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  • I know how you feel 330, I think last month was my best ever, this month won't hit 50. On the plus side i'll be hard pushed not to improve in March.

    Hi FatNoodles, this isn't your first half so you know what's required. I know you haven't gone further than 7 but don't panic, take a rest and you'll be fine. I have a 20 mile off roader in 2 weeks and my longest run has been 12 miles, and on nothing like the terrain we'll be tackling. A virus has put paid to my two longest runs I would have done but it's passing now, I know i'm in reasonable shape and I will just be ticking along now until the day. 

    Feb – 34.9

    2014 – 135.29

  • Grendel - I really hope I was laughing with you as certainly wasn't meant to be laughing at you. Thanks for the tips. It will be hard work for me and I never had any problems increasing distance until I got to 18 miles.

    3oB. Just look at rain my Dad used to as liquid sunshine.

    FN. As above it's frequently a case of you unconsciously protecting muscles that cause others ones to go and not always the same area. Could be weak thigh causing a problem in left foot. I hate to say it but sometimes rest is best.
  • Fat Noodles - you've done a half before so as JR says you know whats required and sure you will be fine. But if you dont feel fit, don't do it - will be other races and could do more damage

    Ed good motto your dad had but it does get you down a bit up here !!

    Someone mentioned cadence the other day - haven't read back but I counted mine tonight at 168 strides a minute. Will go back and read the post after I have done this

    5.78 tonight

    Feb - 54.92

    2014 - 168.48


  • Don't worry Ed can laugh with me or at me, it does sound stupid!!!!!  I was just desperate

  • Felt everyone of Sundays 21 miles this morning, 6.33 miles run, the wind is back the drizzle is back, altogether an unpleasant morning - and thanks to a disturbed night I never felt more like turning over and going back to sleep!!!

    Happy Tuesday

  • Well done on getting out Grendel. Some serious miles being put in. Do you have an easy week in your schedule?
  • Looking at the schedule - it is now 6 days rather than 5 days - BUT I am still only running 5 days - and this weeks long run is 12 not 18/20 so I guess that is an easy week in some respect.

    To be hoinest though I could probably take a whole week off now if I wanted to as reading other marathon threads on here I do seem to be quite advanced in terms of long runs - and lets not forget - the marathon is only a distraction really as I want to concentrate on the Clacton Series 5Ks in May, June,  July and August and the Wix 5 with (maybe the Southend 10K too)  So my only goal is to get round and in that respect B2Bs "running is fun atitude" is helping big time - also my brother in laws illness and you guys support is helping get me out big time too.

  • Always here to help Grendel image

  • Grendel - agree with JR well done on getting out after Sundays long run. Agree you do seem to be well advanced in the long run department.

    Seems like you have a plan with the 5k series and the 10k's - good luck with that. You will certainly have the miles in the bank, after the Marathon can build the speed


  • Have got nearly 3 weeks between the marathon and the first 5K to build speed!!!!!

  • Owww that's not long. But you can do it

    Good few challengers there. We have a 10k series here - Helensburgh (home town) Dumbarton and Clyde and in a 10 mile radius

  • Just use the first 5k as a tester image set a benchmark and all that.

    Spin class today, PHEW that lady is crazy! image Legs feel pretty good, might be on the mend! 

    Training Mummysaurus tonight on form and cadence (shh...maybe some barefoot image )

  • OK then 3:30 that is your goal the 10K series

    Well done B2B - 10 weeks to the 100 (is it Ks or miles)

  •! image

  • Wow this thread has moved pretty fast since I last came on here!!

    I need to work on my core strength too, I like the idea of balancing on one foot whilst cleaning teeth, so simple. I need to start up my pelvic exercises again as I have been slacking, which is probably why my knee has been hurting again..only niggles so far! Naughty me!

    Everyone seems to be running in windy conditions but well done to you all for getting out there!

    Grendel..all sponsored!

