Starting again from the beginning!



  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Was on British Euroports and Sky last year I think

    Cant see anything for this year but Paris marathon is on Eurosports

    Well no run yesterday so that's 64.36 for March which is disappointing to say the least. Still begining of April today and a new month.

    Bought an arm wallet for my phone said it was water resistant - when I get it it has a hole in the case for headphones, How the hell can it be waterproof if its got a hole in it, so little bit of plastic bag to cover the hole is needed !!

  • Am currently sitting at number 1 in the Fetch v RW challenge - ahead by .23 of a mile!!!! 

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    lol Grendel.....wish i'd got up early now, I could have been at the top for a few hours. Missed my run last night as by the time I was actually ready it was dark and my head torch is flat. No such excuse tonight, we are organised and i'm really looking forward to an evening run. Glad you have finally got the shower sorted.....people were starting to stay away from the threadimage


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    5.26 to start off the month. Started off at 10 minute pace, 9:44, 9:42, 9:04 and 8:01...just felt like it tonight. I will put it down to fresh legs as the last 3 days had seen just one slow, short run. Just under 80 miles for March, not too bad. 100 the target for April.

    April - 5.26

    2014 – 228.33

  • Good news on the domestic washing facilities Grendel !!

    Well done JR

    Shorter run for me than I wanted but due to time had to get out later than usual - but determined to start the month with a run so was out for 4.86 - determined to get a better month in


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    100 this month 330? I'm sure we can encourage each other to hit the trail (or road). Rest day today, although 7.4 miles on the bike (just got drenched on the way to work) and some stretches and squats later. Happy running...
  • JR - I hope so, I actually want to get at least 109 in.

    That's how many miles i need to get to Hulls Ground - (KC Stadium) and need to get a crack on if I am going to get to Southamptons Ground by year end - its gonna be tough !!

  • Good running and a great start to the month lads -

    Out early this morning, just after 5 and an eventful morning as I had to hurdle a carelessly discarded childs bike on the sea wall that I only saw at the last moment because of the dark. Apparently there were warnings about outside excercise because of polution and sand from the sahara, I thought it was just the burning car I ran passed!!!!

    Still enjoyed it and am looking forward now to the taper phase - (or as I like to think of it, the turn over and go back to sleep phase!) 

    Lests keep the momentum going for April guys.

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    Good grief Grendel, sounds like you ran the wrong side of town this morning! Good shout on keeping the momentum going. 109 miles it is then 330! I have 5 planned for tomorrow morning, 3 Friday and the Honiton Hippo Sunday which is 7ish miles. Should be 22ish for the week so 100 miles this month and no excuses. I am contemplating adding another day but need to nail four regularly first!
  • Right lets do it guys !!

    So 100 for you and I JR and Grendel - well your tapering for your marathon but knowing you will still be a big month !!

  • The estimate will be somewhere around 160 - 170 miles then cut right back for the last 3 weeks.

  • Ah right so this month is normal training ?

    Just heard our unit at work is moving so were all out of a job but we just go into a work pool to find another job - still get paid still with BT.

    However, worrying thing is were moving and need another job where I can work from home

    So determined to get the miles in now see how month goes

  • hey folks image im pretty envious of all your running at the moment, keep it up!!

    Physio yesterday, the good news is she couldn't find any major damage. ligaments, tendons and knees all seem fine image

    I apparently have short hamstrings so nee to do regular core work and stretches after running NEVER before or on "cold" muscles as she put it.

    I had some ultrasound done and got taped up. Back next week for massage, ultrasound and acupuncture.

    As it has started this way anyway, im going to use this whole month as a taper and focus on strength and stretch with short runs and maybe cycling ready for next month....

    next month?! man that has come around quick!!

    Trying to stay positive at the moment and just focus on the start line image  

  • Good for her B2B - never stretch a cold muscle - glad it's not a serious problem - I imagine there are loads of runners who have short hamstrings - just seems to go with the territory. 

    Yes it has come round quickly - as I prepare to face 26.2 miles there is you off to do a 100 miles of Thames Towpath -

  • Good luck to both of you in your endeavours -

    I am slightly if not a lot envious !!

  • its all relative! image You have worked hard enough to be lining up with me!! In fact if you did, im pretty sure you would finish! image 

  • I would also like to attempt 100 this month, got to get my miles up ready for the wall run. Hopefully 5ish tonight and Brighton on Sunday should give me a good start.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    ok, it's the 100 mile club this month then! image

    Get back soon B2B, and don't be afraid of some dynamic stretches before running,

    I do most of the above before running. Touch wood, it's been a while since anything like an injury has reared it's ugly head...


  • Didn't get out tonight still a bit down about work to be honest and spent ages at phone shop sorting my insurance out to fix my phone

    Back at it tomorrow - 100 club it is !!

  • thanks for the link JR image

    Ill save my 100 for next month image

  • Actually noticed the pollution and sand this morning, definitely effected my breathing, was coughing and spluttering along as I went.

    7.21 miles run -  Happy Days


  • I noticed it just walking to work! The air feels thick

  • Nice fresh clean are blowing over the banks of Loch Lommond here !!!

    B2B yes seems funny JR, Lisa and I taking about 100 mile months when you are doing it in a day !!! lol

  • to be fair I still may only do 100 in that month ha ha ha

  • Lisa - Glad to see you hit your target! image

  • Yes B2B, thanks for the sponsorship everybody!! image

    Did my 5miles yesterday, felt like such a rubbish run, the worst in a long time, realised today it could've been to do with the dodgy air atm?

    Hope you managed to sort your work out 330!

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    ok, so which one of you is the bloke on the right?

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Sorry folks, but air as pure as it gets down here in Devon. The only thing I could smell on my run tonight was what they've been spreading on the fields!

    Ran home from football training tonight. Was quite nice to run on concrete for a change. The last mile and a half was pitch black though as it got dark a little earlier than I thought it would. 5.73 miles in total.

    April - 10.99

    2014 - 234.06

  • Lisa - Thanks not as bad as it sounds really - we just go into a job pool looking for another role within the company - still get paid

    Out for 6.8 tonight, untimed but good run 

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