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  • Well done everyone, it's great to see the thread alive and well with lots of running

    B2B......What can I say except......That's my boy!!!

    I didn't get to deep water aerobics last night Mr.MS came home and we got chatting time flew by and that was that.......Gym and treadmill for me today, 3.4 miles and could of still done more.....first time I really enjoyed it, I was watching the TV reading the sub titles cos I had music on my ipod it made the time fly by but the best thing was I finished with no aches or pains now that's a first and still breathing was great.

    I think I might be finally getting the hang of this running lark or maybe that's just the endorphins talking image Rest day for me tomorrow, just going to go for a long walk to break in my Luna sandals 


    January  - 13.60 

  • Funny you should say that MS about the 3 mile and no aches or pains, since I have been hitting that milestone regulary I am not suffering when i stop running. Well done .


    Big news, set off today and felt really good, hit 5 miles in 50.50 was only going for a little bit longer but felt strong !  image  Get the wine in tonight !

  • Got the wine oit for a little celebration . Sat here chuffed as .... Best not put the bad word in. 5 miles today can't believe I dine it . Thanks to you folks on here . Love youall . Goodnight. More vino !
  • DS - Well done keep up the good work !!

    6.08 again for me tonight. Have started posting on the RunHub here - logging miles in the 1000 mile challenge  and the January challenge. There some guys already done 72 miles this month !!

  • Well RunHub is showing me as 60 miles fir the 1000 mile challenge and 120 for Jan, goodness knows whats happened there I have mailed the staff to correct so if anyone else is using it and sees my miles, there wrong !!

  • That's it I'm going to stalk you to see these amazing runs  

  • Looking on livestream you have a rash of 9.8km runs image 

    EDIT: 18 training sessions this week alone image go 330 

  • Internet and a few bottles of red wine should be illegal!  image

  • booktrunk

    Just seen that I can delete runs from training diary so have done that and now I don't show any miles for either event. If I add runs into the 1000 mile challenge does that automatically update January challenge as well?

  • Well done DS Feels good making progress 

    330 - hope you get your mileage sorted out on runhub

    image I can't blame vino and internet, but I can blame good running endorphins.........erm....I had said I was only going to run a few 5k's maybe one day a 10k.........but I seem to of signed up for a Half Marathon next spring image I don't think B2B will stop laughing or saying I told you so, for a week, good job I have a year to get my ass in gear 

  • Right, catch up time.

    330, keep adding your challenge miles. The more of us on there the keener I am to get out. Saw the Runhub 1000 mile challenge and may log on there too myself, nothing like a challenge. Don’t think it updates your January miles as that’s just via a thread someone started.

    Ms, love the fields and muddy puddles, good childish fun! I like to think people look at me and think “wow, he must have ran miles, look at the state of him”. Is the Half Mara this year? Once you’re signed theres no going back, well done.

    Grendel, I get the wind coming at me horizontal across the fields when I run along the canal towpath. Can’t compare with what you put up with and fair play to you for constantly battling those elements. I haven’t been able to read the thread for a couple of days and find myself going through 4 pages of posts. Incredible.

    Ds, welcome back. Good to see you’ve kept going. Well done on hitting 5 miles. Good luck with your 500 target. Plenty of ‘new year’ runners out there. Hope some stick at it. Sometimes you have to learn by making mistakes. Listen to your body and if it feels good go a little further. Lol at the ‘hic’ wine post. Good on you. I think people forget we runners know how to party.

    Booktrunk, I know what you mean. I look out at the rain and think maybe not? Yet once out I love it. Makes the runs on clear days seem so easy after putting up with the harder days. Weel done on the 10 miles, looking forward to reaching double figures again. I had the Blundells School pupils running towards me Wednesday, all of a sudden my pace dropped by 1 minute per mile.

    You can’t pb every race Lisa, forget it and go again next month. Maybe the time of year, not many athletes break records this time of year. Treat it as a training run maybe and take the pressure off. Once the suns out the times will tumble.

    B2B, Thames Path 100….sounds….er…LONG! The mind boggles to think how you prepare for those distances but I guess sometimes you Just Run J

    One run to add. 5.23 miles in just over 48 minutes. Was aiming for 10 minute miles and concentrated on good form and relaxed running. Felt surprisingly easy. Did up the pace slightly when I bumped into a load of school pupils on a cross country run. Missed Fridays easy run but may get out for an easy 3 today (once the wifes been) before a longer one tomorrow.

    Jan – 24.33

  • Well done DS! A good increase in distance!

    Go you MS, which one have you opted for?

    I thought it was such a lovely day weather wise I went for my long run today, and ran 10.4miles. Even conquered the big long steep hill in one go! Really chuffed. I've logged onto the 1000 mile challenge...don't know if it will happen but it will be interesting to see how far I run every month.


