I stayed home to look after him and my run went out the window. 

    Didn't bother me too much ahead of todays Colyton Fiver as an easy 2 or 3 miles a couple of days before wouldn't have made me any faster!

    As the wife and I were both running we decided to go round together and aim for 9 minute miles due to the nature of the course. We started in the sports field, in glorious sunshine making our way out onto the road for a hundred yards or so before crossing a small footbridge into the first field. We had already walked through the field prior to the race to see how muddy it might be and weren't dissappointed!

    As we trudged through the mud I couldn't help thinking how much worse it would be on the second lap. We passed through a very muddy gateway, through the second part of the field and across a shallow river crossing. The course was boggy in places and very slippery. 

    Out of the field, we continued along a country lane up a few light inclines for the best part of half a mile before entering another field. Some runners chose to run around the huge boggy mess that greeted you on entering the field, I decided to go straight through the middle.....great muddy fun!

    We crossed another footbridge, through another field and onto the road again for another half mile to the start/finish area. One lap down, one to go. There wasn't much overtaking done throughout and everyone seemed to pace themselves pretty well. We did, however, manage to overtake a lot more than overtook us and the muddy fields certainly slowed a few down and really took it out of your legs. I have to say half way round I felt absolutely shot, my legs were not responding well! I grabbed a drink of water and walked for a minute with a huge stitch. Setting off again we passed through the fields, me almost slipping over into a massive cow pat but using my wonderful sense of balance to keep my feet image. As we got out onto the roads again I just didn't have the energy I wanted and ended up taking another 1 minute walk and telling the wife to carry on and keep going. The rest did me good and I got going again, through the last field, struggling to get up the steps over the footbridge and through the final field before putting in one final effort along the road. I gave it a good go, and even with the conditions still managed to beat last years time.....although I didn't beat the wife! 

    It was a tough run for a shortish distance and i'm off to find the next challenge right now!

    Will update miles later.....happy running all

    October - 36.15

    2013 - 475.81


  • Oh what to do for 2 hours brfore work, now the rain has stopped me going out.

    Might switch back to running later now the weather is getting worse.
    Te he - just read it back - I didn't mean running and breastfeeding at exactly the same time but it is a very funny image!!! Sorry.

  • Oh Spam makes a change -

    Sounds an awesome run JR even if your wife did beat you!!!!

    Managed to get out this morning, though the wind was horrendous, the sand in some ways made it worse as it was really biting  when it hit, have still got sand in my left ear but certainly an experience might even see the helter skelter from Clacton Pier too as it was blwon away!!!  Was going to do 5 today but didn't have time in the end but have decided to have another easy week this week anyway rather than jumping straight back into the schedule as my legs still feel a little bit after last weeks race - Hopefully the wind will now drop a bit.


    PLEASE DONT TRY AND FOLLOW THAT LINK!!!!!! its in about 6 different threads image Take your spam somewhere else please Peggy


    Hey all sorry ive been a bit quiet, still getting over this flippin cold!

    Kev - thats amazing well done! 

    JR - sounds like you guys had a blast!

    Catch up again in a bit...

  • Good on you for giving your legs time to get over your race effort Grendel.

    Hope you're out again soon B2B

    Right, out this morning for a nice easy 3 miles after yesterdays effort. Felt surprisingly relaxed today, I made every effort to keep the pace near 10mm and ran into a slight headwind. Ran the first 2 1/2 miles at 9:40 pace and I ended up with 3.04 miles in 28:32, partly thanks to deciding to up it a bit over the last half mile (7:41 pace). Considering that was going easy it brought home how hard those boggy fields made yesterdays race when I ended up with an avarage around 9mm. Will be back out Wednesday morning and unless theres any delayed aches and pains it will be a 5 mile tempo run.

    Going to try and really make the effort over the winter now. Next event could be Oh My Obelisk, a 10 mile multi terrain race in Dawlish next January (good training run for the Grizzly) and maybe finally get a park run in when the football gets called off on a Saturday (which it surely will at least once). Would like to try and find a road run too sometime in the next few months.

    October - 39.19

    2013 - 478.85

  • Reckon you'll storm a road race JR

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