    Ed I would love to run 10k in 46 mins but I cant even beat 50mins atm!

    Well I went for a 4.5mile run last wed, then Fri I got ill again and ended up resting right through until today. Yesterday I actually took the day off work and slept most of the day, best thing I have done as everytime I go into work ill it just seems to cling onto me for ages! Today I feel so much better, and tonight I managed to run 3.77miles, finally at a much better pre-illness speed and my lungs actually felt the best they've felt in ages! Legs felt a little achy where they've not run enough lately, but hopefully they'll be stronger again in no time!

    Tunbridge Wells half for me on Sunday. I was originally on track to break the two hour, but since Feb has been such a wash out with illness I'll be happy to get round in sub 2:15?

  • Excellent work all, good to see plans and targets in place and everyone enjoying their running. From 5k, to marathons, and beyond, 100? jesus seriously?

    I did a 5k tonight, my first of the year in 33 minutes. Reversed the loop I normally do and added a bit on the end. Very confusing, what was an uphill suddenly became a downhill and vice-versa, but variety is the spice of life and all that image.

    Back on to films - I saw the late, great James Gandolfini in 'Down By The Shore' on Sky the other night. Must have been one of his last films and is well worth a watch.

    Feb - 25

    2014 - 41

  • Lisa, I suffer with my knee and have found squats very helpful. I use a gym ball and do 3 sets of 12 with as little rest between each set as possible. I just do them on non running days. The rest must have done you good and you clearly needed it, here’s hoping you’re in the home straight! When it comes to races I always have three times. A dream time (if everything is going unbelievably  perfect), my goal time (what I’ve trained for) and an acceptable time (just in case things don’t go quite to plan). It’s helped me to relax going into races without putting too much pressure on a pre race time.

    Well done on the 5k Beachball, I’ve not done one this year so after the Grizzly I will have a go at one. Will have a look at the Gandolfini film too. image

    That 12 miler should be a breeze for you Grendel....I think you've earned an easy week! As you say, you are miles ahead (forgive the pun) of a lot of marathon schedules at this stage and the 'get round and have fun' attitude is a great one to have. Hopefully all these miles will see you flying when it comes to the 5ks too. Have you added your miles to the challenge this month? Your efforts could hand us a win? 

    B2B....100 miles....ooh...rather you than me! image

  • Thanks Lisa -

    JR I have not added the miles as I read a post where I think it was Jason who was complaining about people adding miles mid way through a month.

  • Grendel, I think they were just moaning about people who start logging halfway through a month, therefore knocking the average down when they have only done half the challenge.

    Out early this morning for my planned 4ish miles. Had to stop quarter of a mile early and take a short cut home as I was busting for the loo! Still, only coughed a couple of times this morning, once on each loop so clearly getting better and my legs felt much more at ease. Quite looking forward to Friday's run now. Update miles and catch up later.
  • Slow walk/run/training 10k last night, not sure about Mummysaurus but my legs hurt from showing her how NOT to run! image

    Really need to get out and at least start putting in some regular small runs, my hamstring and knee have put me back a little.

    Really glad to see you getting the miles back in JR image

    2014 - 91.6

  • OK JR - will do so with your permission - 

    Think you do need to get back into running regularly now B2B but I have no doubt you will get through it - didn't realise it was 100 miles though thought it was Kilometres!!!!

    Is your Brother in Law still running?

    For me against my better judgement I did a session of 6 time half miles (actually did 6 times 4 minutes off two minute recovery) Legs were not turning over fast enough to run 5k pace which I will have to work on big time after Halstead -- So I just run a pace that was challenging.

    Felt pretty good a the end of it though.

    One more run to a rest day!!!!  

  • Logged!!!

  • Grendel - yeah he is doing the 100 as well! It should be really good as im now starting to know a few people who are doing it so hopefully I will bump into some of them for a chat image He is entering a few bits a pieces that are crazy nuts! Multi day crazy business! Im more of a "get it done in one hit" kind of approach image Pretty sure he will nail the hundred this time.