  • All

    RunHub sorted I entered my runs into each challenge. However only have to enter runs once as it populates the challenges. I am in the 1000 for year and January challenge

    Probably do more as I get used to it. Do love all this kind of stuff !! Also am on target to get the average monthly miles to get to my own goal of 1350 miles for the year .

    8.32 tonight - all added to RW v Fetchie challenge

  • I now want to do 1252 this year as that's about 2014km not a chance in hell I'd do it in miles image 

  • Nice running JR

    Lisa your doing great, can't wait to be getting into double figures

    Glad your all sorted 330 

    go for it Booktrunk I am sure with some ultra's you will hit that 

    The HM I am going to do is the first one being run by a Facebook group I belong to so we can all have the chance to run together, It's in Solihull next Spring 2015 so I have plenty of time to improve, but it will also give me something to keep motivated for, now just need to work my way to 10k then just keep working, so far longest is 7.24k

  • That's brilliant Mummy !!! Good to have a goal

  • Well done 330!

    Booktrunk that's a cool target, and I'm sure you'll do great with the ultras you do!

    That's a good idea MS, trying a HM with friends. You're almost there with your 10k, well done!

    Happy running everyone! You're all making a great start to the year!

  • Missed my run yesterday but won't worry, out for 8 later today. 

  • Just back from a very slow and steady 4.34 miles got a bit of pain in one shin but on the inside of leg not the top so not sure what's going on there, have put my calf guards on and it feels ok so no excuse for not going out and doing the shopping image


    January 17.94

  • very wet muddy 5k stretch for me today, my new luna are nothing short or stunning!

    Happy feet

    2014 - 12.6

  • Morning runners, will add my miles to the challenge later but a quick update. 8.36 miles Sunday afternoon in torrential rain. Felt very strong and NO walk breaks last few runs either so think it's safe to say I'm back in the groove. 3.74 miles at 5am today, was truly beautiful this morning, the full moon illuminating the trail.

    January - 36.43
  • Went for a little run with Mrs DS along Felixstowe seafront yesterday. Didnt time or miles due to not wanting to put pressure on her knees. Was freezing though, cleared out the cob webs.

    Going to put in a 5k in tonight, must resist urge to run further after pushing distance on Friday really tefified of pushing up weekly milage too much and getting injured.

  • Good running JR, love the thought of early morning runs. Just couldnt get my ass out of bed image

  • Well done everyone - sounds like everyone is starting to put the miles in big time now.  (and MS - a half marathon will be followed by a marathon and then the Race to the Stones then Towpath challenges and 24 hour track races, the Scott Turek tattoos etc etc etc!

    A very easy Friday was followed by an equally easy Saturday then 8 yesterday - all very easy.

    I ran 5 miles this morning with strides - now not to sure how fast or far the strides should be so just picked the pace up and counted 30 paces on my right foot.

    Back to some speed work tomorrow.


  • Grendel - What is the purpose of the strides? Not really heard of that before

    Well done everyone, some great running going on!!

  • I think it just gets the fast twitch muscles going - my schedule said 5 miles including strides -

    Found this B2B

    WHAT ARE STRIDES?  Strides (or striders or strideouts) are short, fast runs of between 50 and 200 metres.  They are run at a "comfortable sprint" pace (i.e. as fast as you can go without tying up and losing good form.)  A typical Strides Session might be 10 x 100m following a 30 minute easy run. 

    WHO SHOULD DO STRIDES?  All distance racers, from milers to marathoners, should incorporate Strides into their training program on a year round basis.  However, as a general rule, they are more important for shorter distance runners. 

    WHY DO I NEED TO DO STRIDES?  Strides help you in at least three ways: 

    • Improved leg speed - to run fast, you gotta run fast
    • Improved flexibility and coordination - faster running puts your legs through a more complete range of motion; quicker leg turnover forces you to coordinate your movements to prevent tripping or stumbling
    • Improved running economy - training your muscles to run fast and relaxed over a short distance should translate into faster, relaxed running at longer distances.
  • Interesting! Thanks Grendel, im using spinning as my fast stuff at the moment but after the Thames trot i shall be adding some track sessions in to work on a bit of speed image

  • Did first off road run last night since coming back from ankle injury. Did 3 miles & loved every minute of it - nearly dark, foggy, sleeting & ankle deep in semi-frozen mud. Bliss!!

  • Welcome back Fran-tic those are the best types of runs.

  • Well done JR and DS some good miles going on there

    Grendel looks like your doing some interesting stuff, as for the Marathon etc the answer is No No & hell No image If I am honest I would love to be able to say that one day I will join B2B and do all of them, but I am not getting any younger and I run really slowly, I know my speed will increase a bit after all I have only been running for 6 months so far but I really don't think I will ever be fast enough to make cut off times and don't think I want that kind of pressure. I am more than happy to do a few 5k's 10k's and at least the one HM and hopefully become just as good at running in the Luna sandals as I am in my shoes, if I can do all that then I will be one happy Mummyimage

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