    Me? Im not so sure right now but im going to give it a bloody good go! image

    Its a long way and anything can happen, just need to stick to the ultra advice of "start slow then taper off" image

  • ha ha ha Grendel logging 136 miles....brilliant image

  • Wow speedy thread.........

    Noodles have a read this may help

    Grendel & JR some great running going on with you guys really looking forward to your race day reports

    330 - Cadence seems to be B2B's watch word, or in his words ' No matter what the problem is (with your running) it can almost always be solved with More Feet image and you know what he could just be right......can't get hurt from overstriding you don't have time to overstride and it puts far less pressure on feet and joints, it's bloody hard going on the breathing though

    Grendel - What date is the 10k in Southend? could be a possible for coming and watching you romp across the finish line - B2B fancy fish'n'chips at the seaside?

    Lisa - Nice to see your feeling better, I have been doing my balancing and brushing my teeth image good fun and I am getting much better at it, yesterday I balanced one footed the whole time I blow dried my hair.............and like JR I do squats for the knees I have osteoarthritis in both, but have found if I do 10 squats morning and night my knees feel much better...........Good luck at Tunbridge at the weekend

    Well done BB that's a good time for your 5k and its always good to vary the course. I have not seen the James Gandolfini film will have to look out for it.

    JR - Love the idea of the 3 times for a the moment I only have just the one and that's to finish but looking forward to the days when I have more than just the two speeds of stop/go

    My slow walk/run educational 10k with B2B was really helpful and must say he was an excellent teacher, hope your hammy feels better soon B2B...........we worked on form and increasing cadence which really helped me to understand more about efficient running and lets face it if your mad enough to go out and run 100 miles you better know how to save your energy,

    Here is one lesson from last night, B2B really does mean what he says about running needs to be fun......Picture this it's dark it's cold but there is a 34 year old man wearing shorts, barefoot in sandals out with his Mum (also in sandals but with the sense to wear toe socks) running at 180 cadence jumping over gaps in pavements, fallen branches and splashing in puddles, and yelling at his Mum 'More Feet, More Feet'  Oh yes and all whilst eating a Pork Pie which is not everyone's idea of race fuel,image I am not sure if the runner that came towards us was surprised or scared when B2B waved his pork pie at the guy and thanked him for moving over



  • Ha ha ha. Pork pie! Brilliant! Will catch up proper later. Well done on logging those miles Grendel....
  • This forums whizzing along at 3 hour marathon pace - I cant catch up, but its brilliant !!!

    Grendel - well done logging those miles and I may even look at that 10k series although my goal is now the Helensburgh half in August so need to pick the training up and search for a good 2 hour training plan

    Lisa - glad your feeling better and good luck at Tunbridge look forward to your report

    beachball - you are making great progress, keep it up

    JR - I to like the idea of three times, I would love 2 hours at Helensburgh but if I got 2:10 would be happy - both big asks I think at the mo

    B2B/Mummy - Love your stories about your training runs - the pork pie sounds very unlike you b2b but gotta admit I love pork pies !! I bet that fella you met thought you were nuts

    You mentioned that on these Ultra races you get to know folk and they are there at most events - must be nice building up those friendships. Am a lone runner here and a but of company would be nice sometimes.

    No run for me last night, out tonight, then Friday. Start of March with a longer one if I can on Sat

    Keep on keeping on guys and girls !!

  • 330 - I put a thing on Monkey Tag for anyone in Scotland to give you a yell ha ha ha image

  • we will see if anyone replies !!!

    We have a local running club so you never know

  • Southend 10K is usually the second Sunday in October - not qwuite as bad as it seems - as the last time I did it we spent the afternoon on the beach - It starts at Christchurch Park, runs out to Shoeburyness and back - great race being going on since the 80s (although it used to go in the oposite direction towards Southend and past the pier - How about a 10K target Mummy?

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